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My name is Arisa and was a cosplayer for 12 years before becoming a mom of 2 beautiful girls and i love sharing about Beauty, fashion and everything about Japan because i'm currently based in Kyoto!
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Trade in with Carsome

At this rate with the amount of adult related stuff I'm doing this year i should come out with a series on this blog called #adulting so that all you college students who have yet to step into the world of responsibilities would at least get an idea of what to expect when the time comes. It's even useful for young noob working adults such as myself who can't make heads or tails on anything except sewing la of course lol.

For someone like me who has no knowledge of where to look, deal and handle car related stuff i am at risk of easily getting cheated, so not cool man and not like I have anyone that can help me in this matter. “Especially after hearing my mom's recent nightmare of trying to sell off her 15 year old car to get a new one, she literally ran around meeting people after people, calls after calls just to get the best pricing! Such a long tedious procedure and that's not the end, after securing the deal she had to do all the paperwork which had some hiccup as well, sibeh mafan sial.. Imagine all the time wasted meeting people who haggled until so low and waiting at the office to settle the official documents settled.

So when it comes for me to sell or trade in my car (she's 9 years old this year) for a new one I would most definitely need all the help I can get in settling all these matters. I'm the type of person who doesn't mind paying for convenience sake because why make myself go through all the headache when there are ready services out there who can do the work on my behalf from consultation all the way to the car being sold. If you are wondering if there is such place that actually does that meh, yes there is as i‘m referring to Carsome.my!

Stumbled across their website while browsing facebook and out of curiosity I wanted to find out the value of my car right now as well, soI went and kepoh around la basically. Not to mention the number of good reviews on Carsome are quite impressive as well!

So who and what is carsome anyway?

They are actually a Fast, Fair, Free car selling platform for car sellers. You can either sell your car directly to Carsome in just 24h (if you’re in a rush), or choose to be bid by over 700 certified used car dealers around Malaysia (for a better price)! So no more hassle of going around comparing from one dealer to another because everything can be arranged for you via this website.

Sorry mom, I ain't so rajin as you and if I have known you wanted to sell your car earlier I would have just told you to go on to Carsome already lol.

Comparison between selling to Carsome vs direct selling (on our own)

  • Less headache
  • Save time (because time is $$, and you can sell your car at Carsome in just 24h)
  • No haggling with potential buyers
  • No FFK cases
  • Faster than relying on own’s effort & resources 
  • No need to do all the paperwork or hire a runner
  • The only work you need to do is submit your car details and be at the inspection, the rest is handled by Carsome
  • With more times in your hands, you can use it to do more productive things instead of worrying about the car
  • Don’t have to spend money on ads

How does it work?

After going through Carsome's website properly I learned that their services is pretty straightforward simple procedure:

Step 1: Submit your car details to get valuation on www.carsome.my

Step 2: Carsome customer service team will contact you and book an inspection appointment for you.

Step 3(a): Their inspector will give you a final offer based on your actual car condition. If you accept the final offer, proceed to Step 4.

Step 3(b): Opt for bidding if you would like to get a higher price. It will last for 3 hours and you will have 24 hours to accept the final bidding price. If you accept the final bidding price, proceed to Step 4

Step 4: Carsome team will schedule an appointment for ownership transfer and transaction for you. All the paperwork will be handled by them so all you have to do is sit back & chillax! :)

No paperwork for you! Hooray!

Just 4 simple steps and viola, you can free to get your new car already!

2nd hand car selling made simple and hassle free, not to mention a very fast deal as well because you won't get this kind of 24 hours work done on your own, plus there is no hidden charges.
They have also successfully sold over 3400 cars so far with over 92k bids, impressive numbers indeed, and you guys are still not convinced as I am, please head over to their review section: Carsome Review 

With majority of their reviews being placed 4-5 stars, I feel more assured in using their platform compared to lowyat forum (plenty of notorious annoying trolls there seriously!) or newspaper ads that don't necessarily guarantee you a buyer and costs alot of money :/

They have 2 inspection locations where you can get your car inspected by Carsome inspectors. One in Kelana Jaya,PJ and the other in Old Klang Road, KL so you guys can pick whichever location is convenient for you. To me both locations are also fine since I'm practically around those areas most of time lol.
So for you guys who are planning to upgrade your current car and looking to sell it, make a booking with Carsome just, fill the details form below to get a price today!
I'll definitely be looking for them in the future when the time is right to upgrade my car once it hits a decade old :)


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