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My name is Arisa and was a cosplayer for 12 years before becoming a mom of 2 beautiful girls and i love sharing about Beauty, fashion and everything about Japan because i'm currently based in Kyoto!
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Luxella Travel Essentials with MYCYBERSALE

Hello girls, i’m back with more Japanese skincare products that all of you might be interested in as the season is now transcending to Autumn over here, so you’ll probably need something more suitable for the cold and dry weather especially if you are planning to come here for a holiday.

My job as always is to tempt you girls *evil laughter* with all these products that i’ve tested out and also to encourage all of you to be more adventurous as well :)

As recently i learned from other people that they actually have various skincare regime sets for different types of skin problems they encounter in a month so imagine that’s like 4-5 types on their vanity table lol. And i thought it was just me having too many products from all the reviewing i did but was subconsciously doing that as well.
So i don’t usually stick to only ONE type of brand, and there are many holy grails i’ve discovered on this journey as a beauty blogger but 90% of them that i found suitable has always been Asian brands especially Japanese ones (Japan FTW!).

Probably i’m morphing into one lol because my diet, lifestyle (work to death), fashion style, food and everything pretty much involves elements of Japan in it or maybe it’s because i’m too used to it la but i do try to not forget my Malaysian roots, so you can still hear me speak in a very harmonious rojak form (3 languages mashed up into a single sentence).
Overall when it comes to products (any kind), i’ll still support Japan’s first lol, can’t blame me because they really THINK of every single thing so all those weird ridiculous stuff sold in their market actually have a purpose though most of the time we don’t think we actually need it until we use it and go “why didn’t i get this earlier”.

However in their beauty line it’s no different, everything is created and made with much thought and consideration in order to produce something that can make the life of users more convenient regardless of their lifestyle.
For the next couple of weeks i’ll be traveling quite abit and i’ll probably be living out of the suitcase till December, so i gotta start planning what i would like to pack along in my bag that doesn’t take up too much space and weight.

Before i introduce the products to you guys, remember when i previously blogged about
If you don’t recall, you can check the post out here, introduction and the whole shebang is in there for your reading pleasure :)
In a nutshell they are basically your one stop haven for all Japanese beauty products made specially for Malaysians to get easy access to them!

So if you can’t travel to Japan to get the brand you want like HerbEAU, Fairy Drops, GoFun, etc, then you might be interested in checking them out. Everything sold on their website is carefully handpicked. Because they offer such convenient services for us Malaysians, you don’t see me buying much beauty products whenever i travel anymore. Can just get it online instead, save my limited luggage space and weight lol.

Also i have great news ya’ll, i found out that Luxella will be participating as one of MYCYBERSALE’s merchants, offering up to 50% off on selected beauty products and the first 30 customers who purchase from them will receive a special pink furoshiki box packaging like this!

I received mine, as it’s so pretty sia can be used to wrap my bento or even as a neck/ hair scarf lol. So great timing to check them out if you are new to their site!
I’m probably gonna camp as well to see what other stuff i can hoard from their sale page to try out and review next hoho.

Okay now back to the products i was talking about earlier, i discovered POWDERED face wash from Botanigrace!

Might not be a new thing to some of you but it’s VERY useful for hand carry luggages especially if you are traveling overnight and need to wash your face before landing.
I personally do not like to purposely go an buy travel size products every time because it’s actually quite expensive and in general i hate packing liquid items because after my last incident (some time ago) when one of my shampoo leaked and soaked through my clothes, it sorta popped from the airplane pressure and including the plastic bag it was sealed in. Kns sia.

If Japan comes out with powdered everything from face, body to shampoo washes and lotion, i’m definitely going to be stocking up on them liao.
So far now i’ve discovered this, and it’s freaking useful! It’s all natural, environmentally friendly, lathers up quite easily with a few drops of water and it’s really gentle to the skin too!

Available in 2 forms, either powder or foam but both equally nice to use!
I use the foam one at home because i'm too lazy to lather it up in the morning lol

And now since it’s getting rather chilly over there, time to start packing in your moisturizers as well and during cold periods like autumn and winter/ early spring, i would use oil based moisturizers instead of the light gel ones.
This gives my skin the much need moisture to keep it from cracking and trying KAREI Natural orange roughly oil can be used all over your body and it’s of a perfect travel size too!

All over means your hair, face and arms, legs everywhere lol, it absorbs well and doesn’t leave any uncomfortable oily residue behind.

These 2 paired together makes a perfect combo for dry skin!

Hope this post has been useful for you traveling peeps, and happy shopping during MYCYBERSALES!

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