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Hokkaido Syokudo Publika

Hokkaido, the Northern part of Japan which i have yet to visit and hope to do so one day! But in the mean time i am glad that Hokkaido Syokudo (direction translation "eating place")  has recently opened in Publika Shopping Mall, KL. Bringing you the best and freshest Hokkaido's cuisines without having to leave Malaysia. Actually the impression i have for Hokkaido food are mostly seafood related (thanks to the people i know who traveled there) and i'm allergic to shellfish, that's one of the reasons why i wasn't exactly too excited about it until i attended the private launch. To my amazement there's so much more to Hokkaido style food than just seafood, in fact their kaarage (fried chicken) tastes so amazing that i wouldn't mind coming back again for another round of it!

The reason and concept behind this restaurant's opening is that they would want more Malaysians to enjoy the taste of Hokkaido flavors despite it being prepared locally majority of their ingredients and seasonings are imported from Hokkaido.
It is also certified by the Hokkaido Government Office as a tourism movement to create more awareness in Asean countries. There's currently 2 branches in Singapore, 1 in Jakarta and 1 in Hong Kong.
Glad to be able to try out some of their yummy dishes during the opening!

Appetizer: Cheese seasoned with Miso, very interesting flavor combination.

Appetizer: chilled cucumber salad with salted konbu

 Appetizer: Smoked potato salad, highly recommend this!

Ramen salad has got to be the most interesting dish i've ever seen

Straw roasted Wagyu Beef (Recommended by the chef)

 Hokkaido styled karaage is light on the batter and juicy chicken flesh inside, i might add the best i've eaten so far as most places usually have thick fried batter.

Roasted Onion

Straw roasted Yellowtail

 Assorted Sashimi Bowl (Recommended by the chef)

Malaysia has direct flights to Sapporo (Capital City) on AirAsia which takes about 9 hours, and it has always been a popular route for Malaysians who are looking to escape the tropical heat and enjoy the beautiful snowy scenery. However, during other seasons, Hokkaido is equally beautiful in fact i love their lavender fields as it's a sight to behold and they do have seasonal fruit picking activities which you can look out for! Did you guys know that Hokkaido is know for their Yubari (sun melons), it's super duper sweet and often found made into local desserts or snacks!

It's definitely one of the prefectures i'll conquer soon in the future, for now do drop by Hokkaido Syokudo to get your Japanese food fix, and by the way no pork dishes are served here!

A2-G2-2, Solaris Dutamas, No.1
Jalan Dutamas 1, 50480
Kuala Lumpur

Operation Hours: 12pm-11pm
Lunch time: 12pm-3pm

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Hokkaidoshokudo/


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