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My name is Arisa and was a cosplayer for 12 years in Malaysia before settling down in Kyoto, Japan. Exploring Japan full time has been a long time dream of mine, so let's explore it together!
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Recently i came across a thread in CF forums with the title RM45 wigs (that caught my attention, where can u get wigs so cheap?O_O) so i approached the seller named joeylai95 .this is the CF thread she made- http://forums.comicfiesta.org/viewtopic.php?f=52&t=6053 she directed me to her "friend" who was managing the wig ordering services.Fine with me. I wanted to order an asuka wig the only example i got from her was this-http://sphotos.ak.fbcdn.net/hphotos-ak-ash2/hs340.ash2/62023_125094024208135_100001226154767_148820_1171658_n.jpg. A RANDOM COSPLAYER'S PHOTO( seems fishy to me,im still fine with it)

when i asked her for a real example of the wig(like the ones we see in taobao, a wig on a mannequin head)but she told me her "SELLER" dont allow her to give out the shop where she was ordering from (i just ask for a picture,not her sales website.how daft can these ppl be?Fine. I accept what she said.) Then earlier this week she SMS me saying my WIG SI HERE (when earlier she told me the wig takes about 2-3weeks to arrive(acceptable since its online ordering) WTF?) and KEPT PESTERING ME TO PAY HER BEFORE 15th OCTOBER.So i did pay her.the i asked her (nicely & politely enough) Can pls Email me a picture of my Wig since its with u already(she nvr replied any of my smses) i constantly sent the same msg to her (guess she got pissed,not my problem) then she told me off,saying I GO REFUND YOU,I NEVER NOOB my customers(yea rite, u just did it to me, and do u know what is noob btw? if u dont, then dont use it small twerp) this chinese educated sellers the only way to settle sales is to LIE TO THEIR CUSTOMERS(have they no SHAME?) and when thing gets out of hand (like customers demand to know the truth they just brush u off and say i'll refund you) alot of ppl get cheated by sellers like this (thank god i got back my refund,or i'll burn her house down) all i wanted was the truth whether my wig is here and why did she lie to me and not other customers(buyers attitude ke?if it is then dont do sales asshole brat).

I onced ask this wig seller, what is ur wig materials made off? She answered dont know.WTH? u want to sell yet you failed to explain ur products, my as well dont sell rite? some more BERANI LIE TO CUSTOMERS AND TELL THEM OFF.ppl paying u money le! its not FREE or whatsoever.

I have a fellow CF member who ordered a wig from this seller as well so i ask her whether she was pestered to pay before 15th oct or not. The shocking answer i got was No..she updates me bout the wig on the way..etc.. WHAT THE FUCK? why in the 1st place the seller avoided explaining to me&LIED to me
is niot like i know her or anything ,when i demanded for an explanation,she accused me for scolding her.WTF?
some more when i tried calling her for an explanation she ignored my calls and offed her hp. the 20-30mins later sent me a taunting msg ( so childish,dah lah small school kid) the she tells me im annoying etc..so RUDE since when sellers tell their customers this? unless its an immature small kid.i guess she is.


a big liar and lousy sales person (can some more say she has been doing this service a long time, my ASS! i wondered how many ppl have u cheated and LIED to?)

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