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Innisfree Tangerine Peel Whitening Pore Line: Proven Fairer in 4 weeks!

Yes back to blogging and this time its Innisfree's newest skincare pore whitening range made from Tangerine peels of their beautiful Jeju Island.
How many of you here has visited Korea? :D I am pretty sure a handful of you has been there for holidays right?
Unlike me who rarely travels *sobs* i haven't even been to Japan yet lol.

But first thing i want to do when i do finally manage to visit Korea is visit their famous mother nature island, Jeju.
Actually when i first got this product to review, i found it funny to associate Tangerine peel & skin as the surface of a tangerine is pretty much full of small pores right? :-P
I am pretty sure i am not the only one who thinks that way lololol wtf.

Their star  product of this line is "Whitening Pore Synergy Serum" that i have been using for this review alongside with their "Whitening Pore Cream".

But ironically the results from this range proven otherwise, in fact it actually reduces pore size a significant amount. And i honestly don't believe in 1-3 day review results because this ain't magic cream yo and some things takes time to produce quality results.
Like this Pore whitening serum, i have been using it since early March 2015 till today on a regular basis (morning & night) and to my amazement the BEFORE & AFTER photos really does show results!


1. What skin type is this product suitable for? 
    All types, mine is a combination of dry & oily (specially T-Zone area) and so far none of Innisfree       products has made my skin excreted extra oil or anything compared to other skincare products i've     tried.

2. How long can a bottle lasts?
    With everyday usage (morning & night) it can roughly last up to 2-3 months as you only need 
   1 pump to cover your face & neck area.

3. How soon can I see results?
    From 2nd week onwards till the 4th, you will notice the pores specially around the nose area
   (stubborn black heads) will lessen.

4. Does this sting when applied over acne or pimple areas?
    Surprisingly, No. Never encountered any of Innisfree products that actually give out a
    stinging sensation except for their Volcanic Clay mask as that is for people with very oily

5. Can I stop after i am satisfied with the results?
    That really depends on every individual, but everything is best to use long term to produce 
    longer lasting results, i can't say it's permanent as that has yet to be proven and our skin condition     is constantly changing according to our hormones.

I have even made a short video on my daily skin care routine, application method & results. Hope you guys find this useful.

Disclaimer: No photochop (purposely spelt that way, make sure to pronounce it with a "cina" slang k?) or any editing expect collaging the pictures. Taken using the same camera (Samsung Note 2) with no adjustment settings or whatsoever.

Fairer by 1-2 tones and all my black head pores are getting less visible.

See the skin tone difference?

Based on a recent cosmetic study made specifically on Asian women by AMOREPACIFIC, Parent of Innisfree that there is a strong and proven relevance between skin tone & pore sizing. 
To make the explanation less scientific and easier to digest:- 
The bigger pores causes duller and uneven skin-tone, meanwhile the fairer & even skin tone, the smaller your pores will be. 
Hence that is why Innisfree Whitening Pore line was created :D
And as we all know how Innisfree gently extracts their ingredients without any heat to maintain its optimal effectiveness and also through processes that are environmental friendly.

Great use of my Mandarin orange that i got during CNY lol, kinda forgotten about it and it was sitting in the fridge from Feb-March. Well at least it still looks good for photo prop 8D

Tangerine Peel Whitening Pore Line Complete List & Pricing
  • Whitening Pore Synergy Serum (RM130/ 50ml)  
 Single Pump Offers the combined goodness of an ampoule & the essence for an intensive whitening treatment. 50ml is likely to last you more than 2-3 months with daily usage (twice a day). Diminishes Dark spots and brightens uneven skin-tone.
  • White Pore Facial Cleanser (RM49/ 150ml)
Cleansing Foam containing   Kaolin (white clay ingredient) that absorbs skin impurities & sebum. Consists Micro-beads to aid in removing dead skin cells.
  • Whitening Pore Skin (RM102/ 150ml)
Lotion & skin components within a single product, natural oil essence creates a smooth, luminous (dewy) & supple skin.
  • Whitening Pore Cream (RM115/ 50ml)
Consists of 73.8% fresh tangerine peel essence as well as letchin, it delivers smooth & luminous skin while strengthening the moisture barrier. Light formula that allows easy absorption forming a protective layer around the skin (i consider this like my SPF lol)
  • Whitening Pore Eye Cream (RM115/ 30ml)
For Brightening & wrinkles with 60.2% fresh tangerine peel essence & shea butter, suitable for the thin layer of sensitive skin around the eye area.
  • Whitening Pore Mask (RM12/ per sheet)
Micro Fine Sheet that takes care of skin tone, dark spots, and skin texture for a clearer and brighter skin.

If you have anymore questions regarding the Whitening Pore Line, drop me a comment below and i'll try my best to answer them k?:)

Innisfree Malaysia
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/innisfreeMYS
Website: http://global.innisfree.co.kr/global/en/eng_main.jsp

Lot G1.130A, Ground Floor,
Sunway Pyramid Shopping Mall,
Bandar Sunway, Selangor**

** Same floor as Sephora, opposite Papa John's



  1. macamyes but cannot afford x.x

  2. Hi would you recommend buying the serum or cream? Thanks :)

    1. Hi Shelly :)

      I would recommend to buy both for better results.


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