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My name is Arisa and was a cosplayer for 12 years in Malaysia before settling down in Kyoto, Japan. Exploring Japan full time has been a long time dream of mine, so let's explore it together!
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SPOTLIGHT's 3rd Store @ The Mines Shopping Mall

Guess you guys have all heard that Australia's biggest Craft, Party and Home furnishing store has opened their 3rd store at The Mines Shopping Mall, right next to where Comicfiesta 2015 will be held in MINES International Exhibition & Convention Centre (MIECC). Lol, so if you need any last minute materials during CF you know where to run to la XD

I know, my blog has been badly neglected this year due to many factors (aside from no inspiration), workload piling up and also i seriously need a break from social media someday. Stressful you know having to crack your head to write blogposts :-P
But yea.now i am back and this time with at least 50% battery juice, hopefully it doesn't get drained out too soon as i have tons of backlogs to finish lol.

Brace yourselves as the 4th SPOTLIGHT store will soon be opening around the corner and yes they are sprouting like mushrooms after the rain lol, which it's a good thing for most people in KL as it is a big city and not many can easily access to Ampang Point or IPC, so it only makes sense they open it everywhere so craft lovers can visit their nearest SPOTLIGHT store anytime and anywhere.

This 3rd SPOTLIGHT store holds a very special place in my heart as i was given the honour of designing and displaying my works during the launch last weekend. Never thought of getting this opportunity, like ever *tears of joy* Thank you so so much SPOTLIGHT and a very special PR team that made all this happened :')
Couldn't have done it without you guys.

If you guys do drop by the Mines, please do visit my creations and have a selfie with them ok? :-)
Hashtag #ArisaChow so i may stalk you guys *w* Thank you all so much!

One of the reasons why I MIA-ed for a week + was because i was busy preparing for this opening :-) 
As you all who followed my instagram updates would noticed bits and pieces of my work but i didn't reveal it till much later. Don't worry, i shall make a separate post on how to make Elsa's FROZEN FEVER spring dress with some basic templates too.

Through this project i have discovered why people say "ship your enemies glitter", in my heart glitter isn't cheap stuff man but know i understand the meaning behind it. LOL, glitter gets EVERYWHERE i tell ya. Including your butt cracks and places you thought it might never reach but nonethless the effects of glitter is awesome. Look at that shine wei...from a normal plain dull organza, now filled with "sparkly-ness" 8D
Gotta to admit the best time to go on a fabric shopping spree is when they have discounts like 30% because you will definitely save alot.

But yea, if you are from Sri Kembangan, belakong area then visiting Spotlight @ The Mines would be the closest to you guys. Don't forget their usual opening sales which means, TONS OF SAVINGS on all their products discounts starts from 25% up till 60% on selected items and it's valid till 21st April 2015 only. Hurry as most stuff are selling out pretty fast ;-)
Check out their full catalogue here: http://bit.ly/1FT42OR

Also apply for their FREE MEMBERSHIP to enjoy endless of discounts and be the first to get notified on their upcoming sales. Also i have heard they are giving out their Monthly Craft Magazines for free at The Mines cashier counter so make sure to grab one before your shopping as the back has a RM30 discount voucher (with minimal purchase of RM150) that is valid till 12th May 2015. This applies to sales items too, as long your total bill is above RM150 then you are eligible :-)

During my the media launch, guess who gave me a surprise visit! Hasif from facebook :-)
Glad you managed to catch me, though i was kinda sleepy XD Hope you enjoyed the basic sewing session and learning how to operate the portable sewing machine. Who wants me to hold a basic sewing workshop next time? Do leave a comment below who knows we might be able to get some portable machines units to use during the class ;-)

To end my day with meatballs lol, random much but was actually craving for french fries..too bad the Carl's Jr in The Mines closed down last month so headed to IKEA on the way home to have my so called "well deserved" meal XD #diefatme

Stay tuned for my next blogpost on how to make Elsa's FROZEN FEVER dress okay? If i do get to do a photoshoot in that costume, i'll make sure to post up some photos :-P


The Mines Shopping Centre
Jalan Dulang,
Mines City Resort,
43300 Selangor.

10am - 10pm (daily)



  1. u make me wan eat meatballs now...and love the fabric selection in spotlight but can be exp..

    1. hahahah power of photos! XD
      True, that's why it;s worth it to buy during opening sales :D

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