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If you are in for an adventure paired with lengthy, quirky, brutal honest thoughts then you are in the right place.

My name is Arisa and was a cosplayer for 12 years in Malaysia before settling down in Kyoto, Japan. Exploring Japan full time has been a long time dream of mine, so let's explore it together!
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Luck has left me..

I'm serious when i said my luck has left me..oRZ things used to go according to plan and BAM! everything is gone. fml..i don't need your pity or compassion or whatsoever you call it. i just need a place to rant & scream that's all.  If you think this is a self pitying post, by all means please close this tab then :)

The journey where my world just came down on my shoulders.

Friday(16/ 9/11 ): I was disowned. fuck like i care anymore. I'm happy.

Saturday (17/9/11) : searching for a place to stay, searched the whole day.tried asking ppl i knew

Sunday  (18/9/11) : Moved into my new room with the help of a close friend.

Monday (19/9/11) : Semester 2 in college started and i tried to search for jobs,applied for many but never gotten any replies till now.fml.

Wednesday (21/ 9/ 11): (the unluckiest day of my entire life + i now proclaim number 21 as my jinx number)

my 3pm class was cancelled and the lecturer did not inform my class rep instead he inform the certificate students, how smart. but thank you for the extra holiday.

1pm+ it started raining in setapak, i told myself "well, its okay, i'm only going out  at 2pm the rain should lessen by then" but noooooooooooooooo......i came out at 2.30pm it was still raining heavily as i walked to the bus stand. waited for the 1st 10mins..Rapid KL bus drove by without stopping, dumbass.

Waited another 20mins ( so sorry for making wait so long Jason ) finally a Metro bus came, and they waited like 15 mins at each bus stop.Oh God..they like the reason why it always jams >.> screw metro buses.
Finally arrived at Wangsa Maju LRT station. Headed to Pasar Seni to catch the bus to Mid Valley, i was already running late for my interview. And so happen i boarded the rapidkl bus that waited like 20mins before moving, even when the driver started driving first thing the fella did was drive up the curb.awesome driver.makes me wonder how did i even fail my driving exam.

Next thing i realized my bag was soaking wet, so happen because my water bottle ter-open..everything in my bag including my dress was soaking.fml. Thank god my important documents were in a fail so it didn't get soaked.

Finally at 4.15pm i arrived at Mid valley (running 15mins late) Jason drove me to Bangsar Shopping Complex for my interview with Harian Metro regarding the cyber colors reality TV show, which will be airing this Sunday,8TV @10.30pm.
When i arrived at bangsar shopping complex so ngam before i stepped into the cafe(where the interview was held) my shoe strap broke.fml. it was my most comfortable wedges.

Thank god the day was almost ending, had my dinner with JC (thank you for coming)
The conversation was like this :
J.C: are u going to ask for refill?
me: nope, its still half full
J.C: ok, let go then..
*we stood up*  the cup fell of my hand. FML
seriously FML.

the FML series continues...

Today (22/9/11) : period came so suddenly, so happened today of all days i didn't carry a pad in my bag. Hate being a girl. rushed to college from Sri Kembangan (at  6am) arrived in college to find that there was no 8am tutorial class, no one bother so inform or whatsoever. What is wrong with you lecturers in TARC?

11am + : received a msg from Sofea of Federation D that we ODC queens have been disbanded by the company due to budget cut and change of management. So there goes my job. when will this ever end?  sigh...fml

And my sickness isn't making my life easier. throwing up everyday, food is not worth eating anymore.

feel like jumping off my balcony now...

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