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Sally Hansen : Salon Effects Real Nail Polish Strips

Sounds familiar? I'm sure it does  *winks* ;-)
It's one of the latest product range by sally hansen! To be very honest, I've always been a huge fan of Sally Hansen products, because it's one of those things where you pay more for the quality (of course the pricier the product, they better quality we expect, no?)

I've been meaning to try this product ever since they first launched it locally :-)
Just couldn't get my hands on one until recently!
On their official website : Sally Hansen 
It is shown that there are quite a number of choices of colors and designs(limited)
But over here in KL sadly.. not every pharmacy carries a full range of this product ;-( So choices sort of gets kinda limited.

The Nail strips i got for review comes in 260 GLITZ BLITZ (gold)

I'm loving the bling! *w* If my nails were plastic i don't mind painting them everyday LOL! Unfortunately they need to breathe as well.

In the package comes with a wooden stick to push in your cuticles and aid you during your nail strip application, A mini nail filer (to file off excess strips hanging at the edge of your nails), 16 pieces of nail polish strips(various sizes) and a manual.

Here is what i have to say about the product, overall outcome was satisfying no doubt! It really gives a "salon effect". The purpose of the strip is supposed to cover every inch of your nail like how a professional manicurist paints your nails;-)
This ready to use strips does magic within seconds (that is why it's called instant) , You don't have to waste your time on waiting for your nail polish to dry (no drying time) and no worries about smudging at all :D
Hours of waiting endlessly for nail polish to dry has come to an end !
Bright side is, it's easy to remove with nail polish remover as well :-) don't get crazy any ideas like peeling it off babes! :P
So far mine has't chipped yet, it's been 2 days already, on the box they claim it last up to 10 days (hopefully it does lol)

The downside was it took me almost an hour just to apply 8 nails oTL which wasn't very pleasant as well :-(
On my left hand everything went smoothly, when it came to applying on my right hand, loads of shit happened :-/ the strip tore in the mist of applying, had problems removing a few of the plastic surface (on the nail strip) as the plastic thingy refuse to come off :-( which ended up damaging a few strips. I must have gotten a faulty product :-'(

The outcome photos:-)
Don't they look lovely? *slaps self* ohohoh~

An Up close photo
P/s : makes sure you nails are washed and cleaned properly before applying the nail strips :-) It's for better effects as well.

Overall, i think this product is good because it saves us from expensive manicure appointments and nail polish drying time.
But need loads of patience when applying, or better, get a friend to help you while you are at it ;-)


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