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Ride of Horror

Seriously how the heck do they expect us citizens of Malaysia to take public transport without worrying about being  robbed, raped or murdered?
All my years of taking public transport never once I've experienced this horrible situation where i was stranded under the pouring rain in the middle of subang just because i accidentally got on the wrong bus on the way home from sunway.

No, i won't be sharing any pictures in this blogpost because of all days my phone battery was at 30% and draining fast plus i am surrounded by so many pair of  lecherous looking eyes from the immigrants that were at the same bus stop as me.
Don't get me wrong, i am not racist nor i look down on anyone but it's just that when you are lost and surrounded by people that don't even look like people (more like druggies >.<) I am sure you would be frighten as hell.

Never expected to even experience this shit of all days today and worst part is it was already close to 10pm and i was no where near home.
We all know how unreliable the public transports are in Malaysia, they don't follow a fixed bus schedule like Singapore or Japan. Drivers often go on long smoke breaks and ends up delaying the departure.
I will definitely take note to take photos of this slackers next time and share it here on my blog :-/

 I left Sunway around 8.30pm and waited at the bus stop under the pouring rain but there was no bus in sight heading to kelana. Naturally because of my low blood pressure and cold rainy weather, I wasn't feeling very well. The stupid bus schedule Rapid KL has was suppose to estimate the amount of time it takes for the bus to arrive at it's destination.
T623 (kelana bus) stated- ARRIVAL TIME : 2 mins (Bullshit RapidKL)

And that was like the longest shit ass 2 minutes I've ever waited, 9.15pm still no bus in sight. WTF.
There is one thing i do not understand about these idiot drivers, if your bus display number isn't working why the heck do they even allow the bus on the road? 
Not many of us are familiar with certain buses especially if we are in a new area and without the bus header sign how are we even suppose to identify the correct bus to board?

Not to mention especially during a heavy downpour :-/
That was what happened to me earlier, waited like a bloody fool till i caught sight of this certain bus. A glance i saw it was T623 but wasn't very clear due to the rain and the next second the driver off the header number. Without thinking twice i just wanted to get out of the rain and back home as soon as possible, got on the cramped bus that was pack as a can of tuna (even smelt like one! ewww).

Sigh of relief when i got in the bus and it started  to move..at first i didn't notice something was amiss with the route the bus was taking until it passed Summit Mall.
So i asked the old indian uncle next to me whether this bus heads to Kelana Jaya or not. He gave me a puzzled look and replied "this one to subang la! It's U63, not T623"

I started to panic as hell knowing i got on the wrong bus and i should immediately get off but before i could get off the bus drove further into Subang housing area where it was so poorly lit, most street lamps are not working and funny thing is the bus just randomly stops at certain areas. Usually buses will pick and drop passengers at bus stops but unfortunately I think that doesn't apply to Malaysia.
I've seen bus drivers dropping passengers off in the middle of a highway like the one near Universiti LRT station. 

Imagine my bloody situation where i can't even get off the bus to a proper bus stop in Subang. Because there isn't any! Can't believe that this area barely have any lamp post nor bus stop.
It was indeed God's grace that this girl sitting next to me helped me out but telling me to not get off till Subang Mayang because the entire housing area we are passing through isn't safe and it's very dark.

So i didn't have a choice but to stay put till the last destination hoping the driver will eventually head back to Sunway just like the girl said. Before she got off at Subang Mayang, she even helped me to ask the driver whether he is heading back to sunway like he is supposed to. 

Getting my hopes really high hoping the answer is "Yes" but to my dismay the driver gave me a black face and replied this "Tak". So i had no choice but to get off the bus, as i was heading towards the door he started lecturing me about me being so blur (in bahasa). Hello! It's your job to follow the work schedule given to you despite the time and at 9.45pm your shift still isn't over till 11.30pm. What makes you think you can halau all the passengers off the bus so that you (A lazy ass worker) can get off work early?
Bloody hell.

I can't even think straight because being stranded with phone that is low on battery, not a familiar landmark nor signboard in sight. 
Waited at a run down bus stop opposite from where the driver left me, ironically it is beside a pondok polis but i don't feel any safer because the stupid place is not even open! I thought police stations are suppose to be operating 24 hours? So much for a "safe" country.

Ended up waiting, praying that hopefully the next bus shows up soon since it's getting really late. I honestly wanted to cry but knowing if i do so would only attract unwanted attention from all the weirdos around me.
Their ghastly stares was already frightening enough not to mention they were in groups lepaking (hanging around) around the bus stop area.

Wanted to take the last resort by getting on into  a cab and head back to sunway but looking at the drivers in hoodies and puffing their cigarettes that seem to scream "RAPIST" more than anything else. I mean which taxi driver wears a black hoodie? WTF. 

All i can say is thank god  for smartphones that can send your current location and I am home safely.
Never want to recall this horrible incident ever again :-/
Thank you JC for coming to the rescue ;_;

Rapid KL, you guys SUCK.
Malaysia Will never be a safe country
and Police here are beyond useless.

The end. 
Needed to rant this horrible experience out before I sleep. Sorry guys (totally not!) :-D


  1. Need to be more careful next time!

  2. oh god =_='' i understand you Arisa. I have been taking RapidKL buses in my first two years of staying in Shah Alam, going everywhere with the bus and I have been through every single thing you mentioned. Those lecherous eyes of immigrants (no racism here, I encountered all of them looking like killers), bullshit jadual ketibaan bas (I frequently waited at least 30mins more than what is on the schedule) and closed pondok polis.

    I hope there will be no next time for this kind of situation.

    1. I hope so too :-/ you take care too dear!

  3. sure :) let me know when you have followed my blog then i will follow yours back^^ thanks for dropping by <3

  4. It's almost the exactly same as here in Penang, The taxi drivers and Bus Drivers are the same. And the police didn't bother to take any actions even there were some accident, only the victim to be helped by bystanders instead. I only can say is, becareful whenever you are taking public transports here in Malaysia, They aren't providing a good services compared to Hong Kong (my second hometown)'s public transports. Anyway, I clicked followed to your blog :D

    1. You better take care too Colby! >.< certainly is frightening D: I can see Hong Kong and other parts of the world with much more efficient public transports :) and thanks for following my blog^^


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