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Tag-It : Future Lacing System

Holla everyone! It's been ages since i last do a giveaway for my fellow lovely readers and this time i have something really interesting to share with you all and don't worry this time the prize is unisex so both boys and girls can join this simple giveaway.
As you all have been following my instagram (@Arisa_Chow) you have noticed that i've been posting some funky looking straps that have replaced almost all my shoelaces making them more convenient to wear and dare i say...MORE Fashionable too!

*Giveaway Alert! Read On....*

This all started when i first saw Hibiki-san's funky laces i thought they were pretty cool because he got them customized in Japan (the land of wonders) but recently i started wearing sneakers to work more often as i have to walk around from 10am-7pm doing work, great job for an itchy butt like me who can't sit still but it gets tiring when you are not wearing a pair of comfortable shoes.

Photo from H.T Production

As i was shopping for new pair of sneakers from Muji (padded insole too!) with Laura 2 months ago and tying shoelaces on everyday is a real pain in arse =.=;; 
There i was hoping i could find something similar like the ones Hibiki-san is using but he got it from Japan oTL

But that aside, just found out that i can get them locally too! Yes, you have read right, it's finally available in Malaysia for an affordable price :D 

Remember the days where we constantly dread washing our shoes because having to remove the 
shoelaces and put them back on on Sunday night but usually procrastinate till Monday morning lol?

So goodbye tying on shoelaces, and hello slip ons! I can imagine tons of school kids who would do anything to make their morning school shoes wearing routine faster.
Another reason why i am sharing this awesome discovery is because as a fashion kiasu sort of person i never like wearing plain coloured clothes, yes colourful is my middle name and going to work with the same pair of bring typical white shoelaces everyday really doesn't make an impression on myself as a creative person.

All those tying is such hard work o(´^`)o

My new pair of Adidas gym shoes are still so clean because i haven't had a chance to use them yet but more like an excuse just because i am lazy to lace'em up everytime i feel like working out.
With TagIT laces, i have no excuses now lolol because all my shoes have been converted to slip ons XD
I have tons of shoes that requires shoelaces which makes it rather an annoying routine for me especially when i am walking half way and suddenly i trip on my own shoelaces T_T  Freak accidents always happens to me and i have no idea why, seems like i am cursed!

  • No more tying on shoelaces
  • No more accidental shoelace tripping
  • Easy to use
  • Durable
  • Stylish
  • Trendy
  • Washable

  • Honestly can't think of any because so far i have no problems with these cool shoelace replacements. I can easily slip in and on my shoes during my work.
If you are worried about using them, i've recorded a short tutorial on how to use them, please pardon the shaky video because i was clamping the phone between my thighs as i was recording (need my hands free)

So far now i know TagIT currently has 9 colours available for RM39.90 and each box contains 14 pieces of elastic silicon TagIT laces which makes it great for your and your friends to get different colours boxes each and exchange them among yourselves for a more colourful option.

And now here is a chance for you lovelies to win a box of TagIT shoelaces with your own colour of choice by just completing a few simple steps below in the Rafflecopter application.
Be one of the first among your friends to own these pair of funky new revolution laces and rock them where ever you go.
Trust me, you will definitely get loads of attention with these unique laces *winks*

Good Luck! :)



  1. These TagIT Showlace are indeed innovative and would bring great convince to mostly anyone using it . I believe that it will be a trend and necessity for people in the future . Thank you for introducing these showlaces as they increased my general knowledge and it inspires me to be more creative . Have a nice day .:) -Ming Jun.

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  3. TagiT Shoelace is replacing boring troublesome shoelaces!! I love this idea so much, it is so convenient so that I no need to check my shoelace every morning and tie it up whenever it get loosen.. plus, less people will fall down cause of stepping on own shoelace.. :p

    Thanks for having such a awesome giveaway ya!

  4. TagIT shoelace is so cool it makes me go doki doki~! <3

  5. TagiT Shoelace is stylish, practicality , unique and vibrant!

  6. TagiT Shoelace is THE FUTURE OF SHOES!!

  7. Interesting lace, i should give it a try, but my eyes interest in your 2nd pict, is that "converse" shoes? wow, where'd you get it? I really love full-print converse :)

  8. TagiT Shoelace is .... a lazy girl's wish resolved! :D

    I mean seriously, when it comes to gym and sneakers, its a super pain in the arse to tie them up! Oh not forgetting when you go to people's house visiting, then you decide to wear sneakers, BOOM! have to bend down and tie them up, FML if I wore a skirt on that day. eff them vintage shoelaces! :(

  9. TagiT Shoelace is a sinfully indulgent fat-free treat!


  11. TagiT Shoelace is convenient, easy-to-clean, simple and colourful!

  12. TagiT Shoelace is idiot proof and defiantly grab lotsa attention when going out and no more tidying shoes middle of the journey

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  14. TagiT Shoelace is amazingly convenient! Just imagine when you're out for house visiting during Chinese New Year or Hari Raya or just whatever occasion like that, it's a hassle to tie your laces over and over again. And then there's TagiT which makes all these problems disappear so you have trouble free, awesome looking kicks! :D

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  17. Ohoho yaasss TagiT Shoelace are the new bestfriends for dancers :D No more wasting time tying up shoelaces or worrying it might come off during a performance! Our precious shoes deserve the unique attention too :P lmao sorry for the spam haha. Internet being wonky.

  18. TagiT Shoelace is awesome, beautiful , stylist ,every1wantsit and fashionable!!

  19. TagiT Shoelace is easy to use and marvellous.

  20. TagiT Shoelace is simple yet exciting!

  21. TagiT Shoelace is a way to be awesome~

  22. I want TagiT Shoelace!!!

  23. I want TagiT Shoelace!!!

  24. TagiT Shoelace is ingeniously designed!

  25. TagiT Shoelace is stylish and adorably hassle-free!

  26. TagiT Shoelace is so awesomeeeeee and trendy! Its a must for everyone!!

  27. TagiT Shoelace is the mother of all shoelaces!


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