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Le Pont Boulangerie New Menu | Paris Parfait

Writing about food is definitely not one of my niche and i made it clear with myself that i am not going to bother fighting the sea of food bloggers out there in Malaysia who can describe food better than me with my limited food vocab lol. How to describe food? "Err...yummy?". So there you have it, but once in awhile i do like to give my blog a little variety so that my readers don't get too bored with my predictable topics.
Been avoid people for the past one month unless it's necessary to meet for work but in away i am not intentionally doing it as well because i do feel sick and exhausted all the time that it's a challenge for me to just get up daily despite the number of hours i put into my sleep, i still feel exhausted. Guess my brain just doesn't know how to properly "rest" anymore.

How i came across this fine Parisian inspired cafe that allows Malaysians to experience French casual fine dining was through an ex colleague of mine during the Tenshi no Cafe days when i was still working as a waitress during the school holidays.
Little did i know she pursue her career in this line after we have gone separate ways and is now a senior level barista in Le Pont Boulangerie!

Some of you might know of Le Pont Boulangerie's first outlet in Jalan Klang Lama (Old Klang Road), now they have expanded to their 2nd outlet in Sri Petaling with it's modern and stylish set up and heard it was designed by a Japanese interior designer hence the aesthetic for this new outlet is slight different from the first. 

This bridge does somewhat reminds me of our "Penang Bridge" lol

Ongoing bread promotion until 15th March 2017

For 2017, Le Pont Boulangerie has launched a new exciting menu with interesting promotions up in line for their customers to try, so without further adieu let's start introducing their scrumptious food which my camera had the opportunity to "eat" (photograph it la) before i did lol standard practice for Malaysians to have their cameras having the first bite before the actual human does.

The theme for the new menu is called Paris Parfait, as the chefs of the cafe revisits back it's roots allowing them to come up with such sensational French dishes prepared using the refined cooking method of sous vide which is commonly found only in FINE dining restaurants in France but you can now enjoy it here in KL!

Every dish is cooked to perfection, making sure its original juices and fragrances stay intact during the cooking process yet enhanced with spices, herbs and other ingredients to make it more flavorable to the taste buds.


Starting off with creamy chicken leek soup (RM11.90) served with a soft roll bun,
That's gotta be the softest and fluffiest bun i have ever had in my entire life, it practically melts in your mouth with every bite and compliments the soup well.

Gotta love this Cheesy baked Escargot- RM24.90
This is my first time eating an exotic dish too! If you don't know what are Escargot and too lazy to google, it's a type of snail easily found in French style dining 
 The dish comes nicely baked with cheesey- goodness and garlic cream sauce, complemented with spinach and a slow cooked egg inside. Give it a good mix before sharing with your friends, it's not a dish you would want to consume alone unless you are a hardcore fan of cheese.

My favourite main is the  Butter Fish Papillote (RM25.90)
It's really moist and the size of the fish portion is generous, took me quite awhile to finish this dish alone. Butter Fish Papillote consists of succulent white tuna cooked sous vide style in parchment paper, before being baked with onions, carrots, leeks, button mushrooms, dill and lemon.

Since it was served wrapped in a parchment paper it did remind me of that 纸包鸡 lol

Sausage Platter- RM28.90
A huge and long variety of premium bratwurst and beef sausages served with mashed potato as a side. Word of advise, please do use your fork and knife to cut them into appropriate bite sizes or you might get unwanted funny stares for trying to put such a long wiener in your mouth lol, people very dirty minded okay, just don't want to admit only (i admit i am). But who knows you might be next hot dog eating champion if you can make this wiener disappear whole ;)

Beef Bolognese (RM24.90)
Not so adventurous with food then you can always stay safe with pasta, though it's an Italian dish but it's made with a French touch in Le Pont!

Mandatory lay flat hipster shot as always, only instagram users and food bloggers can relate to this very well. Some go to the extend of being shameless by standing on the chair just for the perfect shot siaaa.


"Is "Stressed" spelt backwards"

If you are looking for a less heavier options to enjoy during your 'yumcha' sessions, you can always try out their dessert selection and no sweet tooth out there will deny these gastronomical sweet delicacies 

Chocolat Au Coulant (RM19.90)
Molten chocolate inside topped with vanilla ice cream on top. Enough said.

 Chocolate Fudge Gala (RM15.90)
Flourless, guilt (Gluten)-free brownie with generous amounts of walnuts inside it top off with chopped hazelnuts, poached strawberries and homemade vanilla ice-cream cone.
I can definitely vouch for this one, a perfect "cheat" dessert to trick your mind into thinking you are having a healthy dessert after all the food you had during the main course lol.

Lychee & Earl Grey Ice
This is a unique and refreshing combination that isn't too overwhelming with sweetness or cream, a great pick for our current hot weather, the jelly-like texture in this reminds me of those white fungus that's been boiled too long so it slides down your throat easily without needing to chew.

"Get'ya Churros"
Freshly fried churros served with Churros Mania (RM14.90) comes with four unique dips - homemade vanilla ice-cream, whipped cream, chocolate sauce and orange marmalade.

You can view the full new menu here:

In conjunction with the launch of its new menu, Le Pont also rewards diners with a special Mystery Gift promo. All have to do is make sure you have your phones ready to snap a picture of Le Pont’s new menu, check in at either Le Pont Sri Petaling or Le Pont Old Klang Road. Upload the picture on their Facebook or Instagram with the hashtags
#LePontNewMenu2017 #SousVide #ArtisanDesserts

Show your post (make sure it's public) to our service crew, to redeem a free Mystery Gift
There's no limit on how many gifts you can redeem, the more you post- the more you shall receive!

Also do follow them on their official Facebook page: Le Pont Boulangerie to not miss out on their announcements for upcoming promotions and savings. Heard there will be one coming up for the March school holidays and it involves getting a special VR (virtual reality) experience tour. Stay tuned :)

Le Pont Boulangerie (Seri Petaling)
No. 19, Jalan Radin Bagus 9,
Bandar Baru Seri Petaling,
57000 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
+603 9055 3833

*Disclaimer: Photos taken with Huawei P9

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