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Affordable Japanese Beauty Products - ZENPOP BEAUTY REVIEW

You guys won't believe it if i told you that you can get a box full of decent quality Japanese beauty products for only $30 (roughly RM120) sent to your home all the way from Japan on a monthly basis or if you are not ready for such commitments but still like the idea of trying them out then you can purchase them on a one off basis like how i did.
I remembered when i featured them in my previous insa-stories quite a number of you girls voted "YES' to this concept and so here i am sharing with ya'll the good stuff :)

Though i've been to Japan a couple of times now, i don't usually have much time to stay in a drug store and test out all their testers as much as i'm tempted to because Japan seems to be haven for all make up and skincare junkies such as myself, offering an almost endless range of beauty products that i doubt in your current lifetime will be able to try them all out lol.

Also sometimes you gotta hunt up and down for it (like limited edition stuff), unless you are familiar with Japan and able to read/ speak the language then you are pretty much able to survive here by just asking around for abit of help but if you have zero knowledge of the language then definitely you'll have some trouble getting the stuff you want (that was my situation 2 years ago lol).
Not everyone would go through the trouble of learning the language just to get a few beauty products ka. 
But we are living in the digital age now, so everything is made simple by some clicking on the keyboard/ phone screen and viola, the item will arrive at your doorstep within less than 2 weeks.

Remember whenever you guys are reading my blog posts, it's mostly solutions on how to make your life much more easier. #lazypplaresmarter

"Kawaii essential pack"

And this time I've decided to give Zenpop Beauty box a try to see what have their team selected for the box after the fun experience with their previous snack box.

With the given budget of $30 i was really curious to know what can you actually get and will it be worth it? These are definitely the top few burning questions in a person's mind before deciding to purchases a monthly surprise box concept from Zenpop.

So if you are dying to get them answered then you are in luck because i'll be revealing their first ever beauty box content in this blog post along side with a brief description on the product but take note that shades varies from boxes to boxes so if i've received for example a pink shade, someone else out there in the world would probably received it in orange or red.
But that's the whole point of it, fun and surprises!

Every month it contains various Japanese beauty brands both big and small so there are some you might not be familiar with but don't freak out because product quality is assured here in Japan.
Even your most cheapest blusher probably works better than your overpriced branded ones ;)
I'm speaking from personal experience here lol that's why you don't see me splurging on make up anymore, just grab anything from the drug store will do.

This Cheek & Lip tint from Rosette x My Melody is so adorable and i'm glad that i managed to get my favorite shade in Burgundy. This was retailing for about 500yen+

How it looks like when worn on lips 💗
Looks like a freshly bitten shade ;)

I did managed to find some of these products in the drug store while i was in Tokyo last month to check out the actual price item value, after roughly getting a total figure it's value is definitely more from what we paid, so it's worth it.
Great news everybody because you can now try out all sorts of Japanese beauty products with such a low fee and it ships directly to your house for FREE .
How i wish i was working with Zenpop right now so i can curate awesome beauty boxes for you guys to try out monthly but who knows that one day i might, seem like so much of fun getting to shop for ya'll ;)
Actually that sounds like a great collaboration idea indeed lol, what do you guys think about it? Is it a Yay or Nay, would love to hear your feed backs on that one!

 Super duper pigmented shimmery eyeshadow in pink from Malibu Cosmetics,
great shade to enhance your eyes making them look more innocent lol.

I created this look by mixing both Malibu eyeshadow on the inner corners of my lids and using Rosette x My Melody tint for the outer part. Worked out pretty well together!

Notice the mini face powder and concealer above? 
Those two combined together, you don't even need your foundation anymore, i have no idea what sorcery is this but this is also my first time seeing these 2 brands Acmedica (powder) and AC Make up Tokyo (smooth concealer) don't let their cheap packaging fool you guys! 

Think i should put these on my list to restock during my next visit, i have really pesky dark spots that look like it won't be fading so soon so i have to rely on really good concealers to hide them away and so far all the concealers i've tried only covers for short period of time before my spots starts showing again (so annoying) but AC Make Up tokyo concealer did a good job concealing them away without caking up! Even hit the pan after one month which is super rare because all my make up seems to last forever lol.

I'm quite pleased with the selection of products received overall, can't wait to see what they have for their next beauty box :)

Website | zenpop.jp
Instagram | @zenpop_beauty


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