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My name is Arisa and was a cosplayer for 12 years in Malaysia before settling down in Kyoto, Japan. Exploring Japan full time has been a long time dream of mine, so let's explore it together!
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Best Unicorn Party Ideas (Adult friendly Edition)

Unicorn has been a hype among people of all ages, and often displayed on instagram feeds as an ideal and magical world that everyone wants to be apart of. I don't blame them because as a person who sort of swore off glitters after weeks of working with them over numerous costume projects, they don't seem so magical to me anymore lol but pastel tones on the other hand i've grew some fondness for it over time so it's something that's still as "YAS" on my books.

Rented my wig last minute on Parallèle Paraíso

I have a friend who is a baker and she bakes crazy amazing and beautiful cakes, occasionally she does table set ups as well but mostly for children's birthdays and just looking at them makes me wish i was a kid myself so i could have a rainbow themed birthday party too lol. In denial that i am old, no sweet 21 stuff for me, just sleep.
But just a couple of weekends ago i received an invitation from a certain butterfly celebrating their 5th Birthday and i couldn't say no to it because i could finally attend a party that is unicorn themed! 

Creating an adult friendly unicorn themed birthday party sounds like a feat because what are you going to have and do to keep them entertained right?
It isn't easy as a kid's party as they have tons of games to keep them occupied but what do you do if it's a room full of grown adults lol so i have to say let's give a hand to The Butterfly Project for managing to brainstorm and execute their amazing 5th Birthday party!

Here is what you'll need for a fabulous party

Photo credits to Butterfly Project

1. Large Unicorn themed Balloons

It's the age of instagram, who doesn't want some insta worth photos being surrounded by pastel and glittery balloons. It's not something you'll get to see everyday too and Butterfly Project's balloons were customized by Brrrloon! I love how they allow customers to pick their color theme and request for different kinds of fonts and wordings, it gives us the freedom to create something unique for parties or as a gift. I first got to know about them thanks to Johnsons baby for sending one over to me and i love i to bits because no one has sent me a big colorful balloon with my name on it before T.T
Toldja i wasn't one of those popular girls who get random surprise gifts from guys lol. I even ordered one for my colleague for her birthday earlier this month and she actually cried tears of joy (walaowei) lol. So balloon are a MUST for every birthday celebration!

Who is Brrrloon?

Party Supply & Rental Store
  • Personalized Bubble Balloon
  • Helium Balloons
  • Auto-inflate Colouring Balloon
  • Balloon Powered Toys
  • Balloon Sculpture
  • Balloon Arches & more
*Available at:
Block Gurney, Unit G-1- 2, Plaza Arkadia,
No.3, Jalan Intisari Perdana,
Desa Park City, 52200 KL
Contact No. 018-2777130
Website:  www.brrrloon.com (coming soon)
Facebook: www.facebook.com/brrrloon

2. Dessert Table

What does a unicorn eat in order to poop rainbow sparkles? Desserts with sprinkles and frostings of course! Lol just kidding because i'm not really sure what's a unicorn's diet or how their original poop looks like except from this "squatty potty" ad lol. But there is no denying that girls just love their desserts, it's a stress reliever for us and afterall you can't spell "stressed without desserts".
And what kind of birthday would it be without a cakes and desserts!

3. Photobooth

Not just an ordinary photobooth by the way, it has to be something fancy like creating GIF photos and unlimted prints (yes you read right, it's UNLIMITED!). These photos can also be sent to your email so you can upload these fabulous GIF photos unto your social media platforms.
More reasons to syiok sendiri with your friends and take tons of photos, no one is judging because everyone looks fab in their elaborated make up and costumes.

GNG Studiobooth

Boomerang PhotoBox with unlimited photo printing (New Service - we're the
first to try this!)
Printout Quality: Waterproof and anti-fingerprint

Difference between Gif Photobox & Boomerang Photobox?
  • Gif takes multiple photographs and combines into a gif animation
  • Boomerang is on the spot live action video recording
*Available on www.gngstudiobooth.com
FB: www.facebook.com/gngstudiobooth

4. Activity Table

Okay activity table for adults can be abit tricky as mentioned earlier in my post but having these activities that are all age friendly is something to take note of.

  • Auto-inflate coloring brrrloon (color, hit the center, shake it & watch it grow!)
  • Customized Flower Bar by Everday Flowers
  • Adopt a Unicorn (name your unicorn and bring it home) by 50GRAM
My dream bouquet done during the party

My adopted Unicorn, named Sprinkles

5.  Best Dressed Competition

This is a fun way to get everyone in the mood to look their best as a unicorn and for once watching My little Pony for Charity's inspirations can be proven useful lol.
Creativity has no boundaries so it's amazing to see what others conjure up for the party and having everyone in the room to participate in the Best Dress Voting Session makes it a fair decision for the winners!

6.  Magical Goodie Bag

Last but not least a a goodie bag for everyone to bring home, everyone needs a thank you gift for coming and dressing up fabulously because no one walks home empty handed in a party!
Contents in it is based on group's interests as for The Butterfly Project Community Beauty and Fashion are our main forte so having a goodie bag filled with them makes us squeal with excitement!
Big thank you to our goodie bag sponsors for the amazing selection of products :)

Thank you belif Malaysia, NYX Cosmetics Malaysia, Koji Dolly-Wink (Available in Watsons & Sasa),Wanderlust Things, & Dear Beaute (Japan) for the wonderful gifts!

It was also nice catching up with some friends from the blogging community before some of them moved overseas for work and i myself too won't be active in this community for long :'(
All good things must come to an end but what better way than to enjoy it.

Glad to see you one last time before you moved in Singapore babe!

Always extra fab Dee

Thank you Butterfly Project for inviting me to your wonderful birthday party, may the community continue to grow stronger each passing year and offer more opportunities and guidance to new Butterflies.

Website: www.butterflyproject.my/
Facebook: www.facebook.com/ButterflyProjectMalaysia


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