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My name is Arisa and was a cosplayer for 12 years in Malaysia before settling down in Kyoto, Japan. Exploring Japan full time has been a long time dream of mine, so let's explore it together!
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Toei Kyoto Studio Park (Toei Uzumasa Eigamura) - Trip with Baby

It’s fun to do something “touristy” once awhile especially when the danna is busy with work so why not bring #lilpenguin out with me since she does enjoy being outdoors despite the cold. She’s a real penguin indeed. I’m not sure how Instagram was able to read brain vibes because a couple of times I wanted to visit this park but couldn’t find a right time to do it as I was too quite busy for the past couple of months until I finally took some time off mid-February to drop by, but before that Instagram and Facebook have been dropping me advertisement hints. It feels super creepy because I never once mentioned this place over my chats (only googled the location ONCE) except having a face to face conversation with the danna (ONCE as well) and that was last year lol. How are they stalking me sia???

Well for once I’m thankful for the targeted ads because I took it as a reminder that my visit here is long overdue, also I needed something to write about for my Kyoto updates so here it is!

Those who are huge fans of Japanese movies and period dramas would most definitely have heard or visit this place by now so it isn’t new information but for some of us who are still oblivious about things to do around Kyoto then please do read on for more details.

Ninja performance

I would definitely mark this place as a family friendly location because, this place isn’t just filled with cool period buildings or your average typical museum; it also has a couple of interactive activities that may be fun for both children and adults to do together. It’s also a stroller/ wheelchair friendly park and they even provide free rental service of baby strollers and wheelchairs! If I didn’t take public transport over alone with the baby, I would have brought my stroller along then at least I could join the ninja training classes without the baby being strapped to my chest lol oh well, next time then.

You’ll definitely want to bookmark Eigamura down for your upcoming trip, Kyoto in particular isn’t just about old shrines/ temples and gardens like how most people would have assumed by now (yes we may have over 100+ shrines/ temples here lol) In fact, they have quite a number of family friendly locations to explore and create fun memories together and my aim is to list down as many of these places on my blog so that you can have more activity variety in Kyoto (that isn’t super crowded as well).

Getting here from Kyoto station was a breeze, there are direct train lines to the nearest station and you definitely won’t get lost finding this place because it’s hard to miss it! One of their park’s main entrance is actually a replica of Nijo castle! On Eigamura’s website they have listed various mode of transportations that you can check out: http://www.toei-eigamura.com/en/directions.html

Quite helpful of them to list everything out for visitors!

We took the bus!

Upon arriving for Eigamura’s special English guided tour and stepping into the entrance, I could feel my heart racing like mad because it felt as if I traveled back in time (like Kagome from the anime Inuyasha lol), the period buildings in the park are made so realistic, down to every single detail of it. The main purpose of this park is that they serve as a shooting location for TV/ Movies ("jidaigeki" films- involves sword fighting) so that the production doesn’t have to travel overseas just to shoot a certain scene or go through tedious process of applying permits to shoot with weapons though they are fakes. And for some cases like Nijo castle being a heritage site, it’s almost impossible to shoot an action scene like actors and stunt crews running on the rooftop of the castle hence that’s why they have built a replica in the park. Though it isn’t as big as the original one, with certain shooting angles, no one can tell the difference.

Everything looks so realistic!

Old style street food stalls can be found all over the park if you are feeling peckish

Costume rental store

Eigamura was created in 1975, so it’s almost half a century old but still looking good as new!
In my head all I could think of the crazy amount of live adaption anime series and cosplay shoot that can be done here, but unfortunately there are only certain open day events that allows visitors to come in their own costumes. Other days you may rent period costumes from Eigamura itself to take photos around the park, there’s even a special free 1-hour kimono rental experience available. What surprises me most is that I was expecting a large crowd to flock the entire park, but it was pretty chill and relaxing to walk around, take nice photos without random strangers photobombing your shots. 

Kyoto's movie town!
Think of it as Japan's "Hollywood" movie set

Every angle of this place is so photogenic

I remember seeing this location being used in one of the YouTube MV before, too bad it was closed off when i visited.

Our guide explaining to us why the park purposely built this traditional bridge more arched than usual, it's so that the cameras doesn't shoot what's behind the bridge lol. Smart and sneaky indeed.   

Such detailed props, old style "WANTED" posters

They have an extensive collection featuring Japan’s legendary directors, actors and actresses, awards on display in their museum included original pieces from their time like Akira Kurosawa (Director of Seven Samurai)’s cap, along with other belongings. Original movie and drama posters dating way back framed and proudly decorated parts of the walls, this place spells heaven for all Japanese movie lovers. Think this would be a good place to bring all my director friends over when they do visit me in Kyoto next time lol, even if you have zero knowledge about Japanese movies; this park visit would still be an interesting one because you came with absolutely no expectations but you’ll be filled with so much fun knowledge and memories once you leave the park’s gates.

Father of Japanese film making- Shozo Makino

Though I enjoy "jidaigeki" films, I wouldn’t call myself a dedicated fan because my knowledge about them is probably 10% , this is where I learned about the first movie director in Japan- Shozo Makino
It was thanks to him 100 years ago, the movie industry Japan flourished to what it is today and he is from Kyoto too! 

Akira Kurosawa (Director of Seven Samurai)’s cap, along with other belongings

It’s always my dream to work as a costume designer for movie production line, so coming here feels like home, I really do miss my costumes and props back in Malaysia lol. Touring around getting to see actual shooting sets and the production team hard at work building their next set feels so surreal because it’s not a sight common people like myself get to see. This trip definitely gave me a trip down memory lane, how I miss costume designing!

Ever wondered why a samurai walk on the left side instead of the right, against the crowd flow?
It's so that their katana doesn't clash with someone else's, if it does both parties will feel threatened and it may turn into a fight lol. That's how precious their katana is, interesting fact learned from the actors.

An actor demonstrating the art of "split second" camera forward dash, so cool to see it live!

Walking around the park you would even come actors and actresses in full costume all ready to pose for a photo, they are so in character that one (especially children) would be easily convinced that they belong to different era and got lost in 2019 lol. You can catch them in action on stage for selected performances or even short skits outdoors out of the blue! So make sure to get your cameras ready at all times, was pretty lucky to spot and take photos together with a few of them. And one of them even recognize lil penguin’s costume lol, she immediately called her “koupen-chan!!”.

Thank you for recognizing Koupen-chan haha, shows my sewing isn't too bad!

 Sleeping penguin

The highlight of this visit for me was I got to meet Seizo Fukumoto in person!! If you don’t know him, he was actually Bob the silent samurai in Tom Cruise’s The Last Samurai movie. His appearance was definitely a huge surprise for all of us during the samurai training class because we seriously didn’t expect such a famous actor to be performing and teaching! 

Seizo Fukumoto-san 

You can join samurai training classes here!

Seriously enjoyed myself here and I wouldn’t mind coming back again with the danna, for a Kyoto local he hasn’t even visited this place before lol. That’s why he always joked that I’m more of a “Kyoto local” than him because I’ve visited all the places he has not till recently thanks to me dragging him along haha.

There are cafes & souvenir shops at the park for visitors to dine & shop before exiting

Since this is an outdoor activity, best to check the weather forecast on google to plan ahead and not get caught in a downpour! Park tickets (click for pricing) can be purchased on the spot, no reservations needed unlike bigger attraction parks like Disneyland & USJ.

Eigamura also provides facilities like childcare rooms equipped with hot water dispenser, that's very convenient for us parents who need to prepare formula for our children!

More details on Eigamura can be found of their website: www.toei-eigamura.com/en/ (English site)
They do hold special events from time to time, so do follow them on their social media platforms for the latest updates:

Facebook: www.facebook.com/Toei-Kyoto-Studio-Park
Instagram: www.instagram.com/toeieigamura/

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