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My name is Arisa and was a cosplayer for 12 years in Malaysia before settling down in Kyoto, Japan. Exploring Japan full time has been a long time dream of mine, so let's explore it together!
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For those of you who have been to Japan and raided their drugstores, you would have probably saw this brand “POSME”, it’s hard to miss especially with its bright pink stand-alone pop up display tower filled with rows and rows of this little chips. At first you would be wondering.. what on earth are these? They look more like candy (thanks to the way its packaged) or could it be some supplement, but no; it’s actually multipurpose pocket size make up.

Naturally the beauty junkie in me and with itchy hands I picked up a few to try thinking “hey it might come in handy since I travel quite abit” and a fair warning that it isn’t exactly cheap per say, a candy size packet with 6 chips inside costs 300yen+ (roughly about RM11+). 

By the way POSME is created under Shiseido for those of you who don’t know, one of the biggest leading beauty brands in the market worldwide. Shiseido’s name itself sounds like a prestigious brand (explains the hefty price tag) but POSME is created to be innovative and fun, targeting a younger audience (the idea came from High school girls yo!). 

Back in high school the only time I wore make up was during cosplays and photoshoots and back then there wasn’t much “beauty guru-s” around so we had to experiment around on what looks best on us and heck Instagram didn’t exist yet so that aren’t any of those overly photoshopped makeup that we often double tap and wish we could recreate. Heck our only access to make up was our local drug store, what’s buying online?

Okay abit off topic liao so let’s head back before I continue telling my grandmother story instead of focusing on POSME lol.

Since I was created by high schoolers, it would explain the natural selection of shades and minimal pigment payoff, so I can’t yell on my videos “LOOK IT’S SO PIGMENTED!!”. I still find it hard to believe that Japanese high schoolers actually wear make up to school, back then when I was in high school (in Malaysia) those of us with natural brown or pitch black hair often got accused of dyeing! While our neighbours 6.5 hours away get away with blushers and lipsticks. Hmm.. I’ll probably need to revisit this topic again once lil penguin turns 13 lol. 

The price point of 300 yen is meant to be “affordable” like a high schooler budget, but to me for 5 colored chips it’s actually pretty expensive not when I can get full size canmake products like eyeshadows that can literally last me 2 years before hitting the pan for only 500yen!

After putting these guys to the test (I bought 3 colors), I found the formulation rather patchy; like it didn’t blend too well especially on the lips, in fact it kinda enhances my lip wrinkles. As eyeshadows and blushers, it was ok-ish not as bad as the lips but doesn’t really show up unless you spam a lot on. It basically comes off as “natural”, suitable for those who like the “no-make up” look, to be honest the colors make me look super pale and sick. Should have gotten the darker shades, at least they would have turned out better on my skin compared to the lighter ones. There are currently 8 colors to date (launched in 2018), and its official sources mentioned that it will be expanding soon. 

And I initially thought this brand was targeted for travelers/ adults so that we don’t have to carry so many products with us, don’t get me wrong it’s a great idea and would totally buy it again if they had stronger pigments, creamier formulation and better color selections. Imagine how you can start sharing and exchanging make up in a hygienic manner with minimal wastage!

Fits in my coin pouch perfectly

If you ever do see them in the drugstore*, feel free to pick one up to try because you can’t get this back in Malaysia! I would personally just use them as eyeshadow or blusher but definitely not for lips. 

*Available in drugstores all over Japan

Yours Truly,

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