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Breastfeeding & Weaning Must Haves from NatureBond

Wew! Glad to finally announce that i've officially weaned off lil penguin from my oppai and to be brutally honest it was one of the most difficult moments because as you guys know from my previous entries on #lilpenguin 's monthly updates that she kept falling sick so each weaning effort since 6 months went abort mission till recently so a big yay to her recovery and being brave enough to wean off. This was somewhat of a bittersweet moment for me, the sweet part was because i love how convenient it was to feed anytime and anywhere i want with just lifting up my shirt and how lil penguin would get so excited whenever she's near my chest lol (she knows it's milk time) but every story has it's better parts as well; mine is no different from others because it was a both physically and mentally exhausting. 

I do envy moms who can feed way past the age of 1 years and by then they can already drink fresh milk, but i have to remind myself to never compare because we are all different. We have our own choices and we shouldn't let that tiny voice or comment of others make us feel any less than an awesome mom we already are. Like what fellow mom Kristina Kuzmic like to say, if your kid is still well and kicking then you are already doing a good job even though you aren't making them those fancy instagrammable organic meals and whatnot. Pfft..sanity is more important.

I've breastfed twice already and there are many things i learned along the way that i wished someone would have told or shared with me earlier but unfortunately the time i have birth to my 1st, those around me have just gotten engaged/ married. 

But it's okay, every struggle is an important knowledge and experience gained that is meant to be shared with others :)

So i'm going to share with you guys some of these items that helped me alot along my breastfeeding and weaning journey and hope new moms would find this entry useful. 
This specific brand i would be sharing about is called "NatureBond", i didn't discover it until halfway through my breastfeeding journey and i personally think it's something every mom need to get especially if they are considering which silicon pumps or weaning kits to get in the market.

I first heard about silicon pumps from mom groups a couple years ago but that time it wasn't that popular yet and most people only know one particular brand called "Haakaa Breast Pump" which was considered like a "premium" range product costing around RM100+ and down the road, suddenly tons of cheap alternatives popped up in the market (as low as RM10-20) which had questionable origins and materials used. So my first advice to moms out there, i know that motherhood is all about giving the best yet trying to save as much as possible, but always be careful with the products you purchased to be used on your little ones. Skimming around the corners and imposing potential high risk isn't what we want for our family.

Before lil penguin was born, i initially thought that i should prepare myself this round with a silicon pump as i'll be exclusively breastfeeding, dumping the electric pumps for good because i was really exhausted (from my first time) having to wash, sterile & assemble so many parts daily on top of direct latching. 
Unless you have a nipple issue (flat/ inverted) or your child has a latching problem (tongue/ lip tie) that can't be fixed by a professional or lactation consultant, i would strongly advise for moms who would like to breastfeed exclusively to just dump those electric pumps until you go back to work or if you decided to be a full time stay at home mom, then even better; you don't need it at all. 
What you do NEED for a back up (emergency situations like engorged or away from baby) is a manual hand pump or a silicon pump especially if you are not a fan of marmet (hand expressing). 
I would go for the latter because it doesn't need any assembling, and it's so easy to wash after using.

Life with a newborn baby, you are going to need all the rest you can get and even that 5 mins trying to assemble an electric pump + pumping time + washing & sterilizing (let's say total of 45 mins) is ALOT of time that you could use to catch up on your snooze lol.

And yes, you CAN build up your freezer supply with just a silicon pump alone as i've personally tried it out first hand. It may not be as fast as an electronic pump but the saying goes back in Malaysia "lama-lama jadi bukit" which translates to "it will eventually grow over time". NatureBond's silicon pump doesn't just collects letdowns while you baby latches on the other side, it allows you to "pump" as well.

Here in Japan especially in Kyoto, i didn't really have much options when it came to silicon pumps (couldn't even find Haakaa!) because there was literally only 1 brand at the babyRUS shelf, i grabbed that thinking that "all silicon pumps are the same" but i was so wrong because after getting a new replacement silicon pump from NatureBond, i was shocked by the huge difference in material and its overall performance!

To some of you out there who are surveying around for legit safe silicon pumps, make way for NatureBond's Silicon Breastpump. Like why have i not heard of them earlier?? Why isn't anyone hyping about it online or in magazines because it clearly deserves it!
I'm not exaggerating here because that's how i felt after using their pump, and best part it comes with a leak proof stopper & cap along with a luxurious velveteen storage bag that you can grab & go.

To make my statement abit more clearer, i've made a score chart with pros and cons of these 2 silicon pumps i've owned and used throughout my breastfeeding journey. Both are bought in Japan by the way and available on Amazon Japan

Kaneson Etoca Breastpump VS NatureBond Silicon Breastpump

Kaneson Pros:
  • Functions well, collects milk from the other side while the baby latched on the other. 
  • Can be used as a manual pump aside from just a milk collector
  • Sturdy and thick silicon material, slightly chunky & heavy (150g)
  • Has a cute scallop design on the suction head
Kaneson Cons:
  • Suction to the nipple can be quite painful, like a constant tight bruising pull from the air trapped at the mouth of the pump, it's hard to control the suction and the thick material also contributes to pressure.
  • Hard to reach and clean especially at the base of the pump due to it's design, so soaking before washing is required
  •  Loses its suction and drops after 5 mins into collecting
  • Measurements stops at 50ml only 
  • Material gets oily, sticky & loses its translucency (cloudy) after constant usage for 5 months+ despite already washing & drying properly before usage. 
  • Doesn't come with a cover or stopper, so accidental spills are common

 NatureBond Pros:
  • Comes in a premium all in 1 pack (pump, stopper, cover & storage bag)
  • Surprisingly lightweight (81.6g)
  • Has measurements up to 4oz (available in both ml & oz reading)
  • Extremely soft material & comfortable on the skin
  • FDA approved & made from food grade silicon (BPA free)
  • Has beautiful design motifs around the suction head
  • Strong yet pain free suction during usage, holds on much longer like 8-10 mins before slight re-adjustment is needed 
  • Can be used as a manual pump instead of just a milk collector.  
  • Stopper + cover combo works like a charm in preventing spill accidents 
NatureBond Cons:

  • None i can think of at the moment

The suction is strong yet comfortable on the skin

Leak proof

Just looking at the comparisons alone, we all know who is the winner here already. If you are looking for a perfect gift for an expecting friend i think NatureBond's silicon pump is definitely the answer, for the same price as Haakaa, i personally think this is better because for the same price you get the stopper, cover & casing included as well.
I'm honestly abit sad that i didn't get to use it as long as my first silicon pump (only used it 3 months+), but it did serve me well for the last leg of my breastfeeding journey and for that i'm grateful to it. Otsukaresamadeshita!

With that i have officially graduated from breastfeeding! Yay!!
My duration may not be as impressive as other moms out there but at least i can say i tried & persevered as long as i could :)

Useful Weaning Tools for Introduction to Solids

Moving on to weaning (starts usually from 5-6 months onwards depending on your child's progress markers), during this stage when the baby starts solids and some moms get their menstrual cycle back, don't panic when your breastmilk supply drops due to hormonal changes. It's normal.
Take note, that during this period of weaning (aka food introduction) your child still consumes milk like normal on top of solids. Talk to your paediatrics on how to establish a routine and foods that are safe to feed your child, if your child still isn't sitting up unsupported at 5-6 months then your paed would most likely tell you to delay the solids as eating while lying down can cause choking.

Important note: When in doubt about your child ALWAYS consult a paed, & if you are not satisfied; you can always go get a 2nd opinion from another paed. Never turn to Facebook or whatever social media platforms for evaluation. 

Lil penguin started showing interests in solids at 5 months old+, she would stare at us longingly during our meal times lol it was seriously a hilarious sight because she just started sitting up unsupported but no signs of tooth popping out yet while a friend of mine with a baby 2 weeks older than lil penguin already had 2 tooth 😳
We started her off with the traditional mushy foods like blended porridge and slowly built her menu from there (each new food introduced would be given 3 days straight to check for an allergy reaction, usually given in the morning). We try not to mix too many foods in one feeding because that would make it hard for us to know which particular ingredient she's allergic to, so start slowly with 1 item, then mix 2 items, then 3 and so forth, take your time and don't rush!

Easy cleaning

At 6 months we realised she prefers to self feed, and it can get rather messy because we were using normal flat cloth bibs so we got her these cute silicone bibs from NatureBond which came in a set of 2 ( 1 for home, 1 for outside use) inside a clear good quality reusable storage bag. Another life saving product because these bibs are lightweight, easy to put on, flexible and lessens the mess during meal times! 

Bonus part it comes with cute penguin designs on it haha! Definitely can't say no to that :P
What are the odds it came with our favourite animal wei!!
Anything to make the mess easier to clean up after especially when we are out lol; we never ever leave home without it right now because with it i know food accidents are less likely to happen (the kind of accidents that requires a whole change of fresh clothes). Think so far i only carry 1 set of baby clothes now incase of poop accidents haha, before this like 2-3 because of mealtimes as well. See? That's how we moms make our diaper bags a little more lighter ;)

Fruit Feeders

And if you are trying to get more fruits in your baby's snack time diet instead of just crackers (i'm guilty of doing so because crumbs are easier to clean compared to sticky juices lol don't judge!) and they have a hard time in gripping those slippery fruits, you can put them into these genius fruit feeders by NatureBond! The mess is much lesser (still abit sticky but limited to the hands and mouth) especially when you use with it along with the bib and your baby gets all the vitamin goodness without you getting a splitting headache on how to clean up the sticky mess after. A TOTAL WIN-WIN situation here folks!

Without the bib it gets a little messy as you can see in this photo lol

Suitable for slippery soft fruits like peaches so babies can grip them easily

After prepping lil penguin in her high chair and bib, I let her use the fruit feeder on her own as it's easy to grip (takes a little practice as first) and self feed.  Best to use for fruits like peaches, grapes, mangoes, all the slippery ones you get me; just dice them up and fill them into the fruit feeder and your kid is ready to munch on them. It's also a good option for babies who have yet to master chewing their foods, small fruits like blueberries if you would like to introduce it to them and worried about choking then just put them in the fruit feeder.

Fruit Feeder Tip: For fussy babies with itchy gums that refuse to eat, try chilling the fruit feeder in the fridge before giving to baby. That would soothe their gums & fill their tummy abit at the same time.

Our lunch pack for lil penguin whenever we are out

Leak Free, hassle free

I like the fact that i can prepare lil penguin's fruit snack before we head out and pack it in together with her bib casing without worrying that the fruit feeder might leak sticky juices all over as the cap is solid and secure.
The feeder comes in a set of 2 along with 6 silicone sacs / teats for different ages of baby/toddlers, which you test and see which size fits best for your baby's current stage.
I find it easy to disassemble everything and wash + steam it together with my baby bottles, no small parts hard to reach so that's a good thing. Don't need to buy those special small sponge/brushes just to wash (ugh). Thank you for making life so much easier for us moms NatureBond!

Fruit Feeder Information:
  • Feeder and Silicone Sacs can be sterilized using steam sterilizer, withstanding temperature up to 200°C
  • Textured sac eases teething and allows flow of nutritious juices
  • Soft and chewable sac that doesn’t irritate baby’s gums
  • Designed in USA. Inspired by lollipop/candy-like shape which allows easy holding and handling
  • A mixture of appetizing colors that evoke tastebuds and stimulate baby’s appetite
  • Allows full dismantle for washing, leaving no corners behind that allow bacteria growth
  • Easy to wash and clean
  • Snap-lock closure is adult-friendly and kid-proof
  • Customize positioning of fruits and vegetables for safer teething

This concludes my list of must have items for your breastfeeding and weaning journey mommies! Hope you find it entry helpful especially if you are looking for a reliable and safe product for your little one's usage. NatureBond brand has definitely exceeded my expectations, offering such high quality, effective and convenient products without costing me an arm & leg.

For those in Japan interested to purchase you can get it on Amazon Japan: NatureBond Japan

Yours Truly,

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