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Starbucks Japan 2021 Sakura Edition Haul

You guys have no idea how much i struggled to control myself every spring especially when Starbucks Japan rolls out their "season limited" designed goods.  I remember just crying behind my screen back in Malaysia knowing i'll never be able to get my hands on it because my friends in Japan then don't really do personal shopper services, they are busy with their own lives so it would be rude to trouble them as well. That's one of the reasons why I've set up my own personal shopper services last year especially after i lost majority of my work projects due to Covid-19, so if you wanna get something from Japan you call always fill up the form HERE (not purposely self promoting, just so happened to be relevant to this topic haha). 

Anywayssss, as i was saying back then i couldn't get my hands on Japan Starbucks's spring collection and now i get to see it every year, so imagine how tempting it is since its within my grasp (okay la, 10 mins walk away to the nearest Starbucks, but still!). Starting a Starbucks collection would definitely be 'YABAI'* for my wallet and house space because first of all i don't even have much furniture at home so where on earth am i going to store it 😂😂 If i had a dedicated shelf made for it with money to spend like water, then heck i'm going all in lol. 


If you are new to Japan Starbucks tumbler collections, their best selling is usually New years and spring (sakura) followed by autumn. They sell out so fast that it's ridiculous, like the minute it's launched everything in-store and online is wiped out within a day and the next thing you know it turns up on online stores/ auctions x1000 times the original price. That's Japan "limited edition" tactics in a nutshell and i would be lying if i didn't admit that this is freaking frustrating. 

And last year i've managed to get a friend in Tokyo to help me buy the New Year limited edition tumbler (pink is only sold in Tokyo) before its gone and thinking back i still can't believe i actually spent 5000yen on a tumbler haha but i'm currently using it so it's considered money well spent lah at least.  

So far i've always managed to resist Starbuck's sakura stuff because my main motivation was to "save" money (can cuci mata jer); but this year after buying so much stuff for my customers, i decided to treat myself after working so hard for the past couple of years and okay lah, real reason is because i'm feeling FOMO* lol.

*Fear of missing out 

So here are some of the stuff i've managed to grab for Starbuck's 2021 sakura edition before most of them went completely sold out. I also do apologize in advanced that some of the items listed here, is no longer available in the market in case you want to order it. 

Sakura chocolate cookies, one of the first items i bought before others came out

They look and taste rather decent

This small guy was gotten for #lilpenguin because she's also feeling FOMO and wanted her own coffee cup lol. Perfect size for her little hands, it's actually made as a gifting option because you can store a written message inside and it comes with a free drink redemption coupon shaped as a cup sleeve which i nearly threw away thinking it's just cut board until #lilpenguin came up and said "mama no / mama's?"
If she didn't do so i think i would have wasted the coupon haha, moral of the story always read first before throwing stuff away.

I'm not exactly a hardcore Starbucks card collector (i've seen on TV, those who spend hundred thousands of yen just to collect every single release lol) but i do occasionally get them especially if the design is nice, this particular Sakura shapped card needs a minimal 2000yen reload in order to get it while other cards only needs 1000 yen lol. So being cheapskate me, i told myself don't need and the next thing you know the danna showed up with one! Guess it's fated for me to have it haha but i think the Malaysia Sakura version looks nicer than Japan's. It's same shape but pastel pink & cream colored. Oh and for Japan, they limit this particular card to one person per purchase to avoid reselling issues which i don't think will work because you can walk into multiple different stores to get it lol. 

Furoshiki (covering the table), i'm always a sucker for a nicely designed piece of cloth which can be used multiple ways- to wrap bento, gifts, food mat or even used as a small bag

This reusable cup design is not sold in Starbucks though it's trademarked by them lol, why? I don't know, ask them 😂 I remember searching high and low for their capsule coffee and turns out, it's only available through Nestle's website😤 I like the Origami spring blend though! Not too dark and heavy, and good on its own without milk or sugar. You can get them in supermarkets, donki or even PLAZA.

By the way, the reusable cups sold in starbucks itself is plain white & green. That one you can bring and use at Starbucks cafe when ordering however the ones bought outside of the cafe like the one in the photo above, can't and i don't know why either. Some of you would be wondering "do i need a reusable coffee cup?" If you have a habit of going in for takeout coffees then yea, this cup would save tons of paper cups being trashed daily. Plus you can use it at home and act like you just got take outs at your favourite coffee shop lol (work from home hacks). 

So that's all my haul for 2021, will i be back with more next year? Maybe lol but it really depends if the designs "sparks" some sort of joy in me, as you can see no tumblers or mugs this round for me because first of all i already have one at home and secondly, the mug design i wanted is sold out. But's it's okay la, not like i need a new mug now anyway.

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