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Is Japan Open for travel 2022?

The question every person you know living in Japan dreads answering lol. Not that we don't want you here (or do we? 🤣Jk) but really, what makes you think we know any better? The international news reports you read are basically translated version of what's being reported in Japan media too so it's not like we are holding back any information from you guys 😂

Not gonna lie that I get this question so frequently over the past 2 years that I had to post constant reminders on my IG stories that not everyone living in Japan works for the government so we do not have any "secret" updates lol I mean what were you guys expecting?

If friends and family asked, it wouldn't feel so bad answering but imagine having random Tom,Dick and Harry messaging you out of the blue on a daily basis asking this question. At one point I even had to remove messaging box from my stories because this kind of spam question gives me anxiety (leave me alone!!)🥲

Anyway what I'm trying to say is that such information can be easily googled and if you are having trouble finding legit sources you can always rely on these news portals for the latest and (most) accurate updates.

I wouldn't rely on random websites because sometimes it can be just a clickbait post without proper information. If you know what I know it's all about SEO and views 🤣

"Japan opening its borders starting March 2022!"

From what I've briefly gathered is that the current Japan quarantine duration required for new entries has been shortened from 14 days to 7 days and now the recent one is just 3 days!

But depending on which country you are entering from as they have different coloured coded zones based on infection rates. Still 3 days is still beats than having to spend 14 days in isolation staring at the same 4 walls without fresh air, can't imagine what it's like especially for people who travel with toddlers. Sounds like a suicide mission as we all know how short their attention span can be, that's also one of the main reasons why I've not gone back home for the past 2 years. Despite having the option to quarantine at home (for Malaysia), I still wouldn't want to put my elderly parents at risk 🥲

Don't get me started with the food provided too, I've seen so many foreigners who went back to their home country for the Christmas/ new year hols and all of them posting their "Quarantine experience in Japan" upon returning (because what else?) 🤣 it's all over Instagram, tiktok and YouTube, like that's the only thing that matters during a pandemic lol, gotta keep up with the trend for views. 

Okay jokes aside, it seems to be a hit and miss with the quarantine hotels, some got decent services while the latter not so much and I won't comment much on their English support (almost NIL from what I've observed from the postings) because apparently they still haven't figured out a solid system on how to support foreigners (all announcements in Japanese? Good luck to those with zero knowledge in the language 💀), so it makes you wonder how are they gonna handle things when actual tourists starts flooding in 🤔
*Hint : hire us multilingual speakers damn it!* 🤣

And before you all start jumping to making flight bookings for this sakura season, rule of thumb when Japan government announces the easing of entry restrictions for foreigners- it starts with students and business people first. ALWAYS.

Tourists are obviously the last unfortunately lol, but on the bright side if things goes according to track without any sudden u-turns (like what they did back in Nov 2021), you guys might actually be able to visit Japan this autumn or winter!

Keeping our fingers crossed and hope you guys spend the last 2 years picking up some basic Japanese manners and etiquette (seems to be alot of those all over social media), basically how not to be a nuisance in Japan in general. That includes respecting local's privacy and such because it's our home and no one like their home to be treated like a zoo/ amusement park.

And when in doubt about certain "Japan manners/ taboo" information online, it doesn't hurt to refer back to a local (even I too have to fact check with the Danna sometimes) 😂

Yours Truly,

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