Monday, September 26, 2016

#MystyleMycushion by Innisfree

Think i am turning into my mom because subconsciously everything i have now is lavender/ purple color *gasp!* used to laugh at her for liking this color so much that majority of her clothes, bags and accessories are purple lol and her favorite flower is purple too, guess which? It smells great and commonly used in essential oil or aromatherapy. 

Receiving this color was purely a coincidence too, guess the lovely peeps of hashtagcity just knows me too well eh? :-P
Or maybe they got inspired by my faded blue-ish purple hair lol, all and all thank you so much for always showering me with so much love guys! Customized/ handmade gifts are always something i look forward to receiving & giving, it doesn't matter what value it is because to me it's all about the thought that counts. What more can be as thoughtful as this, showing how much you know a friend or family member to be able to gift them something they are sure to love upon first sight!

Noticed something different? 
Aside from our usual cushion puffs Innisfree has introduced another 2 unique applicator tools that you can use with your cushion as part of the customization process!

Customizing your very own cushion has been a hot trending activity in Korea ever since Innisfree first launched their own customization cushion section featuring 100 types of cushion casing designs, and it's slowly picking up in other countries too, we are really blessed to have this in Malaysia too!
Usually we Malaysians would complain on why we don't get the good stuff whenever our favourite brands launch something limited edition and Malaysia (while our neighbor Singapore gets them, *hmph) always seems to be excluded from them so we gotta ask our overseas friends to help us get it or wait for it to appear somewhere online with a ridiculous pricing lol.

So 'nasib baik' Innisfree Korea decided to 'kasi' Malaysia a chance to market the same campaign as them haha! Thank you Innisfree Korea/ global for giving us this opportunity to enjoy the fun as well.

This is the sponge applicator, really soft and spongy that it feels like marshmallows lol, not for consumption ya, i know my photos are too pretty and candy-like already *perasan* lol just joking!
My take on the contractible brush and sponge, it really depends on what kind of coverage you want to achieve and situation you are using it. As a person on the go, the default cushion puff is definitely choice because it requires less storage space in my cosmetic pouch meanwhile the brush and sponge is more suitable for home usage. But that's my opinion la, if you disagree then okay lor..

Even their default cushion puffs has two types, as part of their newly launched applicator family there's now Air Magic Puff Fitting (brown pad) and the previous model- Air Magic Puff Fitting (Glow), for better coverage i chose air magic puff fitting as it really helps to cover up my pores and even fine lines that are often missed by the glow puff. They have designed the cushion puffs in such a way to produce different types of finishing, if you are like me who likes the whole face flawless AF, please go for the fitting puff instead. For minimal coverage and dewy finishing, then stick with the glow puff :)
Hope i ain't confusing you guys lol!

Stamping Puff: RM23
Cushion Brush: RM45
Cushion Puff (Air/ Fitting): RM9

Gotta be flawless at all times because i try not to rely on beauty filters too much (ada la, sikit here and there lol)

As for the cushion types itself they have two different kinds as well, one is Long wear cushion meanwhile the other is Water fit cushion. During the roadshow i've tried out those two again just to refresh my memory on why didn't i pick waterglow from the start lol. For those of you who are blessed with poreless skin, probably slightly dull and needs a lil perk up my best recommendation for you would be the waterglow puff. It gives you the dewy finishing adored by all Koreans but in term of coverage it's really minimal compared to long wear cushion. For those with scars and pimples like me and wants better coverage then do pick long wear cushion instead! It also has a matte finishing so that i don't have to top with off with any pressed powder except their no-sebum loose powder to keep my oily T-zone in check.

Priced at RM52 for a refill pack (without casing)

5 different shades available, i'm a N21!
 How about you?

Once you have selected your choice of applicator and cushion type, it's time to head on the most challenging piece of the puzzle lol. Picking a casing cover out of the 100 designs available.
For those of you who have missed their pop up store last last 2 weekends ago at sunway pyramid, you can still walk in to any of their outlets to get your cushion customized!
They currently have 3 outlets in Klang Valley- Sunway Pyramid, Paradigm Mall & Pavilion (more coming soon). 
If you know any of your friends using Innisfree cushion just like you, here's your chance to get them a casing that fits their personality and style!
I now have 3 casings to fit my mood lol and it's pretty cool to whip out something different compared to the usual boring compacts whenever you want to do a quick touch up, planning to add in more but i still can't decide which :-P

Casing: RM33 each

Pretty sure your friends would love to have these as a gift, be it guy or girl make up don't discriminate since its pretty universal and heck it's just coverage for the skin, no crime in wanting to be flawless and fab! Do check out their latest Music video on their official Facebook page to get the "feels" in you: Innisfree Malaysia

Believe it or not, i spent approximately closed to an hour deciding on which design to get haha!
Shy die me man, people staring at me for being so fickle lol.

All 100 designs out on display.

So what's your style?


Sunday, September 25, 2016

KLFWRTW 2016 | MAGlifestyle SS17

My overdue post on KL Fashion week lol, there's just so many things to do these days and everything never seems to get done. Have you ever had that feeling that the work you are doing doesn't have a head or tail, doesn't that frustrate you in a way?
Heck it sure does bothers me because it's like i can never move on with my life, always having to go through the same scenario over again and again. Told myself to be more organized with mu blogging, but end up i'm still having tons of backlogs on my end, how i do wish they can write themselves instead and the photos can edit themselves too lol. Asking too much? :-P

Thought i was going to miss KL Fashion week this year as it was held during weekdays but each show has their own segment depending whether it's day or night. This event is considered KL's biggest fashion hype of the year, where fashionistas (or wannabes) gather together to take cliche OOTD shots right outside pavilion lol, don't believe me please search #KLFWRTW2016 on instagram and you'll get what i'm talking about.

Would like to express my heartfelt thank you to these two amazing girls for inviting me to their biggest show of the year. Founders of a local chic fashion brand- Maglifestyle, Yen Lee and Shiau Lee. These two amazing girls has proven that being a women and a successful fashion entrepreneur is no obstacle in Malaysia.  Have known these beautiful ladies for almost exactly 3 years already through blogging (my blog has connected me with so many people!) and how much the brand has blossomed every passing year. All the collaborations we had, thank you for supporting my blog as well and do hope one day we can work on a collaborative fashion design project together instead! *fingers crossed* upgrade from blogging liao haha.

For those who needs their memory refreshed, here is last year's BCWAxXIXILI charity fashion show sponsored by Maglifestyle that i've participated alongside with a few other fashion bloggers to support Breast Cancer awareness month.

It's also a funny dejavu feeling when i did remember speaking to Yen Lee last year on her plans to take Maglifestyle onto the next level by having a show during KLFW, and they finally did. So it's a huge milestone for Maglifestyle, guess their next target would be London or Paris fashion week now eh? I'm sure you girls can do it and i'll make sure to root for you all the way, as you have shown me that nothing is impossible as long there is determination and passion to run a brand :)

With the founders of Maglifestyle
Thank you for dressing me in your lovely clothes :)

Lace top & white dress: Magazine Boutique
Bag: Choki
Styling: By Me!

Waiting for the show to start, and for those who are new to KLFW, here's a note that they never start on time and there's sure a technical problem somewhere so it's not something new lol. Just be prepared to wait for 30 mins - 1 hour+ of it's initial starting time.

I didn't managed to get any good shots during the show as the models walked too fast and my camera isn't fast enough to capture either *sobs* lesson learnt that only DSLRs are capable of delivering great runway shots and it's also not ideal to sit down while taking pictures as you'll end up getting tons of heads blocking the shot -_-
Oh least there's some pretty pictures on Maglifestyle's official Facebook page, so i'm gonna loan it and feature some of my favorite picks out of the whole collection below this blogpost!

Loving the choice of prints, cuts and style worn on the models this year for their Spring/Summer 2017 collection, it's definitely something new and refreshing direction for Maglifestyle. Also these babies, fresh off the runway is available at their boutique in Bangsar Telawi.
Designer wears doesn't mean it's always ridiculously priced (but majority of the time, it is la), you will be amazed on how affordable Maglifestyle collections are, and do take note that these are considered designer pieces as well ya, designed and made with love locally.
You can give these beautiful dresses a try, who knows you might end up taking home the pieces i'm eyeing to wear once i am back to my normal skinny self again lol. Can say, CNY shopping for 2017 "kautim". 

P/S: While you are there to check out their SS17 collection, don't miss out on their ongoing sale too.

Magazine Boutique
34-1, Jalan Telawi 2, Bangsar Baru, 59100 Kuala Lumpur.

Shutter speed can never be fast enough for compact cameras >.<

Just so madly in love with the color and prints of these floral brocade.

That flow!

I'm always a sucker for laces.


Friday, September 23, 2016

My First Baby Haul on

Getting ready for the big day, nervous? Heck i am because there's still so many things i've yet to prepare myself and the house for (not forgetting Mori too). First things first, need to get essentials ready like a sleeping place for the baby, head support pillows, clothes, etc and the list seems never ending. And taking baby advice from Asians are one of the worst things one can ever do, so many dos and don'ts, plus the different variations of it just makes you head boggle even more *ugh*.
So i am just gonna shop for what i think IS NECESSARY for the time being and other stuff when i need only when the time comes since i can easily get access to baby stuff online now.
So no more having to drive out purposely just to get my supplies, let them come to momma instead (no pun intended lol). 

Some people do ask me why don't i get 2nd hand items since they are cheaper but let's put it this way 2nd hand stuff doesn't necessary means it's going to be cheap after calculating in the delivery/ COD costs and you don't even know how hygienic it is despite being claimed to be "cleaned & stored away". For the price might as well add in a couple more bucks (RM10-20) and you'll get a brand new item delivered to your doorstep instead. Makes more sense right?
At this stage carrying stuff from my car into my condo unit feels like a heavy chore right now, so i don't mind paying abit more for the delivery guy to do the job for me lol unless i have a volunteer to help me carry stuff whenever i do shopping la. Anyone? :-P

Today i'll be introducing, for those of you yet to know about this website today's your lucky day because i'll be doing a walk-through on my blog and also sharing with you guys my shopping experience using this online shopping portal. It's safe, rest assured for those paranoid online shopping moms as all the merchants on them are direct brands or official distributors/ resellers, but just a heads up that Motherhood doesn't compile your orders and send it out one go, so you'll expect multiple packages sent to you over the week by different merchants.

I too wasn't aware of that and thought that the website forgot some of my orders when the first parcel came lol, no wonder there was 3 invoices sent to me upon checking out as Motherhood doesn't consign any of their merchant's products (no warehouse or whatsoever) so all orders will directly be handled by merchants/ brands themselves.
Hope this clarifies any confusion :)

Motherhood's website provides a all in shopping solution platform for parents as they cover all ranges from maternity, newborn infants and toddlers, for those looking for baby gifts would also find this website useful! 
There's baby milk supplies, breast pumps, clothes, car seats, bedding, gears, diapers, strollers and basic education materials, all of them by renown brands like Philips, Mustela, Autumnz, My Dear, and many others, full list of brands can he found here.
In my honest opinion, the deals and discounts offered on Motherhood helps me save alot, not only on money but also time as you all know being a mother 24 hours a day isn't enough if you gotta work, clean the house and care of your kid (+ other family members).

Every new sign up, you'll get an immediate RM15 voucher for your first purchase, and you can use it on top of multiple voucher codes as well. Buyers can enjoy free shipping with purchases above RM99.Check out my haul video, what i got for only RM150!

Reasons to be a Lazy  (SMART) Mom
  • - Your child will grow up independent at a young age lol  (Just kidding!)
  • Less hassle of dragging your kid out to do your shopping especially if you don't have a babysitter or there's no one else to look after your kid while you run errands. You can even get groceries online now!
  • No need to break your back carrying all those heavy and bulky stuff
  • Don't have to deal with human crowd, long cashier counter queues or even annoying sales people who just can't take "NO" for an answer
  • No parking and traffic headache especially on weekends for working moms
  • Don't have to constantly chase for specific date deals especially when is constantly filled with deals of the day and such
  • Save petrol fees, since there's free shipping for purchases above RM99
  • Need anymore reasons to have smarter life choices? :)

Deals of the Day on not to be missed!

There's even a referral program you can earn credits from!
It's a win-win situation for both parties as your friends gets a total of RM20 shopping credit to use on their first purchase and in return you'll get RM10 credit with every successful first purchase made by your friends, for more details on the loyalty program please click HERE

To end my post, make sure you guys bookmark/ subscribe to as they will be participating in Malaysia's biggest online sale of the year- #MYCYBERSALE
There will be tons of attractive deals, so make sure to get your wishlist ready like how i did :-P
Can immediately checkout when they price starts dropping lol.
This sale is only 5 DAYS only, so your one chance to grab what you can from 26th - 30th of September, you can check out for more details!

Thursday, September 22, 2016

Wunderbath | Stretchmark Free Skin

Thank you Wunderbath for showering my skin with so much love!

Stretchmarks or tiger stripes, i am pretty sure most of you have seen those traumatizing photo viraling on social media especially on empowering women to bear their stripes proudly (good for them) but what if i told you that all these can be prevented if only you were diligent enough to follow a certain skincare routine that could save you from a life time scar?
Well, if you had 4-5 kids like my mom, then it's unavoidable already la..but 1-2 kids your skin isn't supposed to look like you have lost 100kg overnight like one of those biggest loser contestants lol.
Not trying to insult anyone here, if you love having those stripes then by all means please don't complain about having self esteem issues later during summer when it's time to whip out those bikinis.

If can prevent that from happening, that's even better!   

Lesser one problem to contribute to potential postpartum depression (that shit is real guys), this depression isn't something everyone would get as well and from stories i've read and heard this mental breakdown can be a real stress issue for new mothers. Only a handful will experience it on a severe level but it's not something one can't manage with the help of loved ones unless you are totally alone like me with a long history of depression and bipolar issues :-/
Might need to reserve a lock up room and be separated away from #mylilparasite when that happens *choi touch wood*.
Okay, doing way off topic as usual lol as i am not here to talk about weight loss or depression issues but to share with you on a product that i am currently using and think that i would be really helpful for expecting mothers out there who are also feeling the insane itch as i am!

FYI: Stretchmarks are exactly like scars caused by rapid weight gain or loss, they are there to stay and once you get'em, you can't reverse the state no matter what you do. Probably you can lessen them with creams/ oils but it will still be visible nonetheless. 

*Right click to enlarge*

As most of you have seen my baby bump photos and videos, there isn't a traces of stretchmarks, probably some discoloration patches (it's called Hyperpigmentation caused by excess melanin) here and there but overall it looks the same as before i was expecting. Guess i owe all this to a miracle homemade local beauty brand called Wunderbath!
Also because i am 'rajin' enough to slatter it unto my belly everyday la, my efforts need some credits also lol.
The belly is stretching every single day and for those of you who don't know that the itching that comes with it isn't your average kind of itch, it's the "i want to tear my entire skin out" kinda itch. Sounds painful right?
It does actually hurt as much as it sounds lol, if you aren't too mindful when you scratch it, you might end up tearing your skin or with red stripes that soon turn into scars. Who says being preganat is easy? It's lies really when they say the whole process is beautiful but what they fail to mention was the pain that came with it (not childbearing pain ya) that one has to endure for 9 months *cry*

Not sure why we developed a "middle line" across our belly, it's like telling the doctor, "hey cut my belly open following the line across my belly!" that was what i thought as a kid la when i first saw my mom's pregnant belly and hers had quite a dark prominent line too D:
Of course your doctor isn't gonna cut from that direction la, for c-section it's usually cut horizontally and below your belly where they'll stick their hands in and pull your baby out. Sounds pretty gross having someone else's hands in your belly eh? 

Some might experience severe itchiness but some cases are mild, pregnancy varies from people to people (not gonna say ladies because there are successful males who gave birth too!) my case is considered somewhat mild and it only gets really bad when #mylilparasite starts kicking non stop all of a sudden, that happens usually around 2-3am when i need my sleep =.=

Only the particular spot she kicks repeatedly would start to itch like mad, so to prevent that from happening ever again (lesson learnt from a couple of times) i'll always make sure my belly is coated generously with Wunderbath's Hakuna Your Tatas Body Butter after showering. Surprising enough this body butter works like magic too, i'm usually against body butters as from my past experience they tend to be so thick & rich that it makes your skin feels somewhat 'suffocated' and like all my beauty products i use, i prefer them to be lightweight, quick absorbing and of course effective

And Wunderbath's body butter just fits the bill, it's now my holy grail which i can't live without and there is never a day i would miss applying it as i have experimented on days when i didn't (by accident), those were my biggest regrets ever. It's the only thing keeping me from ripping my belly apart lol.

I'm down to 30% left D: 
Need to stock up on another tub! 
So if you are an expecting mom or have friend who are expecting, you can buy a tub of this body butter for them (or yourself) to try.

Love how they creatively named and designed each and every one of their products, well naming the body butter Hakuna Your Tatas seems like a legit name, since my "tatas" (not my belly) were also itching occasionally lol, if you guys get what i mean :-P
One thing great about Wunderbath is that their brand is homemade, using the finest ingredients you can find and the price is at an affordable range too, their unique factor is being able to make customized orders according to your needs like if you need them for wedding door gifts, company functions, dinners or even specially curated beauty boxes for a beauty junkie friend! 

I understand for those who have concerns whether their products are suitable for sensitive skinned people, but do rest assured that their brand is made with the purpose to cater to people like us!
Since they are carefully handmade in small batches for quality control purposes, it is also Vegan, Animal Cruelty Free, Paraben Free with no preservatives at all. Basically only raw ingredients are used to make their products.

My beauty box specially handpicked by Wunderbath's owner :D

So moving on to the cute heart shaped bathbomb, which is my 2nd favorite on the list and i wouldn't mind coming back for more bath bombs since they also released a new batch of designs and one of them includes having a pokemon toy surprise in it :-P
Before this i never bothered to get bathbombs because i don't have a bathtub to enjoy it in lol unless of course i was staying in a hotel la but after moving into my new place about May this year, am so glad it came with a decent size bathtub which i did my Rize, Tokyo Ghoul shoot in it too! Though i wish i could have been smaller like the ones in Japan so it save more space and doesn't require as much water wastage, but better than nothing so best not to complain lol.
Never knew that one of the main key ingredients commonly found in bathbombs were SLS- Sodium Lauryl Sulfate.
It's a cheap detergent substance that is harmful to the body on prolong exposure/ usage and quite a number of cosmetics or beauty products in general contains them D:
So if you have a favorite commercial bath bomb brand you always use and purchase from, make sure to check out their ingredients first to check if it's safe.

Wunderbath's bathbombs are 100% SLS FREE!

If Wunderbath never mentioned about SLS, like every ignorant consumer i wouldn't have bat an eye about it but being pregnant, i have to make sure that everything i do, consume, apply is safe for the baby too (really tedious at times) so imagine the amount of headache i face daily when i am sent beauty products by brands and expected to review them without them considering my health condition. Hence that's why i am pretty selective these days on what i review on my blog, not to be a prima donna or anything, but hey.. my baby's health comes first and unless they want to pay for any damages (which i doubt so) i would stand firm on my ground. 

At least some brands are honest about their treatments and products whenever i inquire if it is pregnancy safe, but I've came across a couple of dishonest ones like my previous gel nail review which i was forbidden to blogged about that horrible experience by the agent that engaged me, as it caused 80% of my nails to drop off entirely resulting alot of blood and painful nail-less weeks. Till this day, my nails are still brittle and ugly looking no thanks to their cheapo china made gel products. Painful AF, but i can't do anything about it :-/

Looking at my nails just makes me recall that horrible incident, on top of what i have to deal with (idiots) on a daily basis, so what's better why than to get my mind off the stress than to have a good long soak in my bathtub right?
That's after i clean it la, my cat Mori practically owns the bathroom lol because the toilet bowl is his drinking bowl (gross i know) and he sleeps and sheds tons of fur inside the bathtub making it look like i shaved him =.=
And the latest asshole stunt he did was peeing in the tub! Had to clean, detolized the entire tub before i could use it, cats are real assholes sometimes (most of the time actually).

Remember that orange vitamin C drink that fizzes when it comes in contact with water?
Imagine that happening in a bathtub scale lol.

The bathbomb i got from Wunderbath was inspired by the black goth bath that was first made by @toxicbitchcraft on instagram that went viral with over 1.6 million views the day she posted it lol
You gotta admit, that was pretty cool. Bet there's tons of charcoal powder in there for it to be as black as that but colors isn't something that matter to me that much in a bathbomb, what matters most is the scent and how it makes my skin feel afterwards.

I've tried some mini bath bombs (used for mani-pedi) previously but always found them to be unusually oily for my liking, i understand that it's supposed to "moisturized" my skin but it felt like i've douse my entire hand and feet into a bucket of oil lol. But glad i didn't get that from using wunderbath's bathbomb, pretty much enjoyed it but learnt that my tub needs at least x2 bathbombs for better effect as it's considered medium sized.

Having smooth skin, a more relaxed state of mind, this was definitely a long overdue soak i needed and i should do this once every 2 weeks or at least once a month!
Always telling myself that i can't afford to spend 30mins- 1 hour in the toilet pampering myself (my baths takes usually 5 minutes max) shows how much i've neglected my overall well-being as a person, it's like there is no life and work balance anymore these days. Thank you Wunderbath for making me realize that i needed to take a step back, to soak away my worries and relax sometimes when things starts to feel like crap.

Feel like having a good hot soak now? Complete it with Wunderbath's bathbombs or other skincare essentials that would leave you feeling all rejuvenated again :)

Black as my soul? 
Pretty much, more like black as my brutal honesty. 

More info on Wunderbath's shop do visit their official Facebook page: Wunderbath Co
Contact/ PM to order: 0169576432


Bubble Gum Wax Feature

Being extra hairy during pregnancy isn't something new to me anymore, caused by sudden changes of hormones (unbalanced) causing some women to be extra hairy than usual and at weird body parts too! How we all wished it was our scalp hair that grew more instead of the rest of our body lol. By default i know i am abit slight hairier that most people and comparing will all my ex-s think i have more body hair than them which is downright unfair because i'm a girl and yet i feel like a gorilla :-/
No, don't you guys dare to think about Harambe please lol.
During my 2nd trimester when i found out i was with my lil parasite already, i started noticing that the hair around my belly area became somewhat more prominent than usual but i didn't think too much about it till i started taking close up video shots of my belly trying to document lil parasite's movements but ended up seeing fuzzy distracting hair instead -_-

This was back in June, as the months passed it grew even more T_T

Yep, that did tick me off at one point because my stomach has always been hairless all this while and out of the blue it became the center of hair-ttention so i had to do something about it!
What's even worse when i found out i have to put my IPL membership with Musee on hold till after i finish breastfeeding, that would be like almost 2 years wei! As they do not allow pregnant customers to proceed with their hair removal services, at times like these how i thank the stars for having waxing parlors that doesn't turn away expecting customers ;_;
Thank you Bubble Gum Wax for encouraging expecting customers like us to feel confident again in our most vulnerable state!

If you are really conscious like me about body hair then having your legs spread open for the doctor during child birth must be really awkward with a bush in the middle lol and i swear never to go in like that without a wax first! Time to schedule another wax session for end of October before i am due in mid November XD
It's proven safe to wax up to the 9th month and you can start as early as the 3rd month onwards, so no reason for expecting mothers to go in full bush untrimmed and all (gross), practice a lil hygiene la while at the same time keep yourself well groomed ;)

Smooth belly all again!
The only hair you should have is on your head, the rest on your body is unnecessary with our Malaysian heat lol and trust me on the confidence part, especially when you just got your legs waxed, as wearing shorts and mini skirts feels x10000 times better without those pesky leg hairs, plus it would look slightly more fairer too.

Once you start waxing, you'll never go back because the smoothness is something you will get addicted to lol even had some friends who agreed on that. When you mention waxing, first thing that strikes a person's mind is the fear of "pain" which isn't at all that bad to be honest when you do it Bubble Gum wax as their trained staffs are really careful with the whole procedure making sure you have enjoyable experience all the way (compared to other places i've tried before), also they do give advises before waxing certain areas like mine especially since i am requesting to wax on stretched skin (the belly). I was told that there will be chances of pimples popping around the area but thank goodness it was just a couple of small ones which i can live with and never once had a problem with ingrown hair with BBW because the waxing was done properly.

For those who are new to waxing down there (i call them wax-virgins) Bubble Gum wax does have an introductory price for Brazilian wax (S) at only RM29!
As for Watsons card members, you are entitled to RM30 off when you flash your card or watsons phone app valid for redemption till 30th September only. Don't miss out this opportunity to save with Watsons and shed with Bubble Gum wax. More details can be found HERE

📍 BBGW Plaza Damas, KL +60125420662
📍 BBGW Casa Tropicana, PJ +60125573266
📍 BBGW USJ 10, Taipan +60172525770
📍 BBGW Ampang +60127769660

For updates on ongoing promotions and such, don't forget to like Bubble Gum Wax's Facebook page:


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