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【C'est La Mode [IT'S FASHION] Fashion Show】13 / 8 / 2011

C'est La Mode [IT'S FASHION] is the theme of Tunku Abdul Rahman
College Year 3 Diploma in Fashion Design Students Fashion Show which was held at TAR college itself outside Bangunan Tun Tan Siew Sin (Yes, its an outdoor event)
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* Credits to http://www.facebook.com/fashiontalkrap for the photo
Here is the list of aspiring young designers & their theme
Name: Bruce Liew
Theme: Autumn.
Description: Using the nature's colours in autumn such as harvest(golden yellow), and the fallen leaves from the trees.
He wishes his designs could relate to nature's beauty and also in attempt to create an awareness to save the earth.
Name: Alex Wong
Theme: Sparks of Contamination
Description: It's like a world without hopes. All is gone. Nothing's left but constant destruction and bad contamination. Despite that, people still live on with glamour. He uses a combination of scraps of lightings and junks to create sophisticated yet glamorous outifts.
Name: Genieve Lee
Theme: Memories
Description: Inspired by chandeliers and roses, she relates them with life's love, happiness and bitterness.
Name: Karethy Au Young
Theme: Goddess
Description: Inspired by the Greek Goddesses,her collection is a two-color combination of white and blue to represent the beauty of the ancient women.
Name: Rino Chan
Theme: Perchic
Description: Inspired by the 'Cavalli girl', his collection is a mixture of fun personality and chic look.
Name: CK
Theme: Lovish
Description: For those who still longs for the little princess bride dream, this collection is definitely to look out for as the color pink and white will be used to represent the sweet, dreamy, childhood days.
Name: Mei Ga
Theme: Gothic
Description: Incorporating the lace as the main fabric in her collection, Gothic is her inspiration with a touch of victorian aesthetics.
Black and white will be her choice of fabric colors.
Name: Sing Yi
Theme: Ballet Cygne Blanc
Description: Inspired by the lush and magnificent world of ballet, from storybook classics, to beloved characters. The costumes that adorn the little bodies of ballerinas are often meticulous works of art, with every detail carefully considered and they are some of the most beautiful pieces aside from couture. These pieces are artfully draped with tulle and organza to create a statement and a unique movement and fashioned a breathtaking female shape with the scattering of Swarovski crystals.
Name: Doris Tey
Theme: Safari
Description: This designer is the wild one with the killer instinct for quirky fashion sense. As an animal lover, her favorite is the leopard.
Name: Milky
Theme: Red Queen With the Power of Flower.
Description: The color red has always been in a woman's life as it represents feminity, romance, love, power and passion.
Name: Pawwen Phua
Theme: Maison de L'amour
Description: Also known to be as 'House of Pawwen', his collection tells about an undeparted woman who lives an unconventional love life.
Name: Joy Quek
Theme: Water Paradise
Description: Inspired by one of the elements of life, water, it represents a flow of movement and has a connection towards human spirituality. Different tones and types of fabrics are put to use to accentuate the silhouette and the motion of water. Her designs are elegant yet oozes the cool feel because of the blue hue.
Name: Denise Rose
Theme: Boreas
Description: Based on the Greek mythology, Boreas is the God of the North Wind. Each garment consists the elements of Boreas, from the beading details to the softness of the flowy fabrics. Each garments have a wing-shaped-like silhouette to represent women can be inferior and yet as fierce and strong as the wind.Beautiful satin and organza are used on both evening and casual wear. For the avant garde, you have to guess. Watch out for unique head gears designs and symbolized bead work on the garment.
Name: Michelle M
Theme: Flower Power
Description: Implementing different cutting and lots of flowers in her wedding dresses, she wishes to create a vintage and yet elegant collection.
Name: Phuna Yi
Theme: Judge
Description: Life can be deceiving, as the designer believes the quote, 'Do not judge a book by its cover', 'Be yourself, do not hide' can be represented by the masquerade and venetian influences into her designs.
Name: Candy L
Theme: Fighting Fish
Description: Inspired by the fighting fish, each garments represents beauty and demure of the colorful fighting fish. It brings out the beauty from the inside and the outside. The designer's intention is to show women that they can be independent by showing their true colors.
Name: Evonne C
Theme: Devilish Beauty
Description: 'When you start thinking about all your dreams coming true, just remember, some of your nightmares did either'.
Her collection is inspired by the evil queen, a cynical woman that lies the beauty within her.
Name: AJNH (Amelia Justina Ng-Hao)
Theme: Transition
Description: Inspired by several concepts made into one collection, one of it is the famous russian orthodox church, St. Basil Church for its unique influence of the dome-shaped like building architecture. With different textures and details carved into this particular church, softer elements such as lace is used to define a feminist who is strong from the structures of the church and yet has a soft side of her that brings a balance of women nowadays. Leather fabric is also used to carve into state-of-the-art details from the inside building, a perfect tool to bring out the hard and soft side of a woman. The word transition is used to define this collection as to show that women are no longer inferior, but superior grown from the days that women are treated as slaves and lower class in the society.
Name: Marika
Description: MUSH - MUSHROOM ; RIKA - MARIKA. A girl who named Marika loves mushroom very much. She decided to implement mushroom to her very first collection.
Name: Shirley L
Theme: L'amour de Amant
Description: Inspired by the big bow/ribbon which can represent the feeling of loveliness. Another way to look on the ribbon that it looks like a butterfly and like angel, flying everywhere to spread the lovely and sweetest moments.
Name: Deepa S
Theme: Rock&Roll
Description: 'If its illegal to Rock 'n' Roll throw my ass in jail'. - Kunt Cobain
Name: Pei Ji
Theme: Cheong-sam
Description: Her inspiration comes from the chinese dress-cheong sam. Cheong sam is a traditional clothing and she wishes to transform it to be a more fashionable and worn as an in-trend outfit. Black and purple are the main colors in her designs as she wants to create a sense of mystery within a lady's beauty.
Name: Janet Jia
Theme: Orientalism
Description: Inspired by the oriental empresses, she wishes to embrace the beauty and also the confidence and forceful authority of an empress.
Name: Vyonne Tan
Theme: Osiris
Description: Inspired by the Egyptian God of Death, aka Osiris for its frightening figure but yet majestic look which makes him stand out.

Helpers that made this event possible : DFD1 & DFD2

A Big thank you to all our supportive guest that came to support this event, even though it was raining & we lack of seats .

Group Photo by Sugee Wee. Thanks dear! :)

Our Graduated senior (2010) Margiela Wei Xin Came to support as well! :)
The amazing runway

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