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PeriPera Cosmetics: FROZEN edition

Okay, i know it's rather random of me to suddenly pop out with this blogpost but i cant help sharing this excitement with you girls espcially those who adores FROZEN like me and has plans of cosplaying Elsa or Anna near future.
You might want to consider getting these range from PeriPera! I remember sharing a photo of it on my wall a few months ago and i can't believe it has reached our shores *YAY!*
First of all, no i am not sponsored to do this. Just sharing the good news ;-)

I know that i have too many cosmetics already but i can't help myself from wanting this oTL
Who can resists such cute packaging? I know i can't lol <--sucker for cute stuff
They always says that packaging plays a huge part in marketing a product, can't deny that because it's so TRUEEEEEEEEEEEEE!

This was just one of my random moments as i was browsing through Watsons in Pavilion, so lucky to came across this *hearts*
Think i spent an embarrassing amount of time taking pictures and swatches (lol wtf) but who cares because i love you guys so much so i want to share this discovery with you all.

As for their Eye-shadow i am not sure about their lasting power but judging from the brand and it's reputation i guess it's worth giving a try. Koreans and Japanese really know their stuffs when it comes to cosmetics, so it would be an insult to doubt them lol.

No.1 Let It Go

Can't get enough of these inspired colours from my favourite Disney movie, from their eyeshadow to their lip glosses. But too bad their eyeliners haven't been released yet if not i could have gotten some swatches too. 
Totally find this an adorable yet suitable gift make up set for sisters, omgosh~ this totally gave me an idea on what to get as Christmas presents liao*.

*China-man slang

No.2 I'm Happy, Kristoff

Love Anna's shades because they look so wearable for daily use, especially that bronze.

Colours are pretty vibrant and pigmented, exactly the shades you need if you want to achieve either one of the FROZEN sisters look. 
Not forgetting it's pretty shimmery, no matte colours ladies.

I still find it funny and odd on how they label their eyeshadows lol- 'Tap Tap 3 Eye'

  • No. 1 Let It Go
  • No.2  I'm Happy, Kristoff
Price:  RM59.90 each

Their Lip gloss tint is available in 2 colours
  • Pink Cranberry (Elsa)
  • Coral Up (Anna)
Price: RM35.90 each

Just a little warning on the lip glosses, they have super lasting colour so don't expect them to just fade off without leaving any traces behind :-P
Can't believe my hand was stained even though i only applied them on for less than 2 minutes to take pictures.

Their cute compact 'PRIDE UP' Face powder, with Olaf designs on them (inside & out)  is also available in 2 shades but it's pretty much for fair skinned people, to be honest i also find them kinda white for my liking but when you cosplay the fairer is always better right? Lol.

'Hi, I am Olaf and I like Warm Hugs!'
  • Peach Beige (considered fair)
  • Vanilla Beige (this is the fairest!)

Price: RM69.90 each

Apparently Watsons is having a "Collect & Redeem"  contest upon purchase of PeriPera x Frozen cosmetics.
Includes getting a free Olaf cosmetic bag too- which i so badly want! Lol, i mean who doesn't want Olaf?
Hope this post has gotten you girls as excited as i am. Peripera is available at all Watsons Malaysia but since this is a limited edition range, i think only selected Watsons would carry this.

You can check out my FROZEN tutorials here to achieve either Elsa or Anna look using PeriPera:

PeriPeraMalaysia: https://www.facebook.com/PeriperaMalaysia
Watsons Malaysia: https://www.facebook.com/watsonsmalaysia



  1. Love your cosplay pictures with PeriPera makeup on <3

  2. Thank you for this, I saw this too and was so totally attracted to their packaging! xx

    lany from


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