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Uber Experience

For those who have seen my recent facebook or twitter post regarding for incompetent my driver was by taking me for almost an hour circled ride around Damansara area when my initial destination was only less than 10 minutes walking distance.
You would comment that why am i dumb not to walk instead, could have easily save money and less stress right?

But you guys are wrong, yes i have an insane reputation for walking almost everywhere regardless to work or events..etc.
What to do especially when i do not own a car and taking the usual red cabs would have easily costs me a bomb for such a short distance. I admit that i can be pretty anal about spending much on taxi rides because it's seriously just not worth paying that much.

Faith in Uber. That is why i still use their services though their drivers, especially their UberX have drove me up the wall many times (obvious rants on my facebook lol) to the point of me wanting to just tear out my hair =.=
Deep down, we are all humans. We make mistakes, but sometimes it just can't be helped when you are working in a service line like Uber with a reputable reputation, there is an expectation at stake here and your driver so happens to screw your trip over.
Wouldn't that make you annoyed too?

My first few earlier rides with Uber (Black) was rather pleasant, though it's rather costly compared to UberX.
When UberX services was first established about 2-3 months ago, i thought that was a great idea because at least we can still use their services without having to pay a bomb and getting ourselves all irritated with our unreliable taxi drivers, seriously these guys are just plain lazy as hell.

Spotted this taxi driver trying to haggle these poor foreign couple outside Sunway Pyramid.

That's when it got out of hand, every single trip i've requested using UberX it's pretty obvious their drivers have no knowledge on the roads and that is pretty embarrassing is your job is to driver customers to their destinations.
I myself as a customer wouldn't know the roads that is why i called your service, if i have known the location it would make your job easier la.
But unfortunately i don't, that is where you as a driver for Uber are supposed to use your GPS/ Google Maps, Waze or whatever map route devices that your company has provided for you.

This isn't the first time, but then again after all that complaining deep down i understand that they are new as well and they need their chance to explore their jobscope.
One thing i like about Uber is their customer service.  If you are not satisfied with your driver's attitude or their services, all you have to do is leave a poor rate and feedback.
With that their Customer service will instantly get back to you to solve the problem (within 24 hours too!)

We understand their motto is to serve us customers better and they are definitely improving themselves through our feedbacks, that is why it's very important for us as customers to let them know what other areas need fixing..etc.

Here are some screenshots about my unfortunate trip using UberX last weekend and look who came to the rescue! :)
Thank you so much Uber team.
They even corrected my fees and refunded the balance to my account. First time ever encountered something like this and i really didn't expect them to issue out a refund.

Glad to know at least they are a reliable company, and it would definitely be a shame for them to loose their license in Malaysia all because the local Taxi operations don't like them :-/
Well, for a START dear lazy taxi drivers, please get yourselves educated and civilized first before working as a taxi driver.
After hearing so many cases of rape, robbery and other crimes committed by our very own taxi drivers how do you as a local civilian would feel upon hailing down a taxi?
Afraid I am sure.

Ever since with Uber's services, it has eliminated my fear that has long haunted me (on taking cabs).
Don't you all agree too?
The world would be a much safer place with such reliable drivers like Uber :)
So will you guys join the rest of us Malaysians in supporting #UberMY, let your decisions ring loud and clear in the ears of the government.




  1. thanks for the review, i would like to use Uber service liao~

    (A Growing Teenager Diary Malaysia)

    1. You should! :)
      It's worth a try, here use my code to get RM30 credit for your first ride : woaep


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