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Sugao Airfit CC Cream Review

I am always excited and inspired to write whenever it comes to reviewing Japanese brand products or anything related to Japan lol/ kena shot.
Just kidding! Wait..i am serious when i said that :-P
About 2 months ago my manager-san came back from his workplace, Japan and brought along a surprise which was unexpected as usual if don't really expect any souvenirs from friends whenever they travel @_@ Unless they want to la.

The make up trend is called the 'no make up' look but actually you are wearing make up lol the irony haha!

Manager-san is indeed a true genius when it comes to knowing everything about a girl, from how to dress/style them to even selecting the suitable kind of make up for their features. 
He does it so often for all his race queens in Japan, that is why he is super familiar with all the girl stuff. Personally I feel so embarrass that even i don't know myself that well and it takes me quite some time just to choose the proper shade of foundation, eyeshadow or lipstick.

From his usual visit to the cosmetic drug store, he is very well aware of the best sellers and highly recommends me with all kinds of products that sadly we are unable to obtain here locally. Sucks i know.
To be honest, if you were to ask me the difference between BB cream and CC cream, i wouldn't be able to answer you lol, in fact i would tell you to go google instead.
This particular brand of CC cream called 'SUGAO', is one of the best of the best CC cream there is in the Asian market today, can't say much about western because i am not very familiar with their products.

Without CC cream, you can see my visible pores and skin redness.

See how much difference the CC cream makes, though it's not much like the usual thick foundations and concealers but at least it's a great alternative to have a fresh 'natural' look without looking too sickly with my usual skin condition (especially the panda eyes lol)

Designed and specially formulated for Asian skin, Sugao CC cream has a high reputation in giving Japanese girls the natural daily look without putting on too much make up.
The CC cream itself is already called 'AirFit' so that explains why it is the really smooth and blends easily with hand or brush application.
Heck, it is so lightweight that you barely feel like you are wearing anything on your skin and i am not kidding.
Feels like i am walking out of the house with a naked face but in fact, it has enough coverage to even out my uneven skin tone and cover up my eyebags/pimples.

High in SPF23/PA+++, so you don't need to worry about forgetting to apply sunblock, just do your usual skin regime and apply the CC cream.

No filter, just good sunlight and Sugao CC cream (◍•ᴗ•◍)❤

Best darn ever product i have in my cosmetic box, all thanks to manager-san! How i do wish they sell it here in Malaysia, if not i might have to get my friends in Japan to help me buy them from time to time *sobs*.
Somehow Sugao's CC cream texture strongly reminded of Benefit's POREffesional make up base in away, the blending also works similarly but with POREffesional you don't get any coverage or whatsoever as it's just a make up base to give you a smooth surface to work on.

With Sugao's CC cream, i don't even need to use any base for it to last the whole day, it's like base+ foundation + sunblock in one tube.
Hope this review is super helpful for you girls looking for a light and long lasting CC cream and so happen to being going to Japan soon. Just add this on your 'to get' list ;-)



  1. this is one marvelous CC cream! i'll go and ask my friend studying in Japan if she's coming back anytime soon, wanna kirim from her :D

    1. You should babe! It's also super affordable :)


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