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[REVIEW] Innisfree Green Tea Seed Serum

Moisturisers. That's today's topic that i am going to review Korea's No.1 moisture essence by Innisfree. Always never knew what they were for, but seriously can't be ignorant anymore as i get older and my skin condition starts to mess with me on my most important days like before an event, a photoshoot or anytime i just want to wear make up =_=
How am i supposed to walk around bare-faced with flakes of skin sticking out all over my face, that is seriously uncool man.

But yea, You all know my skincare regime is no secret. It's just face wash, dry & done. No toner, moisturiser or even sunblock which is actually crucial for us Malaysians due to our exotic climate lol. When i was younger, whenever i get problems like dry skin/ flaking i would just brush it off as a small matter and continue to pluck those irritating dried bits of skin, pretty sure most of you would do that as well :-P


That was like 2 years ago and lately i've noticed my skin tends to rebel against me as i got older (signs of ageing!) this is the time where i should pay more attention to my skin rather than neglecting it haha! 
And yea...... now i actually decided to tryout all those skincare products available in the market (Guardian/ watsons) and not many brands agree with my skin (sensitive) but those where the ones that are usually "student budget friendly" la XD 

Many of my friends who does beauty blogging recommended may types of brands according to budget but i just can't seem to decide which to pick lol, sorry for being fickle but then last month after attending the Innisfree Festa 2015 (read: HERE) where International Ambassador, Lee Min Ho was present during the Q&A, sharing session about how he actually manages to keep his skin in tip top condition though he is constantly travelling alot.

I super jelly of guys who have better skin condition than me wei... i can actually name a handful of guy friends i have who have baby butt face skin lol.
At first i thought this was just one of those Korean Beauty product hypes that would eventually die down like, Etude House or Nature Republic <-- examples la!

Ever since their recent first store launch in Sunway Pyramid Shopping Mall last December, they hype hasn't seem to die down just yet which was kinda surprising for me. Guess those who are loyal users of Innisfree brand can finally have access to them in Malaysia rather than stocking up on their visit to Korea or shipping them in with overpriced couriers. 

Also so many raves and reviews being posted up on blogs/ websites, that really convinced me to give Innisfree's best seller Green Tea Seed Serum a try and no regrets even since. Not only it keep my skin hydrated and supple, it also evens out my skin tone giving a healthy glow whenever i chose to go make-up less. Been using it every morning & night before i go to sleep for a month now, so far my dried flaky skin woes has lessen tremendously.

No filter, edits or even make up. Just natural window day-lighting.

From a person who can't be bothered to use moisturiser everyday, now i am using this product religiously! Never expect instant results from this serum, now it is a must have essential item before i apply my cosplay make up as those thick powders tend to suck the moisture out of my skin leaving it super dry afterwards.

 Not even shy to go out bare faced anymore~ ~  All i need is to fill in my eyebrows so i don't scare kids away when i do grocery shopping XD

Pretty cool huh?

Makes me want to visit their factory in Jeju Island even more, do hope to see Jeju island's nature beauty one day :D

So for those looking to try out new organic beauty products can go ahead a give Innisfree a try, HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!
First and foremost i support their brand as their are main motto is making the world a greener place by making safer methods that are less harmful to their precious Jeju Island that is their main location where their freshest ingredients are derived from.

As for this serum it's full size is 80ml, which makes it travel friendly and priced at only RM80. For everyday usage (morning & night) it should last around 4-5 months which is pretty reasonable if you were to do some maths calculation here (RM80/5 months= RM16 only!)
2 pumps is enough to cover your entire face & neck area without living any sticky or oily residues

Green Tea Seed Serum 
"A moisturising serum with 100% fresh jeju green tea to keep skin clean
and moisturised from deep within."
80ml (full size) 
Price: RM90
What are your skin concerns? Drop me a comment, so i can recommend you girls & guys a suitable range from Innisfree without burning a hole in your wallet ;-)
Feel free to drop by for a skin consultation at Innisfree, Sunway pyramid to see which product suits your needs.

Innisfree Malaysia
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/innisfreeMYS
Website: http://global.innisfree.co.kr/global/en/eng_main.jsp

Lot G1.130A, Ground Floor,
Sunway Pyramid Shopping Mall,
Bandar Sunway, Selangor**

** Same floor as Sephora, opposite Papa John's


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  1. hi =) i'm hany. i have small pimples on my forehead and nose and oily skin. It's like small swell and it's colour just like my skin. i tried many produts but does not work for me. any recomendations?


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