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My name is Arisa and was a cosplayer for 12 years in Malaysia before settling down in Kyoto, Japan. Exploring Japan full time has been a long time dream of mine, so let's explore it together!
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IPL Bubblegum Wax @ Casa Tropicanna

Last month was invited over to witness Bubblegum's launch of their 2nd branch at Casa Tropicana (above 7-eleven), a big congratulations to them as they keep expanding.
Ever wonder why their name is "BUBBLEGUM"? 
It's because the wax method they used has the elasticity of a bubble gum, geddit? :-P

Their second outlet concept is really cool and vintage which reminds me of those early 80s and 90s Brooklyn style, so if if so happen to book an appointment there make sure to pose for a vintage picture with their brick wall. It's definitely instagram worthy i tell ya~ Also hashtag them #BubblegumWax to get spotted by them ;-)

How many of you actually heard of IPL treatment? Because i know i haven't lol many assumed i would have known tons regarding the beauty industry just because i blog but reality hits i know almost NOTHING about it as new stuff keeps on coming up every month and i can't seem to catch up like i used to >////<  *hides in corner*
Maybe sign of old age liao lol, but yea ask me about fabrics & cosmetics that i ensure you i can answer XD

comfy waiting area for guys if you are accompanying your other half to the treatment. 

Okay..out as topic as usual *slaps self* IPL treatment is something new to me though i have been exposed to Brazilian wax 4 years ago but lemme share with you this to mentally prepare yourselves for it girls :-P

IPL treatment by Bubblegum Wax is a permanent hair removal solution for ladies depending on which parts you want, that could be upper lip, legs, hands & your lady parts (yes i said it, so deal with it). But before jumping with joy this treatment requires a few treatments before results can be permanent as it is also based on individual's hormones.

Make sure to shave the area you want to go for IPL treatments 1 day before your appointment, and make sure you are not menstruating ya girls (for those doing Brazilian) as you are currently at your sensitive period (damn you puns! It's meant as "Duration"not blood lol).

Frequent Questions Asked

1.  I am a first timer for IPL treatments, will it be painful?                                                             
I would be lying if i said "Nope" but mostly you would just feel a sting like a fire ant bite for areas where your hair are most stubborn other than that you won't feel much.

2.  What is IPL?
Something like a laser treatment that zaps all your unwanted hair out lol obviously in my own explanation la~ 

3.  What to expect?
Smooth hair free areas for up to 1-2 weeks and after that when the hair starts growing again it is noticeable-y finer and lesser (in my experience) and the hairs even drops off by themselves too.
How many follow ups must i attend before obtaining satisfying results?
Like i mentioned previously, depending on individual hormones :) Some only need 2-3 treatments before achieving permanent results (lucky them). 

4.  How much is the IPL treatment?
Ranges from depending on parts treated, but no worries they have superb savings package deals worth signing up for.
First time (1 session) treatments:  RM86- RM1166 (female)                                     RM266- RM1566 (Male)

5.  How long is each session?
Honestly, i personally thought it was gonna take an hour or so but in fact for Brazilian it only took 30 minutes

Seriously this is like the first & only place that actually provides hair removal treatments (Brazilian) for male because most places would only do underarms & legs lol.
But fret not if you are a wax virgin (first timer) because there is a great trial promotion for all you girls.

Get your first Brazilian BubbleGum Wax for only RM28++ (not applicable for IPL treatments)
To ALL MALE CUSTOMERS, they also have promotions for you too!
Boyzilian wax - RM59 only
Chest & Stomach - RM59 only

Hurry up and call to fix an appointment with us! T&C apply

Plaza Damas outlet
call : +603-62115038/39
sms : +6012-5420662

Casa Tropicana outlet
call : +603-78870669
sms : +60125573266


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  1. Love your post. This treatment may help all the women who cannot deal with the painful waxing. I do not know if it is medically approved because dealing with lasers can be scary.


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