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My name is Arisa and was a cosplayer for 12 years in Malaysia before settling down in Kyoto, Japan. Exploring Japan full time has been a long time dream of mine, so let's explore it together!
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Hello Kitty Invades 'Oui, Ayano Ruban' & ' Keio Plaza Hotel'

Can’t believe it’s been a year since my last meet up with Chie-san & Hiromi-san from Tokyo Luxey as they make their annual meet ups in the Asian region like Thailand, Singapore, etc.
Glad that Malaysia was considered one of the meet up places if not we have to travel down to our neighbour country Singapore just to join their exciting activities :)

Before that I couldn’t believe I got myself stuck in a stairwell for an hour + (more than 60mins), I couldn’t contact anyone as my signal was pretty bad there and I have no idea which stairwell I was stuck at TT__TT
Could say that was the scariest moment of my entire life, pounding on the doors that could only be opened from the outside at EVERY floor. Hate door designs that way, it’s like a frigging mouse trap just waiting to activate on unsuspecting victims like me. Well would love to share more about that traumatizing moments but I shall leave that to another blogpost. Thank you Hiromi-san for calling the building security though they didn’t know what to do as they couldn’t understand me nor Hiromi-san oTL

Thank God, after getting out from that horrible prison stairwell thanks to あなた who found me after everyone couldn't.
Actually this year I wasn’t expecting but the usual of new releases on the latest Japanese cosmetics & beauty brands that Chie-san introduced to us last year but during our current meeting she revealed even more exciting news on their latest Tokyo Luxey project for 2015!

It’s gotta do with travelling to Japan *sequels*

Yes, I am pretty much easily excited with the plan of travelling overseas as I have only sat on the place once last year to #AmazingThailand (blogpost link)
And to make things even more interesting Chie-san said this plan is already progressing, just waiting for certain collaboration approvals from the airlines :-)
This year’s mission is definitely to be more adventurous and come out from my comfort zone for my blog, so it’s gonna be lesser on beauty and more of cosplay, travel & health.

Who here is a fan of Hello Kitty? *waves hand*

I in general love Sanrio designs since I was a kid, so denying Hello Kitty from my life would be denying my childhood lol. Though I have seen many places sprouting out theme parks or Café inspired by Hello Kitty over the recent years but never once I have heard of a specially themed Hello Kitty Hotel room which is the one and only concept in Keio Plaza Hotel, located near Shibuya, Japan (city central area)

It's not like your usual Hello Kitty Theme park hotels, in fact there is only 2 rooms in the entire Keio Plaza Hotel available for advance booking, with furnitures, wallpapers and bedsheets all inspired my Sanrio town. Imagine living in Hello Kitty's world, that is what greets you in that special room and also food served to your room are inspired by Hello Kitty. I could imagine hardcore fans of this inspirational cat (or girl) would love to experience living in this place at least once and if i do actually get to visit the place one day i would make sure do dress demurely like hello kitty everyday just to suit the entire theme XD

If you are cracking your heads on celebrating a special friend's birthday or hosting a bachelorette party for someone who adores Sanrio, Keio Plaza Hotel might just have the answer for you girls ;-)
Also from 1st February onwards Keio Plaza Hotel will be having their Hinamatsuri Girl's Festival accompanied with beautiful traditional doll displays, something you wouldn't want to miss out if you are planning to travel to Japan this month.

 To make reservations/ bookings feel free to contact them on their website.
Hello Kitty room: http://www.keioplaza.co.jp/stay/sanrio_en.html

Keio Plaza Hotel Tokyo
2-2-1 Nishi-Shinjuku, Shinjuku-Ku, Tokyo
160-8330 Japan.
Tel:+81 3 3344 0111
Fax:+81 3 3345 8269

Website: http://www.keioplaza.com/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/keioplazahotel.en

Also knowing other recent collaborations that have taken the Japanese Fashion market by storm is “Oui, Ayano Ruban” which is inspired solely on the concept of Hello Kitty’s trademark colours & with a slight unique twist to her trademark ribbon.

We all know how Japanese girls, love their sweet dolly and princess like designs that is why “Oui, Ayano Ruban” made no exceptions by blending a hint of European Fashion (Topshop, H&M, Miss Selfridge, etc) with their trademark Asian bold prints based on Hello Kitty.

Though I am a fan of Liz Liza (another well known local Japanese fashion brand) but it’s for only certain clothing designs, when it comes to most of their loli/ frilly doll like looking dresses, it’s something I can never pull off as it is just not my style (unless I doll up & wear a wig la lol).

But with “Oui, Ayano Ruban” designs, a slightly more modernized (less frills), playful and more edgy collection which clearly shouts “SO ME!” something like EMODA brand.
Oversized sweater dresses, coats and even
After seeing the few pieces that Chie-san & Hiromi-san brought over from Japan for the meet up, I couldn’t help falling in love with all of “Oui, Ayano Ruban’s” designs. Really one of a kind and the best part its affordable branded goods.

Those huge ribbons are in fact clutches!

I am not kidding you when most people say shopping big fashion brands in Japan can be quite expensive but for now “Oui, Ayano Ruban” is having some clearance sale on some of their Hello Kitty collections, for which Tokyo Luxey can help you purchase the products on your behalf (in Japan) and deliver them to you.

Most items introduced by Tokyo Luxey can actually be gotten through them as they act like our Japan representatives/ shopper, that way you can save a lot on your shipping fees if you are buying in bulk too.
Tokyo Luxey sounds like a fun and interesting community no? Come sign up and join us today on a journey of beauty, fashion and travelling!
Sign Up here: https://member.tokyoluxey.com/afi.php?com=form

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/tokyoluxey
Website: http://www.tokyoluxey.com/



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