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Detox week with Fresh Code

Holla dearies! Sorry been quite lately due to rushing lots of work/ sewing and just moved house over the weekend @_@
Been meaning to post this up earlier but yea, internet was kinda laggy~ Any ways Chinese New Year is just one week away, have you guys achieved your "ideal" weight yet? :-)

Chinese New Year is just a week away and we are all still feeling guilty from Christmas and New Year’s indulgence imagine how hard it is to get back in shape after being in the holiday mood, I don’t deny having that feeling too. After weeks of good food and skipping gym sessions for the month of December getting my ass back into my gym routine is definitely tiring.
Yes, we GAIN weight and lose our stamina lol but what other ways then to flush out all our toxins and re-energising our bodies back to our gym routine?

Everyone’s resolution yearly would be “ starting a healthy lifestyle” but how many of you actually hold up to it till the end of the year 2015? :-P Hardly I am guessing, if you guys are confident that you can then kudos and keep up the good job.
How about the rest of you? :-P

As a picky health eater, throughout my anorexia journey I have learnt many things about our food especially those bought readily processed. You will be surprised how many of them claim to be “Low-Fat”, Sugarless or Low Sodium but sneakily add in more stuff that are actually contributing to your health problems and weight loss.

Image Credits via google 

Especially when it comes to those bottled fruit juices sold in stores and café, many claimed to be “Fresh and Artificial Sugar-Free” but how “Fresh and Artificial Sugar-Free” is it actually is? How many wouldn't hide the fact that they personally do not know the contents on their products but told to sell by their distributors as “Fresh Juice”.
Everyone knows that juices loses its optimum nutrients when exposed too long, that is why upon juicing them it is best consumed within 10-15 minutes or the nutrients will start to experience degradation but no worries that won’t affect the taste of your juices just you won’t be getting the nutrient contents your were hoping.

photo credits to http://www.christyng.com/

That’s why when I first heard of Fresh Code’s 1 week detox program that uses Frozen Packs of juices to be easily brought home by customers and consumed accordingly for 1 week I was kinda puzzled on how did they manage to retain its freshness and nutrients especially when it should be by right have been destroyed during the factory processes.
But during the meet up with their general manager of Fresh Code he explained and clarified my doubts above J

Have to graciously thank Promozy Communications and Fresh Code for the generous invitation especially on helping me kickstart my “to be EXTRA healthier”2015 resolution. Here is a brief introduction that can be found on their facebook/ website but to make it easier for my readers I shall put them here directly in this blogpost.

How Fresh is Fresh?
At Frescode, we make sure our fully ripened fruits are selected from the best orchards. Once the fruits been harvested, they will be extracted into juice not later than six (6) hours. The juice will be pasteurized using HPP technology where more than 90% of microbes been eliminated. HPP juice is well kept under -18 °C frozen warehouse and be delivered using reefer chain all the way to Malaysia. The whole process is free from preservative!

About Our “CODE”At Freshcode, all our juice carry a specific healthy code. For instance, Berry Blast 6836 means a cup of Berry Blast contains 68 berries and it has 36 nutrients beneficial to the human body. Our HPP juice is without preservatives. Artificial colour or flavour, it is truly pure & natural

Started my first day on 5th Jan 2015 with Green Miracle by defrosting it the fridge overnight, all of them are stored in the freezer in order to preserve their nutrients. Takes about 6-8 hours for it to defrost but if you are taking it early in the morning, expect this juice to be like crushed ice fruit juice lol

Each packet of juice is enough to be consumed 3 times a day (300ml-400ml) before each meal. But from my experience of consuming this smoothie like juices for breakfast it is enough to keep me full almost before every meal, helping me to curb with my big appetite and sweet tooth (for fruits especially those with high sugar content like figs, grapes, dates..etc).

Hence my eating portions became slightly smaller but there were no changes in the food consumed or my daily lifestyle. I still eat healthily, no processed/ oily food and do my weekly exercises but somewhat though my food consumption is smaller but it doesn’t affect my energy level, in fact I feel even more energetic and less sluggish while having my gym sessions :D

Monday (5/1/15): Green Miracle
The first day of this detox program requires you to forgo any kind of caffeine (especially coffee) as you want to clear your system to give your body the jumpstart. Trust me with Green Miracle you wouldn’t even need coffee to stay awake lol! It has quite a unique taste but I am pretty sure there is celery in there. But to me, after drinking one glass (300-400ml) it’s actually enough to keep my stomach full till it’s lunch (12-1pm) but if you are really hungry you can grab a quite healthy snack such as an apple or yogurt J
**No Coffee for today
Tuesday (6/1/15): High Fiber Pineapple (personally my fav!)
Phew, first day wasn’t so bad though the taste was “unique” :P but seriously after the 3rd helping for dinner I somewhat grew to like Green Miracle XD Of all the entire juices, pineapple is my favourite because it’s taste is so rich with well ripe and fresh pineapples squeezed using their HHP method with no added sugar or water, 100% pure cold pressed pineapples.

See? Even tessa at the background smacking her lips :-P

Wednesday (7/1/15):  Passion Juice
This juice was really..really sour lol, never knew highly concentrated passion juice was this sour! That means all these while I’ve been consuming “fresh” passion juice with added artificial sugar *gasps*. But through this program you would actually learn how a REAL fruit juice taste like fresh from the farm.

Thursday (8/1/15) : Soursop Juice
My only remark on this juice is, not recommended for the weak stomach ;-) Soursop juice (more like smoothie) was really thick and heavy which kinda made my stomach upset the whole day. But if you are a huge soursop fan, you might love the authentic taste.
Friday (9/1/15): MultiFruit Vital
MultiFruit Vital would be my 2nd favourite juice from this 7 day detox program as this has a mix of all kinds of fruits which makes it really refreshing & yummy while having a slight tinge our sweet & sour fused together (def’ has pineapples). Somehow this drink was enough for 4 servings or maybe my glass was too small lol.

Saturday (10/1/15): Mango Juice
Mango juice was rather thick (I mean really thick) like yogurt kind of thickness XD Mango are considered one of the high sugar/ starchy content fruits which was clearly avoided for the past 5 days in order to clean out our system but on the 6th day we can start to enjoy our “cheat meals” or even treat ourselves for a nice dinner without feeling so guilty.

Sunday (11/1/15): Lychee Juice
I never knew PURE lychee juice tasted like this, seriously! The only time I have ever seen a lychee is from the can in the supermarket. I’ve seen rambutans, langsat but never once a lychee lol for those curious like me this is definitely worth giving a try J The other option available for the 7th day program I Durian juice (mixed with low-fat milk) but sorry I am NOT a fan of durians lol ßofficially not Malaysian XD

At the end of this 7 day program significantly lost 2kg and maintained till today, that was because of my consistent bowel movements (2-3 times a day!) which was rather surprising as I usually suffer from constipation daily. Please note that this is not a weight loss program but more of a program of cleaning your colon to get you kick-started for a healthier living.

So if you guys are really determine to start your healthy lifestyle changes, take small steps like this 1 
week detox program from Fresh Code first:)

Prices ranges RM20- RM38 per bag (depending on fruits) 
Per Carton- 6 kg  (6 days supply)
Starts from RM120 - RM228


No. 23 Jalan SS21/37 Damansara Utama (Uptown)
Petaling Jaya, Malaysia

03-7731 7628

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