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If you are in for an adventure paired with lengthy, quirky, brutal honest thoughts then you are in the right place.

My name is Arisa and was a cosplayer for 12 years in Malaysia before settling down in Kyoto, Japan. Exploring Japan full time has been a long time dream of mine, so let's explore it together!
For sponsorship, collaborations and engagements: arisa1443@gmail.com

Shop & Ship Service: Cosplayer’s BBF

I’ve always had trouble purchasing my wigs and materials online as they do no ship to places like Malaysia, the closest is usually Singapore which would still be troublesome for my Friend in Singapore to help me collect and post it all the way to KL. Sounds really inconvenient, YES IT IS!

But recently I found a courier company that provides me with my very own shipping addresses for different countries so when purchasing stuff from places like Amazon, I can save a lot on the shipping fees by sending them over to the nearest country or within the origin of the location I purchased it from.

Most of the times whenever i would like to get something from Amazon, the price of the shipping from the designated location to Malaysia (Selangor) would cost more than the item itself, I myself even experienced RM200 shipping fee charges before, nearly vomit blood lol.

Thinking of all the shopping possibilities that I am able to purchase from got me over the moon, especially on Etsy because there are just so many pretty and unique handmade stuffs there.
Been eyeing a few stuff from there for quite some time and the only drawback we Malaysians usually face is the insane shipping charges. Yea we might live in the middle of the equator of the world where we are free from hurricanes and volcanoes but what good is that when we can’t get anything sent in without throat slighting prices? *sobs*

As Aramex rates varies from different countries but categorized into two (2) zones for easier shipping estimation. Shipping fees are calculated on the total weight of the shipments.
How does it work?
Example 1: ZONE 1 (UK) à Malaysia = RM45 (<500g)
Example 2: ZONE 2 (India) à Malaysia = RM33.77 (<500g)
US, UK, China, Hong Kong, South Africa, Germany , Italy, Spain, France, Singapore and Canada
First Half Kilo
Additional Half Kilo

Countries:  Turkey, UAE and India.
First Half Kilo
Additional Half Kilo

From my latest instagram post you would have noticed my lovely wig from taobao (shanghai) & prop from Amazon just in time for Comicfiesta this year. To make things even more YOLO I decided to order them in December itself about exactly 20 days away from CF. This is something none of us cosplayers have attempted before as express delivery usually costs x2 times more than the average shipping but thanks to Aramex fast service and affordable rates my wig arrived earlier than I expected (also without blowing a hole in my wallet)!

Ignore #TessaTheBorderCollie behind lol.

Register with your details and an account activation code will be emailed to you to verify.
Fill in your personal information & save your details, from there it will lead you directly to their payment page where you have to available payment options of either Paypal or credit card. HOLD IT..Don’t close this post yet lol,
As a reward for all my dear readers Shop and Ship and I have collaborated to give you guys a FREE LIFETIME membership worth USD45 (MYR156) to enjoy all their services. FOC without any hidden charges.T
Upon clicking “Checkout” you will be brought to the following page where your active account name/ addresses assigned to you.
Remember just to key in this code for a FREE lifetime membership: 100SNSFREE10

The only costs you have to pay is when your items arrived at your designated worldwide SNS addresses and ready to be sent to your address in Malaysia. Once your items arrive, you will receive a notification update (email/SMS) on your goods being at their warehouse before they dispatch it.
The only thing we can’t control is the consolidations (accumulation of parcels) in our respective SNS addresses before sending it out all at one go to Malaysia. As their couriers collect them twice a week so there won’t be any delays in delivery which is a great thing if you need the items urgently. But that also varies from country to country, so far all my parcels that arrived in New York were dispatched to Malaysia within 2-3 days max.


 I’ve also made a layout flow on my order for you guys to get a clearer picture on how fast this courier system works. All done within a week, still find it unbelievable as most courier services would have delayed their shipments since its year end and most places are having holidays.

Order Date: 5/ 12/ 14 Friday)
 (From Taobao & Amazon)
Arrival @ SNS Warehouse:
Taobao (Shanghai): 9/12/14
Amazon (NY): 9/12/14
Dispatch from SNS Warehouse to Aramex Malaysia
NY – MY: 12/12/14
SH – MY: 13/12/14
Arrival @ Aramax Malaysia

15/12/14 (Monday)

Aramax Malaysia to My House (PJ)

16/12/14 (Tuesday)

And when all items are in Aramex Malaysia’s HQ, you will receive a call from them to arrange a suitable date for your package delivery, now that’s what I call COVENIENT. Why can’t all courier companies take the courtesy to check with the receiver on a delivery date and time rather than just suddenly showing up at our doorstep when we are not at home ==
That is really frustrating as you might need to call to ask for a 2nd delivery and waste a whole day just waiting to expect the courier guy to hand you your parcel. But thank god Aramex saves you from this frustration :-P

Payment for your parcels can be made via online or to the Aramex Delivery guy via cash only, best to provide exact change. Who knows one day they might upgrade like Tesco Online where you can use card to pay at the door, that would be quite cool.  

Hope this makes ordering your stuff and materials much easier now as you don’t have to go through so many channels and best of all save some middle man costs too J
Another reason for me to practice more self control now since I have access to all the online shops worldwide with Shop & Ship lol. But if it weren’t for their services my rapunzel wigs (yes I sewed 2 wigs together to get that volume) would have easily costs a bomb especially one came from taobao.com and the other from amazon.com

After styling it with tons of hairspray and flowers, really can’t wait to see the photoshoot photos I did with ARC photography last Saturday. A big thank you to Riez for being my “charming” Flynn Rider and putting up with those “lovey dovey” poses (we couldn’t stop laughing), our awesome photographer Alex.C who always makes our cosplay photos look so beautiful <3 and last but not least our awesome saikangs Guki, Ikki &  あなた. Best and first cosplay shoot for 2015, hopefully many more to come :-P *Hints Alex*

Shopping Sites to visit for cosplay materials/ props/ wigs:
  • http://sea.taobao.com/ (does provide shipping to Malaysia but with SNS, you get a personal HK/China address to save costs on their local shipping fees, also it’s faster that way)
  • http://www.aliexpress.com/ (does provide shipping to Malaysia but with SNS, you get a personal HK/China address to save costs on their local shipping fees, also it’s faster that way)
  • http://www.amazon.com/ (most items do not ship directly to Malaysia L that’s when SNS comes in VERY handy. )

Now to sew my next upcoming costume for this month, the dragon (in the first picture up on this post) is a hint and a huge giveaway on my project but yea XD who knows, it might still surprise some of you :-P Can’t wait to start on her costume, it’s been something I've been itching to make since I first read the book and saw the TV series.

For more details on Shop & Ship Services feel free to browse through their Facebook and website. No worries if you have trouble registering, just let me know and i shall make a step-by-step tutorial to make things easier.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/myshopandship
Website: http://www.shopandship.com/

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