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Innisfree Beauty Picnic with Jeju Sparkling Mineral!

Personal touch always makes me smile! :)

Innisfree, my all time favorite and trusted skincare (recently cosmetic too) brand despite trying so many over the past few months for reviews. In the end i always go back to them as it's suitable for my skin, doesn't cause any breakouts and the best part helps alot with my acne scars & moisturizing.
Never thought i would actually convert my entire skincare regime to Innisfree, from my face wash to my moisturizer and even facial creams :P
Slowly trying to build up my Innisfree cosmetic collection at home too, for now i'm using their eyebrow powder, creammellow lipstick (the best!) and loose face powder. Latest addition to the family is their Long lasting cushion which has been on my wishlist since like forever!
Can't express how blessed i am to have this opportunity to work with brands i love and especially when they acknowledge your hard work too :)

Last weekend i finally had a "relaxing" session which was long overdue because of settling with my new job, relationship issues, broken laptop and rushing costume for my Bali event.
Lost count how many times i broke down this month as the pressure and stress was overwhelming, so my heartfelt gratefulness goes out to the awesome team who invited me out for this picnic session with Innisfree :)

Our speakers of the day lined up, starting from Top Left: Josh from PSlive, Shantini founder of Organica Lifestyle, Johnny Nam- Innisfree brand manager and last but not least our beauty trainer of the day, Purple Yap.

All without make up, have to cover because i'm shy of my pimpled skin >.< lol.

As you all noticed in Innisfree Malaysia (Sunway Pyramid) recently brought in their latest range called "Jeju Sparkling Mineral" which is actually made from the onsen (hot springs) on Jeju island. Seriously Jeju island, is there anything you guys don't have? =.=
Seems to me like the island is so perfect, full that's of natural beauty and benefits till i myself would just want to migrate there liao lol.
Really, if given a chance one day to go, Jeju island would be one of my dream destinations! Would like to see how all Innisfree products are made with the Island as it's no.1 source of inspiration & ingredients.

In a packet indeed.

When you can't experience hot spring water benefits in Jeju, 2nd best option is Innisfree brings it to you in a packet & bottle! Haha. No kidding, i was also surprised that this is actually possible and got to try it out myself during the beauty picnic.
So cool to have the real thing brought all the way from korea to our shores and to make it more interesting Innisfree organized this awesome beauty picnic session where we got to learn the actual way of having a proper skincare regime using their Sparkling Mineral range by their Innisfree Assistant training manager, Purple yap (cute name!).

Loving the sparkling fizzy sensation from Jeju sparkling mineral powder, which comes in a pack of 2 sachets. Photo credits to the official photographer of the day Yuen Kwee.
Don't be frighten if your face turns red after this session as that shows you have very good blood circulation on your face lol.

Products in this line are produced from the mountain hot spring water, not just your ordinary water as it contains 16 types of natural minerals and carbonic acid to provide tour skin with daily hydration at the same time giving you the spa-like sensation daily.
Sounds so relaxing to have a spa experience in the comforts of your own home, no appointment booking hassle or whatsoever .

How to have a complete skin care regime? It's really simple, after your pampering session with the sparkling mineral powder, use their best seller moisturizer (Green Tea Seed, check my review HERE), followed by sparkling mineral essence and lastly finish off with the sparkling mineral lotion or cream depending on your skin type requirements.

My personal favourite aside from the Jeju sparkling mineral powder is the Sparkling Mineral Mist which can be used exactly like Evian water spray! Helps to soothe inflamed skin, refreshes dull faces and even can be used to set make up. 

Jeju Sparkling Mineral line is sourced from 535m deep below rare carbonic hot spring which was formed over 800,000 years ago (so long!! Can be considered dinosaur age) but the special thing about this hots spring is that its temperature is only at 31 degrees which is lower than an average hotspring. This helps it to keep its carbon content in the water high and with that that's who the carbonic acid found in this line has higher moisture penetration with it's high soluble which increases its oxygen absorption allowing better blood circulation, muscles and skin.  

Will do a complete review (before & after) for this range when i get home from Japan!
So stay tuned if you want to learn more about Jeju Sparkling Mineral range series.

Well a beauty picnic is not completed with food right? So time for another round of hands on session but this time with food, it's really fun having sessions like this where we get to participate in the activities instead of just watching people do it for us lol.

3 simple ingredients for a refreshing detox concoction.
Raspberry puree (1 teaspoon), a slice of lemon & 1-2 pcs of organic mint leafs.

Aside from having a full skincare regime tutorial by Purple Yap, we were also taught by the owner of Organica some simple healthy to-go salad jars and sparkling detox waters for cleansing.
Like what most people would say beauty has to start from within in order to show on the outside :)
I believe most work companies should do a health retreat here once in a while within klang valley area for a weekend of rejuvenation.

The funniest moments all of us had was when Purple told us our last task of the day was to redo our entire make up all over again in 10 minutes which sounded like an impossible task for us XD
No kidding, all of us panicked trying to beat the clock with our new found speedy make-uping skills lolol. Then i realized the reason why we didn't need so much time was because of their awesome best seller long wear cushion which provides instant speedy coverage and replaces your primer, foundation and concealer process.

Yes!!Finally getting to try is holy grail of cushion from Innisfree, can't tell you how badly i was dying to get this after reading so many good reviews about it.
Yes Hui ping, you poisoned me! Lol.

And tadaaaaaaaaaaa! I'm photshoot ready in 10 minutes tops lol, don't believe me? Check out my "syiok sendiri" photos below :-P
From now on with this cushion, think all my make up process especially for cosplay would be cut down by 30 minutes haha! No kidding when i share that it actually takes me an average of 20-30 minutes to do my "normal" make up and more than 1 hour for cosplay because of needed to prep my entire face to do contouring and so forth.

Wish Innisfree will someday come out with their own contouring kit so that i can add some definition to my face after using their cushion, at least my face wouldn't look so wiped out (erased). That's how good the cushion coverage is, it managed to make my face nothing but a clean blank canvas that needs some colour to bring my face back to life lol.
Will make a special blogpost to share about it k? :D 

Finally get to wear my beautiful Liz Lisa outfit out! Matches the picnic theme perfectly since this collection was from their spring 2014 lol.
Thank you so much Jess for capturing this shot and Josh for the photo directing, haha seriously is there anything you can't do Josh? Recently found out he could sing too! :P

Because long legs angle shot is a must and the whole beauty picnic set up is photoshoot worthy!
The amazing team behind this is non other that PSlive! You guys totally rock every event you organize, never once a dull moment with all of you :D

To complete the day with of course a beautiful bouquet of lilac colored hydrangea from Innisfree, you guys really know how to make a girl feel appreciated & beautiful.
Thank you Innisfree Malaysia for the amazing beauty picnic experience! So grateful to be a part of  this alongside with other familiar faces from the blogging community.

Till then, look out for my upcoming posts specially dedicated to Jeju Sparkling Mineral series :)



  1. Such a lovely pampering picnic session!~ Innisfree is a great korean brand!

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  9. Wow~~~
    Such a lovely picnic~~~
    You look pretty with the products~~~

  10. Wow~~~
    Such a lovely picnic~~~
    You look pretty with the products~~~

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    Pls do follow me back yeah, I love your blog!


    P.s u look super pretty with the flower crown


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