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My name is Arisa and was a cosplayer for 12 years in Malaysia before settling down in Kyoto, Japan. Exploring Japan full time has been a long time dream of mine, so let's explore it together!
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Daisuke Salon De Coiffure: Going Blonde with Bondplex

Going whole head bleached  something that i've been wanting to do since forever especially when i've always dreamed of having platinum ash blonde hair like my favorite character from Game of Thrones Daenerys Targaryen. Yea, i know she wears a wig, in reality Emilia Clarke is a borne brunette.
Still that ain't gonna stop me from going from bleaching my whole head lol, honestly one of my biggest fears are my hair might just start falling off due to scalp sensitivity towards the harsh chemicals used in bleaching processes.
I've read cases of people losing alot of hair, it becomes extra brittle to the point it's better to just shave'em off already. Sounds scary?

Photo credits to Daisuke Salon

  • Induced hairfall (balding)
  • Brittle & Dry Hair
  • Scalp sensitivity problems
  • Takes up to a week (with breaks in between) to achieve desired light shades
  • Need to wear make up everyday
Having past experiences as a hair model, i know very well that once you have a funky haircut or colour, it's better to wear make up everyday to suit your new hairstyle. Especially those who goe for lighter colours need to wear make up or else they will look like corpses on a bad hair day lol.
Your face will look super pale and shrunken it, it basically just needs colour.

When i had the opportunity to get my hair done in Daisuke Salon De Coiffure, if you have not heard of them it is actually owned by a veteran Japanese hairstylist named Daisuke-san who has been residing in Malaysia for quite a long time and now he has a kawaii wife name Ai & 3 furkids- Megu, Sakura & Tong Tong (can die from their fluffy adorable personality). As you all know how Japanese people pride themselves with their passion & work for hair, basically specializing in it.
When i was in Japan, walking into a hair saloon is considered a luxury as one basic hair cut in tokyo can easily cost you up to 5000 yen @_@
So aren't you grateful now that we have access to one in PJ, yet affordably priced with GOOD RESULTS.

 I actually spent some time trying to figure which colour i should sport next since i've been quite toned down since december last year. Always going for the "safe" and boring colours.
Trust me, i was so fickle that i couldn't decide lol even Amanda (my colourist) would love to strangle me since i think i almost drove her up the wall with my fickleness XD Lost count of how many times i changed colours, from purple, blue to blonde and i forgot what else.
Sorry Amanda! Lol.

When Amanda suggested for me to go go blonde (as in bleached whole head first, colours can decide later) since it's something i've never done before, so heck why not right?
That's when the journey of going blonde begun. And did i regret any bit of this decision, i can proudly assure you no. Life is too short to cry over wrong hair colours lol, when young just experiment because when you are much older you won't have much freedom to go wild with your hair anymore.

I did voice out my concerns about brittle hair, scalp and all to Amanda and Daisuke-san, but all was rest assured when they told me that they will be using a new product (from Canada) that allows a person's hair to withstand multiple bleaching in a day without degrading the hair quality. 

All hairstylist i've known who have experiences bleaching hair would normally advice us to take a few days break before proceeding with the 3rd-4th bleaching process because our hair can't handle too much harsh chemicals in one day. 
It is possible to bleach you hair 4-5 times a day but without proper hair protection and treatment your hair would easily show the symptoms i've listed above.

That's when i was introduced to bondplex! 
It's apparently highly used among international celebrities as we know they frequently change their haircolours and mostly it only takes them one day to achieve light colours. Super fast.
How is that all possible without damaging one's hair? -Obviously Bondplex.

Still healthy looking after 3 strong bleaching sessions.
The usual scalp burning sensation, but for hair colours i will bear all the pain lol. Pain defers from people to people, mine is generally more pain as i don't have much tolerance towards pain. Feels like a general ant biting all over your scalp lol.

What makes this product so special that even celebrity hairstylists trust them?
It's because Bondplex is formulated with Anti Breakage System (A.B.S) which builds a bond (protective layer) for your hair before the start of any treatment. This allows our hair to maintain suppleness and strength to give our hair a longer lasting shine.  
It's usually mixed in with other chemicals such as hairdye or bleach and not considered as an additional hair treatment.

You can use bondplex in colouring treatments, ultra lift hair colours, Keratin straighteners and perms just to name a few. It is also highly recommended for frequent hair dyers or dry damaged hair from previous bleaching treatments. What we once deem as hopeless to save (dry hair) is no longer impossible with Bondplex.

2nd level of bleaching i had gudetama colour ed hair lol this whole process can be tiring for both parties and requires you to be there the whole day.

 If you are feeling peckish while being immobilized from ongoing hair treatments, Daisuke Salon id open to food catering services from nearby restaurants around the block . So all you have to do is wait for the food to be served to you while you just chill.

Never knew what this bottle of this treatment was capable of till i experienced it for myself.
My roots were considered virgin hair as it's been a few month since i did anything to my hair in fear of damaging it even further so bleaching that part would usually need extra effort compared to the ends of my hair which has been already bleached mildly previously.
Needing extra effort means EXTRA BLEACHING which made me kinda nervous but lo with bondplex the whole bleaching process went smoothly! 3 times in a row and my hair is extra smooth and it actually made my current ash blonde dye look extra obvious.
Going blonde has never been so fast and easy!

Gotten alot of good feedbacks on the hair colour and style lol apparently i lool like some manga character now with this hairstyle XD 
Thank you so much for the kind compliments everyone, really..credits should all go to Daisuke salon for the amazing hair work.

If any of you plans to YOLO like me to bleach whole head and want to get it done within a day, i would highly recommend coming here as Bondplex is Daisuke Salon's specialty product. You won't find this elsewhere, trust me!
In Daisuke Salon, they focus on providing the best hair solution for your needs, it's not just about hair styling and not forgetting they look deeper into hair problems than just the surface which is a rare practice among saloons. Book your appointment today to get your hair make over :)

Daisuke Salon De Coiffure

C-25-01, Dataran 32, No. 2, 
Jalan 19/1, 46300 
Petaling Jaya, Selangor.
Selangor, Malaysia

Contact: 03-7960 0140

Time: 10am-8pm daily (closed on Mondays)
Facebook: www.facebook.com/DaisukeSalon

I seriously love my hair so much, that i selfie alot till i swore あなた rolled his eyes haha! But need to rajin to wake up earlier to style it (using heated straightener or blow dry) if not my hair won't look so fabulous like in photos.
Need a hair trim as it's getting longer already. So what do you think? I legibly passed as "Asian Barbie" a.k.a Bimbo or not? lol. Or most of you would just say Kyary Pamyu instead like my awesome hosts from Saitama :P

When i was in Japan even their own people there couldn't tell i was a foreigner, always got mistaken as a local lol. I somehow truly believe i was born into the wrong country lol, even when my hair was black back in Malaysia i often get asked whether i am a Japanese or Korean -_- makes me wonder which part of me actually screams those two lel.
I am 100% MALAYSIAN (sadly) but don't look nor dress like one XD

So what colour shall go next? Really want to go super pale ash platinum blonde like my favorite GOT character :P

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  1. OMgoshhhhhh you looks definitely like a nihon jin!! <3 <3 <3

    1. thanks dear! :) wasn't intentionally though :P

  2. I think the hair colour suits you, a stark contrast from other colours on you!
    I've always been scared to bleach my hair cause people tell me it burns and ruins your hair texture. Guess it doesn't happen here! :)

    1. honestly it does burns but it's bearable la :) once your base is light, you can easily go for any other colors

  3. nice hair color. wish to visit , but im also off on monday.

  4. Wah i thought only cars got ABS systems, didnt know that hair products also have this...the outcome looks good on you coz you're so fair hahah :D

    1. haha seriously bo? Not really, had to wear extra fair foundation shade than my usual :P you also super fair what! Confirm you can pull it off geh!

  5. look like Korean girl. cute and the colour suit you as you have fair skin.

  6. i love your new look! seriously you look hotter la babe!

    1. wasn't expecting to look hotter but thanks! XD

  7. Okay you hair us so stunning now Macam rambut orang puteh dah !!!!!

  8. Do you find hard to take care yourr current hair? And I think it suits you well!

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    1. still like normal but i try to wash my hair once every 2-3 days instead of everyday. Needs extra caring like treatment after every wash :)

  9. One thing I do worry about bleaching hair is that the hair tends to get very dry. :(

    1. yes it does with our weather especially! Back in Japan i didn't have this problem with dry hair till i came back to Malaysia :(

  10. Wow... You had a great hair. I love the colour of your hair very much.

  11. That's not a colour that Chinese can carry so well. You took wonderful, though.

    1. haha i understand what you mean :P Borderline ah beng hair colour right? XD

    2. haha i understand what you mean :P Borderline ah beng hair colour right? XD

  12. Nice hair color. It suit you! <3


  13. Blonde suits you.
    Blondes have more fun, right!

  14. Your new hair style is nice and suits you! Look like a Japanese lady now.

  15. Love your hair.... you really fit in being Japanese now..... kawaiiii........ gosh......... I am envious.....!!!!!!

  16. kawaii. looks like japanese girl now ;)

  17. Looks so cool dear, nice colour and match you so much.

  18. That's awesome. You are looking gorgeous.

  19. love your blonde hair Arisa : ) It matches with your fair skin tone : ) Pretty!
    Cheers, https://siennylovesdrawing.wordpress.com/

  20. You look like a very pretty Malaysian (ala Japanese) and proud of it! : ))) Your fair skins suits it

  21. Oh love the hair color babe! <3 It looks really good on you. Bleaching is always a little tricky but with a little moisturizer those dry ends would bounce right back <3

  22. Looks nice! I remember getting that gudetama hair too and being super paranoid about how it would turn out LOL

  23. What a lovely blonde hair you've got here! It does suits you :)

  24. that food catering is new to me. pretty cool concept

    love your new blonde hair, now don't have to wear wigs to get that blonde girl look. :D

  25. Nice color, but the whole process took so long, I don't have such patience like you :)

  26. really nice your hair. next colour is pink like Ai's hahah. you really look Jap la dear.

  27. OMG! I love your hair color! Suits you well. So lucky! I wanna do it again too but ah maintenance is difficult.

  28. You definitely look good in blond. It matches your complexion and features so well! I think it's super awesome that you persists even after the pain. That's dedication right there.


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