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Triumph: Find The One

Talking about inner garments out in the open is commonly a taboo subject alongside with many other female topics, heck most girls themselves find it embarrassing to even walk into a lingerie store to pick out a set to try on without doing it discreetly (eg: pressing the lingerie close to their chest, in a basket with other stuff in it).
And what if i told you, bra is also part of fashion? And fashion is something meant to be proudly worn to hide or be ashamed off.

Even asking advice from the trained staffs in the lingerie shop seems to be a challenge lol, but girls this isn't something we should be shy about. We should in fact embrace our womanly curves and assets by proudly respecting them as it is, not shying them away (im not asking you to put out a full show ah! lol)
When i firsts saw Triumph's latest ad in one of their boutiques called "Find The One", i seriously swore i thought thy had a collaboration with Disney because the artwork of the characters and the singing style just seems legit :P
Smart way of attracting people like me who find interest in things through motion pictures instead of just plain ol' boring words & posters lol.

If you have not watched it yet, please do! 
It's really fun & enjoyable even kids would find this song catchy like "Let It Go".

Last week when i was invited to attend the special launching for Triumph "Find The One" fitting campaign where they aimed to fit  50,000 women across Malaysia ensuring they find the rightly fitted bra. How many of you girls assume you are of a certain "size" and stick to it for many years despite it being uncomfortable but in fact a size bigger/ smaller depending on the bra cutting? Basically wearing the WRONG bra all your life.

Pretty cool that they had real live people reenacting the animation, and they look so alike too! 
Spot my college friend Adelina, on the far left :D

Supported by our local celebrities too who shared their experiences on site about being properly fitted before the event.

I know i am guilty of that! I always thought bras were never made to fit flat chested people like me, seriously everytime i walk into a lingerie store my main problem is the cup doesn't fit. It has a visible "empty" space between my boobs and the bra that could fit an orange or large apple. It't nothing new seriously, that was something i personally thought i had to "DEAL" with since i am cursed with such unfortunate chest size lol. 
Till recently, a month ago when i decided to buy myself a new set of bras (totally regretting now!) and i was still having the idea that i'm still the same cup as i was back when i was 18 (75B). Bought 2 bras that fitted just "meh". Wasted RM100, now that i think back of it *sobs*.

Serious boob talk, is serious.

Was so glad i managed to get myself fitted during the launch by one of their master fitters, Rei Kuen!
Totally worth the wait, i understood that she was super busy and chances of me being fitted that day was slim but glad i waited :)
Learned so many things from her and about finding the one true fitted bra from Triumph's vast collections. And now i can proudly boast that i am officially a C cup *tears of joy*.
Still the same small width, 75 because that's the measurement that determines for "big" your busts looks. I might be a C cup but still look flat because of the 75cm circumference. 

Geez..sharing too much information about my boobs lel, well if you guys want to send lingerie you know where to find my information la XD haha!

Say hi to my master fitter, Rei Kuen who helped me found the one!
My abs all hilang dy after not working out for 2 weeks *sobs* 
but at least got a tiny cleavage and loving the support the bra gives, need to use the "squeezing method" manager-san thought me 4 years ago when i did my first gravure shoot 8D

After a fruitful 30 minutes session with Rei Kuen, and tried almost close to 12 pairs of bras with different cutting, colours and designs (love the lacy ones!).
And finally found "THE ONE", it's non other than Triumph's maximizer 10154004 (75C)!
Adding this to my Christmas wishlist, hopefully one day i'll get them *dreams on* lol or when i can afford it la which is not anytime soon sadly.

Dear Triumph fairy godmother, please grant my dearest wish to own this beautiful lingerie, it's like the one and only piece that fitted me so well, close to a 2nd skin that i swore this was meant for me!
Wearing my favourite brand, #TokiChoiOOTD! Remember to join their OOTD contest ending this 31st Oct, more details here.

So what are you waiting for ladies, head over to your nearest Triumph boutiques to get your bust consultation by well trained experienced staffs to find your perfect bra :)
Don't go on living in the shadows and discomfort of a wrong bra like how i did, with a proper one you can definitely feel the confidence surging through you!
Even those who claim that they are flat chested for life (flat is justice yo~) are sure to find a bra from Triumph that would give them boost on the cup size as they have ranges like:
  • Support
  • Shape
  • Cleavage
  • Invisible.

With every fitting session & purchase made from now till 31st december 2015, stand a chance to win products worth RM1000!
To make your purchase more worthwhile, Triumph Malaysia is having an instore promotion where you purchase 2 bras and get RM40 off or 3 bras and get RM80 off**!

**T&C applies

Twirling away with love,


  1. I love reading you post Arisa! haha. So cute la you describing too much details about your boobs. hehe. But glad you found the one, i found mine too, but the price is a little too ATAS. Need to save up money T.T

    1. lol okay..now i'm shy XD
      true..i also didn't buy mine because it was over my budget :(

  2. It is essential to find the right one as the wrong size will leads to loads of health problems.
    Great campaign to teach the girls to take care of themselves, starting with the bra.

  3. oh that's a good piece you've chosen there :P I wanna go for the fitting too since i missed it that day...

    1. Thanks Fishiee :D you should, just head over to any of their outlets :)

  4. Awh this <3 True that it is quite difficult to find the right size and fit - usually if they are not at par, it would be a little uncomfortable to wear but I am glad you manage to find yours <3

    1. Not to mention the right cutting too! Can be of a same cup & measurement but it still might not fit well without the proper cutting :)
      Have you found yours yet babe?

  5. nice color you chosen there. Long time didn't buy this brand, I usual buy in Aeon. Shall check out their store soon.

    1. I used to wear Aeon bras as a kid since they are cheap and realised they are not actually good for the bust as they don't provide us with the needed support.

  6. just watched the video. that's some next level animation! and you're right, it is very disney-like!

    I didn't know the ladies wear wrong sized bras, i mean, for guys, wearing wrong sized underwears are too uncomfortable to even last a day.

    1. Right? :D It's actually a common mistaken that we tend to overlook.
      Sounds like you guys have a wedgie lololol.

  7. Nice touch... and I am glad that you found the one.... perfectly ... time for me to get mine too...

    1. Yes dear! You'll definitely love the collection :D

  8. Hey! Thats a great post you have just posted! Maybe you can check out mine ? It is on a Halloween makeup :)


  9. Wow dear u look so sexy and that red bra fit nice on you! Used triumph before and it is nice. Will get it soon :)

    1. Thanks Jacqueline ^////^ agree, their fit for asian women is quite superb!

  10. Yah important to wear right size of bra to keep the asset, however there are a lot of girls out there who dint go for proper bra fitting because they are shy. Glad you find the one right bra for yourself :)

    1. yea, most girl's problem is too shy to go for consultation :(

  11. I went for the fitting also and decided that the Body Make-Up range is suitable for my shape and lifestyle also.

  12. Always been loving Triumph's quality and design, time to get 'The One' for me too :)

  13. super love the last picture! Seriously you look like a disney princess la :D

  14. Never used Triumph before. Always wore La Senza. But the price for Triumph is affordable and some of the colours looks nice too


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