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My name is Arisa and was a cosplayer for 12 years in Malaysia before settling down in Kyoto, Japan. Exploring Japan full time has been a long time dream of mine, so let's explore it together!
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Time really flies as you get older and especially when you start working, this month itself can be considered quite a "fruitful" month of traveling, participating in charity projects and of course there are bad times too which i will not share about this till much later. I know you guys won't forgive me for delaying my Japan blogpost so long, wasn't intentional k? :(
I'll try to get them posted ASAP, especially while it's still fresh in my memory lol but for now let me clear off some of my backlogs first.

Breast cancer has been a number one problem among women worldwide and if it's not detected and treated early chances of survival are slim like all cancer-related illnesses.
So that's why BCWA is here to educate women of all ages (young and old) about the Breast cancer and how to detect the problem early. We are well aware this topic isn't something we can find in our science or PJK textbooks, heck we don't know about the existence of it till much much later. 
Yes, we hear often about "Breast Cancer Campaigns" but do you really know what it's actually all about, how it attacks women and how to detect early symptoms?

If your answer is no, i would advise you girls to pay a visit to BCWA roadshows for free educational consultations or even call them up to learn more.

In conjunction with Pink October, the 10th month of the year dedicated to breast cancer awareness i was so glad to be a part of this amazing collaboration between Magazine Boutique, XIXILI, BCWA, ISETAN and a few other supporting brands/ companies who made this event a successful one.

Also this happens to be my "first" time this year modeling again after so long, seriously never thought i would do this again because i gained alot of weight from my previous modeling years lol, but because a friend asked so i said yes haha.

Alongside with other fashion & beauty bloggers who took the time off to participate in this fun charity fashion show as well. You girls are seriously amazing, people who are beautiful inside & out, thank you are every single one from the bottom of my heart.
I apologize for my bad coordination for all this, and if i you felt i have one way or another wronged you please forgive me :(

With the first batch of bloggers for the 10th Oct, thank you all so much for your contribution!

Been meaning to post about this event after the first event that was held in ISETAN, Mid Valley on the 10th Oct directly after i came home from Japan i was already "catwalking" for this lol.
Yea, what is rest right? But since it's for a good cause i don't mind contributing time and effort to help out, i might not be able to contribute financially (i wish i could) but the least i could do is spare some of my time :)

If you have any picture of us during the event, feel free to hashtag #Maglifestyle so we can see it! :D
Those who wanna shop our runway looks can visit Magazine Boutique in Bangsar 

Loving all our individual looks, can totally tell each of our personalities by seeing how we chose our outfits for the runway :P
Some of the bloggers are even first timers on runway, but walked with so much confidence that no one could tell it's their first time!

2nd batch for 24th Oct with my 3 favourite girls, thank you for always hearing me out and giving me advices at my lowest. Love you all long time!

But it was a great experience handling so many people in a group chat (first & definitely not my last), especially when i was trying to coordinate with everyone while i was still in Japan  with super limited WiFi connection. Wonder how some people can do that especially Yen, the designer & owner of Magazine boutique. Totally admire how you handle things all by yourself babe, gotta learn alot more from you :P
But overall, i would love to thank every single one of you girls for sharing some light unto my darken month (so many bad luck events wei), if it weren't for all your smiles, wefies and support i don't think i'll be here smiling today looking back at our photos. 



  1. Wow! Nice one.. pink pink... Lovely awareness campaign~

  2. Yay!! Xixili!! support support!! LOL. Good campaign too!

  3. yeaaa...this month are full with pinky pinky!! can seeing your really enjoy the event .Xixili also having "Breast Cancer Campaigns"

  4. great awareness for all women and men too. wearing the right bra is the most important too.

  5. So fast october is coming to an end! :) but it was indeed a nice effort to create pink awareness. Love kittieyiyi's outfit there!

  6. So fast october is coming to an end! :) but it was indeed a nice effort to create pink awareness. Love kittieyiyi's outfit there!

  7. A good and cute awareness of the year I would say. Not only women, but men should be aware of this too. :)

  8. Good for you to join in the campaign.
    Breast cancer (and other types of cancers) is quite near to my heart as I blogged about it quite often.
    And yes, Malaysians needs to know that breast cancer is one of the top killers among Malaysian women.
    Spread the word Arisa.

  9. Great awareness campaign! And nice outfits there ;)

  10. This was such a love event and I am sorry that I cant make it because the timing clash with my schedule. See you next time.

  11. An awesome campaign for women. It's also a great reminder to self-check.

  12. Awh babe you looked great. Wish I could have been there to support, you girls looked lovely <3

  13. I think Xixili Bras look pretty but they do not quite have my size... I am UK sized... not Asian sized.... sadly....

  14. Yeah support for Pink October to create awareness regarding breast cancer.

  15. Bravo, Arisa! Keep up the good work.


  16. I was there too! I mean on the last day of the event :) Great outfits anyway. I love the girl with the ponytails especially. She is so cute hahah

  17. Always support Pinktober!! Good Job Arisa!

  18. Love your multi-colors strip skirt, so vibrant and striking, in bringing out the message to raise awareness for breast cancer :)

  19. Its great to create awareness on breast cancer as more and more young women died every year. Great cause to all.

  20. for a good cause, and staying pretty at the same time :)

    You're doing a good deed blogging about this.

  21. Such a good campaign to spread awareness! And Arisa, you are always looking at your very best at any event. hehe

  22. you are definitely a trend to follow, really love your styles and supporting this great campaign too.

  23. nice to see a good cause being implemented to spread the awareness. You look good on that event! :)

  24. It's great that big brands use their levarage to create awareness for a good cause. Looking good!


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