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Hello Kitty In Oz @ Sanrio Hello Kitty Town

Can't help but to share this excited news with my readers and fellow hello kitty fans out there in Malaysia. The latest most anticipated attraction in Sanrio Hello Kitty town, Puteri Harbour Nusajaya has just announced that Hello Kitty in Oz will be opened to public from today (31st Oct) onwards.
And i was so fortunate to be able to witness the adventure of Oz with Hello Kitty first hand alongside with fellow media friends from both KL & Singapore.

Oz here come! How's my Dorothy inspired outfit?
Finally wore my first Liz Lisa dress which i've gotten as a gift 5- 6 years ago lel.

It might be crazy of me to blog of this right now but i can't help it because there is just so many pretty pictures of Sanrio town that i would like to post up before i head to bed or maybe i am just being super kiasu to quickly post this up haha! 
But seriously too many blogpost this month that's been backlogged especially my Japan trip!! =_=;;

Just last year Sanrio Hello Kitty celebrated their 40th anniversary and this year they launched another iconic attraction that is enjoyable for people of all ages (both young & old) which everyone is familiar with the childhood story- "The Wizard of Oz" but featuring characters of Sanrio-land.
I might have not had the opportunity to visit Sanrio-land while i was in Japan, which is considered a big attraction too and they even have hello kitty themed hotel (Keio plaza) which i would die to visit someday but for now the closest i can get to experience life with Hello kitty is here in Puteri Harbour, Nusajaya Johor.

Opening speech by General Manager of Sanrio Hello Kitty Town, Fahruddin Najumudeen expressing his delight to introducing Sanriotown's latest attraction.

Sanrio town really outdone themselves as usual, not a single stinge on effort & creativity with the detailed decorations, games and performances.

What is Hello Kitty in Oz: The Lost Chapter about? 

We all know about the story of Oz where Dorothy meets her friends the brainless scarecrow, heartless tin-man and of course the cowardly lion whom accompanied her to on her quest to meet the wizard of Oz (in Sanrio it's Witch of Oz because Hello Kitty is a girl lol) for her to get home to Kansas. 

But what we did know know is about the lost chapter of this story which was removed by the Great Witch for the safety of World of Oz hoping to alter the ending of the original story but things didn't go as planned and now they need us (as the Brave Heroes) to help out and restore peace with all sorts of quests which you will face when you come over to Sanrio Hello Kitty in Oz.

But i'll be nice enough to share some spoilers on the quests i've managed to complete in order to vanquish the evil that's been plaguing Oz ever since >:D
Bwahaha..i feel so heroic already coming out from the exit of Oz City lol.

Before entering we were all separated into groups by our badges (I got Lion), Scarecrow & Tin-man but we didn't know till much later before entering Oz. Because the fragile world of Oz can only accommodate 20 people at most in each session (15-20 mins). But i was glad to be a part of team "Lion" with our awesome patient guide Ryan and i also got to meet a super friendly blogger from Singapore, Tiffany! :D

She also helped me take some nice photos which is featured in this blogpost.

Your Witch of Oz ready to guide you, in fact you can also bring home your very own witch of Oz as they are available for sale at their store before exiting Emerald City.  And you can use her to visit the land of Oz again next time.

Upon entering the big gates into Oz you will be assigned with each a powerful (fragile& sensitive) Witch of Oz Guide that will not only act as your guide but also a key for you to complete each quest. You'll need her to enter and exit Oz or you'll be trap there forever, so make sure to guide her with all your life k? *Just kidding* haha XD
But seriously, take care of her and she'll aid you well in your quests :)

The first challenge you'll have to face is Kuromi's Tent which is a memory game (i obviously failed this lol) but don't be dishearten by a defeat, take is as motivation & fuel for your next challenge.

Stay on the yellow path and it should bring you to your next challenge which tests your strength & determination- Wood Factory which has been long abandoned by the Tin-man since Dorothy left Oz. It's tricky since there are flowers and logs, so make sure to pay close attention to what you are chopping or you'll end up losing the game.

I sure after all those hard work and walking in Oz you guys would be famished right? Stop by the Corn House to get your fixed of fresh roasted corn. But wait! There's a catch, you gotta watch your corn & keep the fire going or your corn won't cook or chances of it burning & turning to ash like the other corns lol.
Good luck "fanning", my advice is use both hands to fan it or get a friend to help out too XD

Hang in there guys, you are almost at the end of all the quests there is just one more step before you save Oz for good this time :)
In between you can get some shots taken with their beautiful Oz city scenery and props like this hay room which i found keropi in lol.
Another room which was called "flying fishes" featuring melody and twin star with fishes all around that looks like those biscuits i ate as a kid lolol.

Don't get distracted by the flying fishes! They are here to delay your quest in saving Oz :P
I fell for it because i ended up taking pictures of this place lol, can't help it because i like Melody too!
This room is just before Emerald City where you'll find the machine for your last challenge.

Once you have entered emerald city, be prepared for the last challenge which requires you to be decisive in split seconds. Find the Emerald City machine and use it to capture the letters from the lost chapters in order to save Oz and return home.
At the exit you'll get to see your performance score and collect your "prize" too.

Heck, it so much fun for such simple games which we adults usually tend to brush it off but really..once you are in Oz it's like revisiting my childhood all over again. I can play and have fun without a care in the world lol. Trust me, simple games like these will really capture your hearts without you realizing (i was also reluctant at first) making you feel like a happy kid all over again! Something both children and adults can enjoy together since school holidays are just around the corner.
Can't wait to visit this place all over again with あなた, hopefully before the year ends :)

Before you exit Oz completely, don't forget to get your picture taken & printed with their scarecrow backdrop and also get limited edition Hello Kitty in Oz merchandises at their shop! 

What are you guys waiting for? Come on over to save Oz & bring home exclusive Hello Kitty in Oz merchandises which i heard can't be found elsewhere in this world because it's EXCLUSIVELY for Sanrio town, Puteri Harbour, Nusajaya Johor.

Purchase your tickets here: www.playtime.com.my  
Operating Hours: 10am- 6pm (daily) 
Sanrio Hello Kitty TownPersiaran Puteri Selatan, Puter Harbour,79000, Nusajaya, Johor, Malaysia

And if you guys are looking for a place to stay while planning to visit Sanrio-town and Legoland i would highly recommend this hotel which is walking distance to Sanrio town (300m) and there's a shuttle bus from the hotel to Legoland (interval)- Jen Hotel Puteri Harbour.
I'll do another blog post on my room and facilities provided by this hotel, seriously this place is super convenient & nice! 



  1. WAH! You just reached there yesterday and today got post already. Power lo you. lookig forward to more updates from there. More Batzmaru stuff laaaaa :p

    1. lol stayed up all night because too excited must share about it ma :)

  2. Owh mahhhh gawwd.... you are soooo super fast... never sleep or what.....Love yours pics...!!!!

  3. The place looks so fun. Is it playground for kids or adult because i dont mind being a kid once more in the place like this 😂😂😂😂

  4. I miss this place already!! Everything is just so dreamy and beautiful ;) gonna have sweet dream tonight thinking bout it haha

  5. woah..the event just happen yesterday and sad I've to missed it!

    1. Aww, should have come babe! It was really fun :)

  6. wow you are fast! Hehe.. love Hello Kitty too, now saving money. I like the bags so much, jewellry as well. So too many choices also makes me wonder which to choose.

  7. The Kuromi's Tent looks cool. Not much of a Hello Kitty fan but wouldn't mind trying out the games here.

  8. Wow so nice. Looks like it was a fun experience for all of you. I might be going there soon.

  9. too bad i missed this.. i can see that you had so much fun there!! Will bring my niece there end of the year.. :)

  10. Ah lucky girl! Hello Kitty is every girls charmer. :)


  11. Like your Dorothy inspired outfit! Is that the Hello Kitty purse? Been loving this character and still crazy about it :)

    1. Yep, my hello kitty purse bought last years during Hello Kitty's 40th anniversary lol.
      Finally have chance to use it.

  12. Your dress is simply cute.
    Was always wondering what Hello Kitty in Oz about and now I have the idea of what is going on.
    Thanks for sharing the info on the nearest hotel to the Sanrio Town.
    Now you got me thinking of bringing my nieces and nephews to Sanrio Town as I know they will enjoy the place (so does their parents heheh)

    1. Aww thanks Rawlins! It's from a famous Japanese fashion brand called Liz Liza :)
      Since now started school holidays that would be a great idea!

  13. Wah so kawaiii! I want to go! Looks like a great way to spend the weekend ;)


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