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My Scar, My Story with Bio Oil

Those who have known, seen or followed my social media postings would have noticed i have anot of scars all over my body.
I've been constantly asked, where does it come from? Was it my cat (Mori)? Am i being abused?
But the answers are always the same- It's neither the cat nor abuse, it's just rashes.
That's is obviously the biggest bullshit i'be ever made up to cover up my bad habit of scratching, my scratching is not like others..i scratch till i bleed and that doesn't stop there, i'll continue to scratch till it's all bloodied over.

Yes it does hurt, but the pain is what i want to feel. The skin and flesh tearing from beneath my nails, the pain that comes with it is my drug to cope with my depression. I've been sad for a very long time, been off my meds almost a year and trying everything i can not to go back to it.
I know my current method is absurd as i am self inflicting injury all over my body but i'll do what it takes to keep myself sane for the time being.

But WHY scratch myself? 
Because i am uncomfortable in my own skin, i feel disgusted with what i am seeing in the mirror everyday (since i gained back 15kg). Also i am helping it to show all it's flaws, no more hiding.
And this scars that marks my body are my battle scars.

Doing so, the price i had to pay was the scars that came with the continuous bloody scratching over the months, it has upgraded over the years from my torso to my collarbone, neck, back and recent addition this year arm my arms and thighs.
And the questions still continues...Sometimes i just don't know how to face or answer people anymore, i'll wear long baggy clothings to cover my markings so i can avoid those questions. It's not easy to just say " i did them myself, so quit asking me".

But over the months i noticed as more and more scars build on my skin, there seems to be no more place for newer ones, i'll think back and reflect..should i stop?
Is this all worth it?
What is to happen to my scars now?

So i've decided it's time for them to go..to let go of my painful obsession but scars doen't just disappear on it's own. Not only it takes time to heal but healing on it's own without help is only to a certain extend. That is why i've decided to share my story on how i overcome my scars, using Bio Oil.

Most people would assume Bio Oil is just used by pregnant women or those who have just given birth and need something to help with their stretch marks, but this oil does much more that just those.
It helps to reduce scars overall by 70% with daily usage and my experience with it is a living proof.
Remember the neck area that's always plague with markings?
Now it's close to gone because i've been using Bio Oil for quite some time, and when they contacted me to share my review, was more than glad to participate.

Within 2 months+ of usage.

I can only say this miracle in a bottle works wonders.
And if you have unwanted childhood scars on your knees (itchy hands, we all had that problem lol), or accident scars just pick up a bottle of Bio Oil and apply them on the affected area daily twice a day. It might be oil based, but it's unique formula and absorbency rate is fast that you barely feel any oiliness upon applying it. Plus it smells really good thanks to it's natural fragrance obtained buy their plant based ingredients Lavender, Chamomile, Rosmary and Calendula.

So those who don't feel confident with their scars, uneven skintone and even dry skin (patchy areas) can consider this product, i have many friends who swears by this product too. To be frank skin problems it's not something you can easily hide or heal overnight but with proper care and products things can get better. All it needs is a chance to work it's magic :)
Some might say this bottle, 60ml (their largest) is rather pricey and not enough to use but it's not meant fore whole body, just targeted areas you would like to fix.

If you have a story or experience with Bio Oil, do share with me & www.myscarmystory.com.my!
I would love to see how it has changed your lives too :) 

And if you like other oil based products, you can read my post HERE. They are from the same mother company as Bio Oil by the way, in case you didn't know ;-)



  1. Awww you should cut ur nails and stop scratching no matter how uncomfortable it is ! Luckily you have biooil now :) i have one too, it really works

  2. It looks like your scratching could be a mental issue. I am glad to know that you are "letting it go" now.

    1. Yes IT IS an mental issue, trying to..not yet a 100%

  3. huhuh thats look hurt dear! good that you have bio oil but stop scratching yourself ya!

  4. look so pain!! the picture was just so scared me !! anyway this bio oil seem like so effective .

  5. Awww dear, thank you for being so courageous in telling us your story. Try to lessen on those scratches, and perhaps, shift your mind and focus on other things when the desire to scratch surfaces. Anyway, glad to see that the product have helped, I am really impressed by the progress of it :)

  6. Omg those scars on your chest is kind of severe. I am glad that Bio Oil helps to heal and reduce the scars.

  7. I just know how that feels Lisa... hugs... I have been in the same position as you are and if you have read some of my postings... I use to self harm a lot too... the external pain we inflict on ourselves makes us forget the pain we are holding deep within us temporarily... but yes, it is not healthy and yes, thanks to Bio Oil your skin looks just as flawless as ever......... hugs... and be strong, and learn to love yourself.. do not let others bring you down... there will always be people trying their damnest to bring us down and criticize us with their words.... just ignore them...love yourself and just be strong.... it is how I overcame my 'addiction' of self harming.. I would also scratch myself , bite myself and bang my head on the walls... I used to strangle myself until I passed out too... by learning to love myself and accept myself more, I gotten over all that....well, at least 95%... I admit I still bite my fingers at times when I get too stressed......

    1. Learning to love ourselves is a difficult thing to do especially for those that's been broken before many times. Yes, i've read that you went through a rough patch in life too and am glad you emerged from it stronger :)

  8. Love yourself before you can start loving someone else. That way, we can live happily because we only live to make ourselves happy, right.
    Bio Oil seems to be working a miracle all around. Now I have to get one too.
    Thanks for sharing and opening up.
    Just like Miera said, love yourself. Hugs.

  9. Bio oil looks good to leave the scar away. My Little Angels love to scratch themselves sometimes. Will get this oil for them.

  10. Wow, it works really well on soften the scar ya :D Next time I can introduce those aunty aunty to use bio oil after their knee operation :)

  11. The scar looks quite bad on you but Thank God Bio Oil really works on you! I been using Bio-Oil too! Hope that it works well on me too =D

  12. Yes, is really work on scar. My sister has try on her scar that haunted her for 20 yrs. The scar getting fade and thank to Bio Oil as she gains her confident back.

  13. Arisa, you are a beautiful girl and mark my words, alot of people care for you. Although i cannot empathy on self inflicting pains, I can understand the horror of scratching to bleeding. (I have been through that alot) Skin problem cum bad habit, I just got myself discharged from hospital yesterday due to scratching turned to infection. I hope you can try with me to stop this whole itchy thing because i don't like seeing people around me going through what I went through. And yeah, I have anxiety issues. ><

  14. :( .. sad to hear of the way you cope with depression, cheer up k, the world is a better place with you around.

    on another note, this bio oil really works, and I can attest to it. the wife used it for her pregnancy stretch mark scars and it helped!

  15. scratching, i can only think it is better than cutting. i am glad you are letting it go and healing yourself...coz babe you are so beautiful inside out, you know that right? i will tell you everyday if you don't know. that bottle of oil is really a miracle after all.

  16. I use this for my tummy after delivery. It's good!

  17. Okay, maybe my comment is not related to bio oil, but I find it useful for everybody, sooo..
    here it goes.
    I have some on my legs, much worse and much bigger, you'd be terrified when you see the scars,
    and yes, I have the bad habit of scratching, it's so itchy I just can't stop! The skin doctor told me that my body skin is very dry and it needs reparation immediately. (I've been taking care of my face only)
    Anyways, my tips for you and everyone with scratching problem :
    1. less sugar consumption (the scarring problem caused by the high level of sugar in your blood, but not diabetes, but close to diabetes, so be careful)
    2. more moisturizing body lotion
    3. use moisturizing soap (you gotta splurge, tbh), and avoid the anti bacteria soap or whatever it is, as it will make your skin drier.
    Key is to : moisturize and moisturize!
    I've been using Soap & Glory's body wash, Nivea in shower lotion and Intimate dry skin body lotion, as well as replacing sugar with natural honey and make it less in my diet. Works wonder! My skin looks great and whenever it feels itchy, it's only for a while, and it doesn't leave any mark at all!

    1. Thanks for the tips dear! Found it really useful :)


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