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My name is Arisa and was a cosplayer for 12 years in Malaysia before settling down in Kyoto, Japan. Exploring Japan full time has been a long time dream of mine, so let's explore it together!
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Creating Wonders with EJS

EJS, what does it stand for? why, it stands for Elegant Jewellery Studio a homegrown jewellery making class and community dedicated in spreading the knowledge and art of handmade delicate artisan jewellery. Many might assume they are a premium class community therefore not many can afford but that's where your assumption is wrong. What you do not know is that the class packages they provide is actually very affordable and in return for the knowledge and skills obtain from each classes are beyond valuable, in fact it's priceless already if you continue to nurture these jewellery making skills for one day it could potentially be a side (or main) income..

Everyone has a hidden talent, this is the time to discover it and age shouldn't be a barrier in exploring different new hobbies. When it comes to talent- some are late bloomers, some are early that's why EJS provides classes to cater to people of all ages and their aim is to spread the joy and knowledge for the both young and older generations.
Also it's never too late to pick up a new hobby to always keep one occupied on days that are slow and boring.

For DIY individuals that are looking into adding on an extra skill to your craft making passion,  this is a full hands on class where they teach you special techniques and tricks for creating beautiful handmade jewellery and at the end of the day not only you walk home with a new skill but also a set of your own beautiful creations.

EJS usually organize 2 different type of sessions in different locations like one is specially for children and the other for adults, Children sessions are usually held in Setiawalk, Puchong 1-2 a month depending on their schedule. Since it's already school holidays i am sure you parents would love to get your kids involved in some activities so why not sign up for EJS kids workshop?
Their next upcoming class is end of this month 26th Nov 2015, still not too late to sign up but remember slots are limited!
Per session can only accommodate 10-16 students (both adults & kids) so they can have a more focused and intimate 1-on-1 session.

Updated schedule can be viewed here and it will be updated regularly:
EJS Workshop Timetable (Kids & Adults)

Being able to join my very first official jewellery making class last weekend held at Kinokuniya KLCC thought by Angie (founder) herself was the best decision i've ever made this year, though this was just a one time 2-3 hour session but i enjoyed every single bit of it and might consider signing up for the full course as this skill is beneficial for myself as a fashion/costume designer.

Meet Angie, the founder of EJS.

For a person whom has graduated and worked in the fashion line it's never been easy just having only one skill like sewing, sometimes you gotta explore and get out of your comfort zone as life is all about self enrichment right? What's life if you don't constantly feed yourself with new knowledge? lol.
With jewellery making, i can personally see myself incorporating this to my future design collection if i do finally come out with my own clothing brand lol (still long way to go lar) though the road to achieving that is still long but it's the journey on the way there that matters.
And thus begins my jewellery making journey (but actually just a session la haha) with EJS.

Let's see what i've made within 3 hours of class:-

  • x1 Choker 
  • x2 bracelets 

Not a bad start, could have been faster but met a few technical difficulties along the way and learned a few tricks on planning the colors properly before threading them in, if not you'll end up like me wasting time removing all and re-threading them again lol

Initially this class was focusing on creating arm candy a.k.a stack-able bracelets but i got abit too carried away in making it that a choker came out instead haha but on the bright side because of the method and material used to make this choker it is easy to loop'em around my wrist twice making it a bracelet as well. See?
Wasn't planned but it turned out fine, so i ain't complaining lol.

For all of EJS's short classes that you sign up for materials are provided like in this workshop from beads, findings, tiger wires and other tools. Angie herself will be there alongside her advanced students to conduct the session by a brief demonstration and after that all of them will go round helping out if you have any questions about how to make your jewellery.
And what i love so much about this class is the quality beads are findings that is provided for use, it makes all your creation look super duper polished like the ones you find in an expensive jewellery store those "tai tai" used to visit XD

The materials provided for this jewellery making class isn't the same like you had back in school or DIY at home as a kid because those materials you used makes your creations and the final product looks like a toy instead of a masterpiece.
EJS emphasis alot on quality and that is something they are not going to compromise with, so what you make here in their classes is definitely of a value :)

A large array of various types beads like pearls, swarovski and other precious elements.

After admiring my masterpiece (cheh wah..so perasan dy lol) which i proudly visualized and color coordinated it following the design template Angie had provided us with, I am overwhelmed with that sense of 'achievement unlocked" in such a short period of time.
Seriously, i am not really good with handling small stuff like this since i have super clumsy fingers but with guidance and advice from the EJS team, i actually made it out without "fantoi-ing" lol.
Those who have worked with small beads during embroidery and all would understand why i traumatized with small beads XD
Though they aren't of the same kind of beads but the resemblance is there.

Here is the final product of my sweat & blood (exaggerating queen as usual, pfft!), aren't they all gorgeous? ♥
Feel like making more to give as Christmas gifts this year! Really love to make personalize gifts as they feel so much more meaningful no?
Also friends and family would appreciate this gesture more, as who can say no to such beautiful jewellery! Was thinking for heading for another session to make another batch before Christmas, who here wants to join me too? :D
Personally i think this workshop is totally worth it and reasonably priced for the adult session, which was only RM198!

Workshop Price List:  (per person)

 ADULT : RM198 (depending on what type of classes offered each month)

All prices are inclusive of GST.

More details on their classes & offer packages, feel free to browse through their catalog: www.elegantjewellerystudio.com and follow them on their social media to keep up to date with their latest activities- Facebook: www.facebook.com/elegantjewellerystudio

Additional Info:

If you are looking to go onto a proffesional level in jewellery making, EJS do have a complete intensive course for it which you can inquire about their rates here: 012-267 2019
Their school is located in the heart of Kuala Lumpur, easily accessible by public transport (Ampang Park LRT- Kelana line) and it's about 5 minutes walking distance.

PNB Darby Park, 5th Floor, 10,
  Jalan Binjai, 50450 KL, 
 50450 Kuala Lumpur



  1. Angie is really very pretty and she's a good instructor!~ Me and my daughter learnt from her before, too!~

  2. Waaa been there I would like to go next time once again. Did you make the necklace at the end of pic !!!! Looking so gorgeous for it !!

  3. I love the jewelleries especially able to made it myself. Yours are nice.

  4. oh gosh! I would love to join this class. great necklace..it look gorgeous!

  5. The jewelries are so pretty! Actually, RM 198 isn't too pricey, cause you can acquire a special skill there :)

  6. the pearl choker looks so pretty!! haha but your creation is nice too :) i knew thats really a lot of hard work there

  7. Your final product looks unique and beautiful!
    It's a good idea to DIY a Xmas gift for our BFF.

  8. Love your creation... it is simple and soooo lovely... definitely a great skill to learn and so you can give DIY presents to friends and family...

  9. looks lovely, handmade gift is a very good gift.

  10. its pretty and unique.
    love your creation of the jewelry. Nice gift for self and loved ones.

  11. I'd really love the opportunity to pick up a creative skill such as this one. I love costume jewellery but somehow keep thinking that I don't have the skills or am creative enough. Maybe I just need a push!

  12. OH MY. So beautiful la the outcome. If you continue to design more similar pieces like this, I bet all the tai tais will be your biggest clients :)

  13. hey i know angie! :) such beautiful pieces.

  14. met angie before, but she looks gorgeous here in that dress. i love her jewellery class, even has one for kids. it's quite fun and really pretty to wear your own customised jewellery.

  15. I love EJS jewellery making class. She very creative and lovely.


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