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If you are in for an adventure paired with lengthy, quirky, brutal honest thoughts then you are in the right place.

My name is Arisa and was a cosplayer for 12 years in Malaysia before settling down in Kyoto, Japan. Exploring Japan full time has been a long time dream of mine, so let's explore it together!
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A/W 15 LookBook: Burgundy & Dark Olive Green Layering

I should practice cataloging all my OOTDs here on my blog too than just post on my instagram lol, need to be rajin (hardworking) from now on with my blog.
October was considered a travelling month for me because i manage to finally visit Japan which you can view my stories here, or if you are more interested in the fashion section you can browse my Japan LookBook blogpost feat. TokiChoi.

Today's post is yet another entry for Toki Choi and let me clarify that these outfit you see here are bought by me and not sponsored ya. I love this brand so much because of the wide variety they have to offer both Korean and Japanese styled clothings.
Their clothes are one of the most versatile (easy to mix & match), comfortable and travel friendly because they are lightweight, doesn't take up too much space in your luggage.

Since it's also already fall in most countries, the color coordination i selected were something to reflect it despite our country having one 2 seasons lol.
One of the regular fall colors that never fails to make a come back whether as a main or supporting color is always Burgundy. It could be in different shades but you'll definitely see this color in the during the fashion forecast. To compliment my burgundy, I've layered it with my faded dark olive green oversize men's shirt with sleeves casually rolled up 3/4 to give it a hint of street grunge look to balance out the boring sleek and clean look i usually have lol.

Thanks Carina Kate for helping take all my OOTD shots, it was impromptu actually lol.
She took this shot as i was taking my own sweet time to walk down the stairs.
She's has a good eye for photography haha! Go visit her Facebook to support this crazy girl ok? XD

From now on i think i'll just travel with all my Toki Choi clothes collection which seems to be expanding alot thanks to their recent sales and offers + additional discount codes.
Their clothing quality is something you can rest assure it will be from the best, not any average cheap looking kind of fabric with shoddy workmanship.
Affordable even without any discounts and when they do have their monthly promotions it's even more value for your money lol.

My beliefs for fashion are, you don't have to sacrifice your wallet in order to look fashionable and instagram OOTD worthy. 
Seriously, i do not understand why some clothings are sold at such outrageous prices when the quality is seriously terrible. It's also about shopping smart and make sure to have a vision in your head about what your potential haul can be used with for future OOTDs.
It's shouldn't be a one time thing, if like that might as well buy the cheapest clothes you can find lol so you can wear and throw away.

# Fashion Tip: Styling is very important as each type of styling (accessories & such) can give out a different outcome on the wearer though it's the same clothes on.

Top| Toki Choi
Culottes with belt | Starroom
Army Jacket | Thrift store (RM5)

Studded Handbag|  Zalora
High Heels | LZD by Lazada 

Upclose shot of my favorite studded bag from zalora bought during their sale earlier this year.

What i wasn't happy about this bag was the quality, after one usage the clasps holding the shoulder string broke and had to send to the haberdashery store to get it fixed. And don't get me started on the studs, it's falling out non stop. First and last time i'm getting their in-house brand because their quality is TERRIBLE. Once bought their zalora sandals which only last me for 2 wears before it gave way, end up throwing it because not worth to pay so much to fix it back :-/
But so far their clothes range seem to be fine aside from it looking a wee bit cheapo looking thanks to their fabric choices lel.
If you want to purchase from zalora use my code to get 15% off your purchase: " ZBAPZAC0"

High heels always makes any OOTD look like we have just walked out of a Fashion spread magazine and who doesn't like heels despite them being painful (beauty has a price), since it helps to make us girls look taller with an illusion of slimmer legs too! :-P

Disclaimer: All photos are taken using my faithful HTC Desire EYE (°◡°♡).:。



  1. I need to check out Toki Choi as well. Perhaps you only look good in their clothes because you have the figure to carry them? We shall see. HEHEHE

  2. Dear u look stunning! Love your heel and hand bag so much, it makes you fashionable enough :D

  3. Love your hair! I've been wanting to dye my hair for the longest time, but never had the courage. Still waiting to be braver.

  4. A pretty lady like you will just rock any clothes on! I don't believe that the jacket only cost you RM5 though! But I do agree on we doesn't necessarily have to sacrifice so much money to get a picture or OOTD that is social media worthy. :)

  5. i love your culottes actually :D but i seriously cant believe that jacket is just 5 bucks! what a good deal!

  6. It's thrift stores where one would find gems like your RM 5 jacket. What a gem! Such a bargain price yet adds such difference when you paired it with your burgandy top :)

  7. The jacket is definitely a stellar!! And it's only RM5! I must visit more thrift shops now. Tsk tsk.

  8. Really love your outfit. Love the pairing of the skirt and jacket. Something I can never do or pull off.

  9. Nice stuff.... can never be able to pair up clothes nicely myself. :( Super fail me.

  10. I like your top. Looks nice on you. Will try to dress up myself too.

  11. Nice mix and match clothes. The last picture look a bit moody :P Overall i still love to see your OOTD for that day

  12. Outfit looks nice! Wouldn't mind getting a pair of my own.. But hehehe, heels can be a real pain, I agree. :P

  13. who don't like heels? me i guess, coz i rather be comfortable than suffer in pain. but you look gorgeous in them and toki choi clothes.

  14. Love to try all the color you wear! I have new love for dark green hehe! Burgundy color looks really bright and make skin looks more fair! hehe

  15. I also one of the fans of Toki Choi. Sometimes I bought very nice shirt from them and look so nice.

  16. Yes! I bought clothes from Toki Choi before. They are very trendy and affordable as well. Love your ootd

  17. Nice layering and color co-ordinate, I love mix and match too so that my wardrobe won't be that boring :)

  18. You always look stunning Lisa... hugs.... I wish I can dress as well as you.....

  19. Ahem...that is why I buy accesories more than clothes. Hahaha...accesories certainly will make one outfit looks different on you.

  20. Ahem...that is why I buy accesories more than clothes. Hahaha...accesories certainly will make one outfit looks different on you.

  21. looking good, from top to bottom. I do like that red top, simplicity at its best.


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