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My name is Arisa and was a cosplayer for 12 years in Malaysia before settling down in Kyoto, Japan. Exploring Japan full time has been a long time dream of mine, so let's explore it together!
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A Journey Through Time feat. Julien Macdonald SS16

Been meaning to share this blogpost the first thing i got home from the fashion show last weekend but i didn't want to do a crappy job on rushing my pictures and video because i would like all of you to savor every single detail of the designs made by renown Welsh fashion designer, Julien MacDonald (not McD ya lol).
Thank you so much Jessica of thinking of me for this show, if it weren't for you i wouldn't have gotten to visit one of my favorite British fashion designers in person! Was so over the moon that no words could even describe how i felt walking through The Julien MacDonald's Retrospective Exhibition which was being displayed now in StarHill Gallery, Kuala Lumpur recently.

For more photos of the The Julien MacDonald's Retrospective Exhibition please visit my album on facebook.

Every single piece worn by the mannequin that day tells a tale of its own even without needing a famous celebrity to wear them in order to get recognition (it's also a good thing la). Just by observing every single stitch, material, texture and detailing on each of Julien's designs i can personally feel them talking/ relating to me in a way. It has life of it's own and don't think many would appreciate the small bits of details like i do :)
What can i say, studying and graduating from a fashion design has thought me many things about fashion and the importance of having a keen eye for details.

From this exhibition itself i could tell the importance of Julien's designing aesthetics Incorporated in all his designs, the trademark body hugging silhouettes accompanied with delicate fabrics choices and intricate detailing.
Every piece to flatter a women despite her body shape, size or age he makes them look effortlessly glamorous. And like he quoted during the tour interview session "everybody needs a little glamour in their life".

pfftt! Ignore the ugly tote please haha!

Never in my life i would thought of having this opportunity to meet a famous designer like himself and seeing the REAL DEAL red carpet dresses that's been worn and photographed by every entertainment or fashion magazine.
The feeling of dying happy and gone to heaven was there, seriously not kidding. Like how foodies say they get 'foodgasm' (food+ orgasm combo) from a good dish, i am getting 'Fashiongasm' which also has a nice ring to it lol.
Wish i could have the opportunity to have a cup of coffee, to talk, and show Julien my designs and thank him on how some of his works actually inspired me back in my struggling college years :')
Now again, had rekindled the same passion within me after it being burnt out for so long, this was the kind of motivation i needed and was missing of.
Regretted not bringing enough name-cards so i didn't pass him my contact, sigh :(

Julien is such a humble designer despite having an international brand recognition for his works (since they were mostly worn by so many famous celebs) makes me want to give him a big hug but better not la, if not nanti (later) his PR marah (scold) lol.
I have alot to learn from the master designer himself and wouldn't mind volunteering to internship in his company if there is an opening one day. There is so many things i would die just to get in shot like this in life, like they always say dream big!

Some of my favorite picks from Julien MacDonald's SS 16.

Bet you would be wondering right now of all things why a sudden surprise visit by a famous designer here in Malaysia instead of our more "posh" neighbor Singapore haha.
Guess we are lucky in that sense to be having the maestro himself over and getting a first hand viewing of Julien MacDonald SS/16 collection.

Totally blown away by what i saw with my very own eyes right before the runway, could literally cry because it's almost like I am in Paris, Milan fashion week where all big named designers/ brands showcase their newest collections before it's even been seen by the public eyes. 
That's one of the perks working in the fashion industry, be it as a fellow designer, stylist, celebrity, journalist, writer or reporter, we always get to see what's out first before anyone else lol.

Get ready to be swept away by all the amazing pieces you'll be seeing in the video below inspired by his past travels to Malaysia (yay!) and his previous collection from London Fashion week.


FYI: Remember the recent AMA 2015 awards where JLo reminds the world once again why she's the queen of booty (sorry and too bad Kardashian lol) and she is still reigning strong with that show stopper performance! What made her appearance in AMA 2015 a more spectacular one this year was because she's rocking one of Julien MacDonald's armor studded dress in gold that flaunts her curves in all the right places.

After the fashion show itself, we had a private tour with Julien MacDonald, explaining about the pieces that's was displayed in his Retrospective Exhibition, gave some very interesting answers to our questions and even shared some very useful tips for up and coming young designers too. So if you want to hear a word or two of advice from Julien MacDonald himself for your future career path in the fashion industry, then watch this 2nd video inclusive of some pictures I've taken from the exhibition hall :)
Click here to watch: Interview with Julien McDonald

Julien MacDonald's visit and exhibition in Malaysia was for the sole purpose of collaborating with Starhill Gallery's campaign called "Journey Through Time" held from 20th-27th November 2015 featuring many other participating iconic fashion brands as well.
Covering all the artistic aspects of the creative field for the whole week, Starhill even presents international artistes like British Pop idol Mr Gareth Gates (wasn't invited for this *sobs*), Mezzo-soprano Ms. Carly Paoli and Italian tenor Mr. Alessandro Safina whom will be presenting at the Tourism and Gala Night: Watch and Jewellery of the year Award Presentation.

Photo credit to official event photographer of Starhill

More details and the latest updates for A Journey Through Time by Starhill Gallery and Ministry of Tourism & Culture Malaysia please visit: www.ajourneythroughtime.com.my or www.facebook.com/starhillgallery

And  the usual last but not least an OOTD collage of what i wore during the event, designed and 'modeled' by yours truly :-P
This was just a prototype made for part of my oriental collection, designed and made earlier this year but as usual kept aside to collect dust lol. Finally got to wear it out but didn't like to flaunt my flabby un-toned arms so i paired it with a white top. Another reason was because it's ASEAN Summit 2015 with so many police stationed at every nook and cranny of KL and having to walk weraing something so sheer would just attract unwanted attention from these perverts. Even with a white shirt inside, still kena from them anyways, so i also give up la seriously =.=;;

The photo was obviously professionally photographer by none other famous blogger and aspiring fashion photographer- JessyTheKLChic
So much love for the way she always takes photos! ❤

Oriental Sheer Halter Dress | by Arisa
Studded bag | Zalora
Platforms | Forever21 (but it died that day lol)
Statement Earrings |  Aldo


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