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My name is Arisa and was a cosplayer for 12 years in Malaysia before settling down in Kyoto, Japan. Exploring Japan full time has been a long time dream of mine, so let's explore it together!
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Galaxy Fairy Tutorial feat. #LaneigeBBWorld

3rd generation already?? Yes, Laneige all time favorite BB cushion is back to conquer the cushion world with their award wining formula!
Seriously comparing all cushions i've tried so far, gotta say that Laneige has worn my heart a million times over ever since they were the first among all Korean cosmetic brands to introduce this revolutionize version of a foundation in a compact casing making it easy for one to apply and go anytime and anywhere without the hassle of needing a sponge or brush for even, flawless application.

Though the 3rd generation has been introduced last month, haven't got around giving it a test till recently because of their #LaneigeBBworld contest which ended couple days ago on the 31st August and made my last minute beauty tutorial entry featuring their 3rd generation cushion.
If it weren't for that contest think my cushion is going to sit in my stash for another month or two till i finish my current laneige bb cushion (2nd generation) lol.

As i've mentioned a million times over (bet some of you are even rolling your eyes lol) that i love customized stuff!

Having cosmetics that does the job in a blink of an eye is every girls (and guys) dream because who likes spending 2 hours on their face when you can spend the 1 hour 30 minutes extra for sleeping lol or maybe that only applies to lazy farts like me :-P
Really, sleep is so important these days that i can forgo make up anytime despite saying that i need make up to look decent on a daily basis because of my light colored rainbow hair. Came to the point where i just say "NAHHHHH!! You look fine, eyebags and all" to justify my unglam look haha but i do make it a habit to ALWAYS dump my cushion into my handbag as an emergency quick fix whenever needed alongside with my eyebrow powder, liquid eyeliner & canmake my lip & cheek gel. All you need is 4 items to look presentable immediately, so who says you need to apply so many stuff on your face just to look fresh. Of course, unless you have the extra time to spare then by all means go all out in creating a dramatic look but if you are just gonna do a light one, trust me on those 4 products lol. 

Speaking of which, i know some of you have been asking on how i created my own version of my "galaxy make up" which was originally inspired by a beautiful artwork posted by @qinniart 
That constellation freckled girl artwork of hers really stole the hearts of people all around the world, each and everyone of them trying to recreate the look into reality. Most of the time these kind of dramatic looks are meant for instagram or pintrest worthy as they are just to bizarre to be worn out unless you are going to a party or something.
So i've decided to make my own toned-down version which is really simple, all you need is tons of blushers in different shades/ textures with loose glitter.
My only regret was not investing in a liquid white/ silver eyeliner that would definitely make a whole lot of difference of the outcome of this look, told myself enough buying cosmetics so gotta deal with what i have for now which is a pencil lol.

If you are lazy to read about my review on the cushion, feel free to watch this video instead lol
also step by step on how to slap on tons of blushers and glitter like a "pro"with finishing touches of randomly drawn on stars to get an IG/pintrest worthy selfie that would make your friends go "woahhh..teach me senpai!" but actually even a monkey can do it.

This look feels more of "frostbite-ish" in a way lol as it was meant to compliment my blue hair previously hence i skipped the blue/ purple eye shadows on my face or else it'll look like the universe just barfed all over me lel.

So flawless!

Believe it or not, after trying out Laneige's newest BB cushion, think i can say goodbye to concealers already lol, the coverage is extremely good to even up dull skin tone and pimple scars of mine. Comparing the 2nd generation with the 3rd, they have improved in terms of coverage and lasting power as the newer one gives a flawless finishing up to 12 hours without any touch ups except blotting of the nose area which is common for me as i have an oily T-zone. 2nd generation bb cushion does a relatively decent job on the coverage but tends to dry up patchy on some areas (so it requires touch ups) after 4 hours IF i do not set it with any loose/ press powder and i still need concealers to cover up my imperfections.


BB Cushion 2nd Generation:
  • Lasting coverage up to 7-8 hours 
  • Needs concealer to completely cover imperfections
  • Needs finishing powder to set (for those who don't like dewy finishing)
  • Not sweat resistant, melts along with your sweat
  • Covers big pores
BB Cushion 3rd Generation: 
  • Lasting coverage up to 10-12 hours (proven, as I've worn mine since 5am up till 12am)
  • Doesn't need concealer, just pat over a couple of time to build the coverage
  • Finishing is somewhere between matte & dewy 
  • Doesn't melt off even during sweat (water proof)
  • Covers big pores

Honestly thought that the 2nd generation cushion was already perfect as it is except it could use a wee bit of improvement but overall i didn't have much to complain about it but the 3rd generation literally blew me away :D
Don't ask me about the 1st generation because i don't have it to compare with and i'm not planning to change from my 2nd & 3rd generation collection lol.
If you are looking for cushions that gives you a photoshoot ready skin without being too thick, heavy and sticky i would recommend Laneige's! Without fail every time i thought i am done for without a concealer, all i needed to do was dab on and slowly build on the coverage without having to worry it might appear patchy afterwards.

The holographic finishing is so shiny!

Benefits of the 3rd generation cushion
  • 3D skin fit technology 
  • Dual brightening effect
  • Two step pore control
  • Moisturizing
  • UV protection SPF50+PA++
  • Water resistant 

Products used to create the Galaxy Fairy Look

Not too over the top and you don't need a special occasion to wear this look out, so much for "pregnancy glows" which i didn't really get sadly lol so why not create my own "glow" right?
Too lazy to wear my bottom lashes as well, but you guys get the idea also think my hair is due for a color change soon since it's been 3 months already.

You can get the latest BB cushion at your nearest Laneige flagship stores or counters today
More details on Laneige Malaysia

when #mylilparasite wasn't so visible yet *aww*
Thank you for the invitation Laneige!

It's nice seeing familiar faces during events and also slight catching ups!
Introducing the most down to earth bunch i've ever known :)
From Left: Jessy, Carol & Claire

Since the last sponge fiasco on my blog, how many of you have gotten your sponges changed at their laneige counters already? I do hope they are not giving any of you guys any problem with the exchange after all the complaints i've submitted to them (with screenshots as well) about them not being fair to their customers who came to exchange their sponges.
They did make a public announcement on their Facebook page, as did i so those who have dioterated sponges, kindly make your way to the nearest counter and exchange them for a new one, you don't need a receipt just bring along your cushion puff and they can't turn you away for purchasing your bb cushion from sephora/ other places aside from their laneige counters as it is still their products. If they are still giving you guys a hard time, kindly drop me a comment or message (arisa1443@gmail.com) so i can make another huge fuss to their HQ for being irresponsible by turning a deaf ear to their loyal customers :-/
Despite all the drama, i still love using their cushions as i can't find another brand formula on par with theirs, so i do hope other customers feel the same as well. Let's not have one bad experience ruin our good moments with them.


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