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#MystyleMycushion by Innisfree

Think i am turning into my mom because subconsciously everything i have now is lavender/ purple color *gasp!* used to laugh at her for liking this color so much that majority of her clothes, bags and accessories are purple lol and her favorite flower is purple too, guess which? It smells great and commonly used in essential oil or aromatherapy. 

Receiving this color was purely a coincidence too, guess the lovely peeps of hashtagcity just knows me too well eh? :-P
Or maybe they got inspired by my faded blue-ish purple hair lol, all and all thank you so much for always showering me with so much love guys! Customized/ handmade gifts are always something i look forward to receiving & giving, it doesn't matter what value it is because to me it's all about the thought that counts. What more can be as thoughtful as this, showing how much you know a friend or family member to be able to gift them something they are sure to love upon first sight!

Noticed something different? 
Aside from our usual cushion puffs Innisfree has introduced another 2 unique applicator tools that you can use with your cushion as part of the customization process!

Customizing your very own cushion has been a hot trending activity in Korea ever since Innisfree first launched their own customization cushion section featuring 100 types of cushion casing designs, and it's slowly picking up in other countries too, we are really blessed to have this in Malaysia too!
Usually we Malaysians would complain on why we don't get the good stuff whenever our favourite brands launch something limited edition and Malaysia (while our neighbor Singapore gets them, *hmph) always seems to be excluded from them so we gotta ask our overseas friends to help us get it or wait for it to appear somewhere online with a ridiculous pricing lol.

So 'nasib baik' Innisfree Korea decided to 'kasi' Malaysia a chance to market the same campaign as them haha! Thank you Innisfree Korea/ global for giving us this opportunity to enjoy the fun as well.

This is the sponge applicator, really soft and spongy that it feels like marshmallows lol, not for consumption ya, i know my photos are too pretty and candy-like already *perasan* lol just joking!
My take on the contractible brush and sponge, it really depends on what kind of coverage you want to achieve and situation you are using it. As a person on the go, the default cushion puff is definitely choice because it requires less storage space in my cosmetic pouch meanwhile the brush and sponge is more suitable for home usage. But that's my opinion la, if you disagree then okay lor..

Even their default cushion puffs has two types, as part of their newly launched applicator family there's now Air Magic Puff Fitting (brown pad) and the previous model- Air Magic Puff Fitting (Glow), for better coverage i chose air magic puff fitting as it really helps to cover up my pores and even fine lines that are often missed by the glow puff. They have designed the cushion puffs in such a way to produce different types of finishing, if you are like me who likes the whole face flawless AF, please go for the fitting puff instead. For minimal coverage and dewy finishing, then stick with the glow puff :)
Hope i ain't confusing you guys lol!

Stamping Puff: RM23
Cushion Brush: RM45
Cushion Puff (Air/ Fitting): RM9

Gotta be flawless at all times because i try not to rely on beauty filters too much (ada la, sikit here and there lol)

As for the cushion types itself they have two different kinds as well, one is Long wear cushion meanwhile the other is Water fit cushion. During the roadshow i've tried out those two again just to refresh my memory on why didn't i pick waterglow from the start lol. For those of you who are blessed with poreless skin, probably slightly dull and needs a lil perk up my best recommendation for you would be the waterglow puff. It gives you the dewy finishing adored by all Koreans but in term of coverage it's really minimal compared to long wear cushion. For those with scars and pimples like me and wants better coverage then do pick long wear cushion instead! It also has a matte finishing so that i don't have to top with off with any pressed powder except their no-sebum loose powder to keep my oily T-zone in check.

Priced at RM52 for a refill pack (without casing)

5 different shades available, i'm a N21!
 How about you?

Once you have selected your choice of applicator and cushion type, it's time to head on the most challenging piece of the puzzle lol. Picking a casing cover out of the 100 designs available.
For those of you who have missed their pop up store last last 2 weekends ago at sunway pyramid, you can still walk in to any of their outlets to get your cushion customized!
They currently have 3 outlets in Klang Valley- Sunway Pyramid, Paradigm Mall & Pavilion (more coming soon). 
If you know any of your friends using Innisfree cushion just like you, here's your chance to get them a casing that fits their personality and style!
I now have 3 casings to fit my mood lol and it's pretty cool to whip out something different compared to the usual boring compacts whenever you want to do a quick touch up, planning to add in more but i still can't decide which :-P

Casing: RM33 each

Pretty sure your friends would love to have these as a gift, be it guy or girl make up don't discriminate since its pretty universal and heck it's just coverage for the skin, no crime in wanting to be flawless and fab! Do check out their latest Music video on their official Facebook page to get the "feels" in you: Innisfree Malaysia

Believe it or not, i spent approximately closed to an hour deciding on which design to get haha!
Shy die me man, people staring at me for being so fickle lol.

All 100 designs out on display.

So what's your style?



  1. this is so interesting... I must check it out and see.... but then again.. I think have to restrain myself... still have a few bbcushion around I have not finished...

  2. So many styles to choose, very hard leh, all look nice :)


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