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Daisuke Salon | Importance of Brazilian Keratin Treatment (BKT)

Brazilian Keratin Treatment! One of my all time favorite hair treatments as it leaves my hair feeling like a newborn baby's soft hair before it gets thicker as they grow older.
Some are blessed with soft and fine hair meanwhile some of us have natural coarse thick hair which is also a blessing in disguise as its tough condition makes it durable to bleaching and coloring compared to those with fine and fragile hair! :)
God is fair in that section lol, like how you can only have either one- Beauty or Brains or in some cases in between.

How many of you took advantage of the PokemenGo promotion by Daisuke Salon during the month of August especially when everyone was hyping over that phone game to the point of risking their own lives just to catch rare pokemons lol wtf. Careful please people!
No doubt all the PokemonGo related marketing activities that came up by brands and companies are indeed a pure genius stunt to attract customers :P
And the promo offered by Daisuke Salon is indeed irresistible especially for returning customers such as me, I really do enjoy it when brands take the time to reward their customers with a promotion like this as an act of appreciation.

I always get asked how do i maintain my hair healthy and frizz free from all the constant bleaching and dyeing but first of all let me clarify that my hair wasn't as badly damaged as most people would expect from the works done on my hair because of the good quality bleach and dye used at Daisuke Salon. I've been getting my unicorn hair done for over a year already (how time flies!), so far i never had any case of balding and my hair condition is almost the same before the bleaching, like i said no diff. 
Except i do use a special kind of medicated shampoo and tonic to keep my scalp healthy and prevent any premature balding (yes, i'm paranoid), you can get this shampoo from Daisuke Salon itself, it's called Tansan Magic! Works like damn magic indeed ;)

But occasionally like once every 2-3 months, when i have some time to spare, i will drop by the salon to get my treatment fix because who doesn't love smooth healthy hair right?
From the information i have gathered and observed on this popular hair treatment is that, it takes an average of 2-3 hours (plus minus) to complete the whole process from applying the formula to the ultrasonic infrared treatment that helps with the penetration (takes up to 50 mins), and trust me that you will eventually fall sleep because it's that relaxing just lying there doing nothing lol. But the end result of it is amazing, it tames your hair the natural way, providing up to 2 months of mess free hair (for me at least) but results do varies from customer to customer as everyone has different types of hair texture. 

Daisuke Salon's BKT treatments is formaldehyde free, so it's pregnancy friendly as well!

If you have really wild hair that has a mind of its own and refuses to coordinate with you but you do not want to permanently straighten your hair, you may consider this option that would give you manageable locks for a couple of weeks or months if you take care of it properly :)

Importance of Brazilian Keratin Treatment 
  • Manageable and smooth hair that lasts up to 2 months or more if cared for properly
  • Provides your hair with extra keratin (aka protein) that's essential for healthy and strong hair
  • Lesser time spent on straightening your hair during blow drying
  • Recommended for those with constant bleached/ dyed hair as it strengthens and makes it more resilient 
  • Considered a "restorative treatment"

One would also ask how much is it for this treatment, prices do varies but expect the range of RM300- 500 depending on your hair condition. Pricing is usually confirmed after consultation which you can walk in anytime during Tuesday to Sunday.
It isn't a type of treatment that you'll need to follow up diligently on a monthly basis like bleaching your roots, unless of course you would like longer (almost permanent like) lasting results, Daisuke Salon would advise to do this treatment regularly for maintenance sake :)

Away from heated tools, you can start saying good bye to your straighteners already!

Don't forget to mention my name to get 20% off your total bill, this discount is only available for first timers for services such as cut, color, BKT and perming.

With Lady Boss, Ai and megu-chan sleeping behind!

Thank you Rene for taking care of my hair!

Daisuke Salon De Coiffure
C-25-01, Dataran 3 Two Square,
No 2 Jalan 19/1, 46300 Petaling Jaya
Tel: 03-7960 0140
Operating Hour:
Tue - Sat: 10:00 - 20:00
Sun: 10:00 - 18:00


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