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Stay ZIKA VIRUS FREE with Mosquitno

Truth be told, no one likes mosquitoes and makes me wonder what's their exact purpose on earth actually, just like those damn cockroaches :-/
Of all things God has to create, he gave us pests to deal with that barely contributes back to the circle of life lol, i mean what can a mosquito do except be part of a frog or lizard's meal and the rest of their days are spent breeding, biting animals/ humans or mutating into something far more dangerous spreading diseases such as Dengue, Malaria and zikka virus.

ZIKKA VIRUS IS NO JOKE, read how it affects El Savador Women and their babies.

They might be useless but deadly nonetheless, though there are many types of protection methods against these pests out there in the market but majority of them involves direct skin contact in order to be "effective".

How many of you here dislike the scent of these repellents as much as i do? The only reason i usually put up with them is because the protection is needed whenever i go for outdoor activities like trekking, walking or jogging around areas that are most likely an ideal breeding ground for mosquitoes like forest or parks with ponds or stagnant monsoon drains (plenty in Malaysia). But mosquitoes are not only limited to these areas, even around us whether it's in the office, car park or even shopping malls there's bound to be a couple of them nearby as well but to smell like a pungent walking mosquito repellent in these public areas, that doesn't sound too ideal right?

That is why i am glad to have discover this brand called MOSQUITNO (sounds similar to mosquito lol) that offers other protection methods against mosquitoes without the traditional approach of applying directly on the skin. This is definitely much more suitable for those with sensitive skin and nose as it's close to basically being odorless (aside from the fragrance spray) so you won't even realized that you are actually being protected from mosquitoes 24/7 while going on with your daily tasks. 

I remembered earlier last month when Zikka virus outbreak made it to Malaysia, everyone literally went bat-shit insane especially expecting mothers and i don't deny that i too was worried about contracting it directly since i live near the forest. Went around asking how and where i could get myself tested or vaccinated from it but in the end work load got to me and i eventually forgot about it. Sounds terrible that i have took such a huge risk in neglecting the health of my unborn child and myself right? So far my monthly check ups has been alright, nothing out of the ordinary and managed to keep mosquito bites as minimal as possible because i am always wearing fully covered clothing (not a fan of showing much skin to begin with).

For those of you who aren't a fan of reading lengthy informative blogposts, please watch my video instead! Don't worry, you'll still get the whole entire information just the lazy way (or i like to call it the gudetama method) lol, why have our society become so lazy to read these days? 
You might probably laugh from some of the funny moments of me having difficulty pronouncing certain words because it felt like a tongue twister :-P

Well now that i have these babies (mosquitno) in hand, which i should probably should stock up even more lol, i can now get one concern off my list and focus on other stuff like getting my house ready for lil parasite's arrival. Been telling myself that like forever but always end up not having time at all, even my supposed maternity shoot looks like it's not going to happen also due to my unpredictable work schedule which makes booking and coordinating with my photographers difficult. How i wish i have more flexibility!

Gonna be sharing about the function of each uniquely designed mosquito repellent product below so read on, to find out which one caters to your needs more!

Fun Citronella Sticker (100% natural)

At trendy way to pimp up your clothing while staying protected from mozzies, suitable for children 6 months and above. Even adults can use this but sticking them unto your bags, hats, clothes as it doesn't require direct skin contact as long it's placed within close proximity of the user. 
Lasts up to 72 hours, but adhesive wise would be worn out quicker if there is too much vigorous movements.  This has a mild citronella scent, but isn't too overpowering, in fact it's barely there unless you sniff the sticker directly (not advisable).

Odorless Textile Spray

I love this guy the most because it helps me keep the mozzies that's been hiding behind my closet and curtains at bay without staining nor leaving a pungent repellent scent lingering in the house!
Made from nano technology, it is quick to absorb and dry giving your textiles protection up to 3 months in a single spray alone. One small bottle can lasts up to 50 textile treatments, as you don't need much of it to scare mosquitoes away. This method works well for me as i have super sensitive skin at the moment, so direct application of cream based repellent products is usually a big NO from me and there isn't any other way to keep me protected until i discovered this.
Can label this invention as pure genius!

Brought it out on a test run by spraying unto my workout clothes during one of my night walks (usually call this session as Mosquito feeding time lol), and came home without a single bite, so it really works.
It's only 50ml by the way so it's easy for you to carry around in your bag during travels.

Fragrance for Her

This is an interesting innovation by mosquitno, it's dermatologically tested made specifically for skin contact and provides protection up to 10 hours. The scent is pretty pleasant for something used to repel mosquitoes lol, smells exactly like normal perfume which is a great alternative to switch from your current perfume to this. Can finally walk in shopping malls or take crowded public transport smelling like a million bucks! 
Psst, comes in men fragrance too :D

All of Mosquitno products are 100% DEET FREE, for those of you who don't know what deet means, it's short form for diethyltoluamide a common active chemical found in insect repellents which can cause severe irritation when it comes in contact with the human skin. This product is proven safe for pregnant women and children, recommended by the World Health Organization (WHO) against Zikka Virus and Dengue. Choosing to stay protected isn't difficult with modern alternatives these days, it's all about the effort one takes into doing so. 
More info can be found here: www.mosquitno.com.my/pregnant_mothers.cfm

This post isn't generally directing just for mothers and children but also men out there who are prone to mosquitoes bites as well as these pests do not discriminate, feeding on humans is what they do for a living. And contracting whatever the mosquitoes has isn't fun either, the last i checked it always ends up with a hospital visits and frequent blood tests. But for Zikka virus case, keep your spouse and expecting baby safe by being diligent in this matter as the symptoms might not be physically obvious from outside but it can caused an irreversible damage to fetuses.
Mosquinto has a large selection of products to choose from ranging from skincare, fragrances to household items, so do feel free to explore them all and enjoy free shipping with purchases above RM180.

Facebook: www.facebook.com/mosquitnomysg
website: www.mosquitno.com.my



  1. OMG! Sounds awesome! I also do not really like the traditional mosquito repellant smell. Will have to check it out^^

  2. It's good they have good smelling fragrance for mosquito repellant since I don't like the smell of original mosquito repellant. I tend to get headache with those smell

  3. I don't use mosquito repellent normally, only when I go into the jungle. Will get myself the small spray. That would come in handy.

  4. Wow that solves my problem of not liking the repellent smell! Didnt know mosquito repellent is so convenient and fuss free!

  5. Most of the repellent smell awful. Would love to try this one out.

  6. Wow love this invention!! The bottle packaging is so pretty too!! Have to check out this now =D

  7. Finally a good mosquito repellent that has a decent scent to go along with it. Cheers to sharing this babe - will certainly check it out :)

  8. the packaging and product looks pretty attractive.. if it works well and smell decent it must be great.. won't mind trying it out

  9. Zika.virus has spread the terror everywhere and glad we have some relief now.

  10. the stickers are so cute!!! must check them out!

  11. the packaging looks so nice and cute!!!Would like to check it out!

  12. I would love to welcome this to my home too. It come with a very vibrant color stickers.

  13. Ya, must be careful and keep mozzies at bay. I also received one herbal repellent recently.

  14. This looks really reliable!! thanks babe!

  15. good product! gotta get it to keep the mosquitos at bay.. they're always at my kids ><"

  16. Wow thanks for this great review, always wondered if it really works plus i have sensitive skin.

  17. Cool! I've seen this around when I was at night markets but wasn't sure if they actually work

  18. I hate mosquito, it will leave red mark in my skin and i dont like it. I love the fragrance. If i went lepak with my friends especially mamak (we tend to sit outside the restaurant - feeding the mosquito HAHA), I can use that perfume. Hehehehe

  19. I need it for my family. Last year, my husband and i admitted because of Dengue.

  20. My home got so much mosquito recently, but I don’t like to use mosquito repellent, because smell awful usually.. and very sticky! Also the packaging is ungy == but what you sharing is really different! The bottle so beautiful!


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