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MAYBELLINE | Contour Kit Review

Contouring, one of the steps i enjoyed most whenever i put on my make up! How much difference can scribbling your face with a product that's a shade darker to bring out those features that's being wipe flat from your foundation and powder base. Many would give an excuse saying that contouring is too hard, or too lazy but in fact once you get a hang of it things would be a breeze and it takes barely a minute to enhance those cheekbones and jawline. I am not asking you guys to contour the crap out of your face like those Hollywood stars on red carpet with crazy as sharp features, if you watched their make up process, you too would be freaked out at the amount of contouring done just to achieve that "red carpet look". Probably in photos it would look damn good but upclose there's like more than 5 inch thick make up plastered on your face lol.

That's also one of the misconceptions people have about contouring, they think it's only suitable for photoshoots and such due to it's thick application nature but it doesn't have to be that way.
You can also contour your face naturally, it all depends on the products you use and method of application!
Being a contouring junkie, i've made it my mission to test out various of contouring products all over the world (if possible) so if there's any international brand who wants to get featured in my experiment a.k.a contouring quest, do get in touch with me- arisa1443@gmail.com
So far i've tried local brands, UK ones, Japan and Korea which some of the reviews are still pending in my draft lol.

Today allow me to introduce this cream contouring stick by Maybelline, seriously love the genius duo head design which is space saving for those on the go or travelling, there's no need to carry 2 separate products but the design could be improved further like concealing a retractable blending sponge/ brush in the middle of this stick so that i don't have to purposely carry around my beauty blender to use it. Something to ponder on Maybelline!

It's heads are shaped like lipsticks making it easy to angle it on desired contouring areas that are usually hard to reach unless it's slanted, that's why most contour pros recommend powder types and angled brushes or liquid ones.
But comparing to their first generation contour stick (that didn't reach Malaysia but you can google it) that's super duper bulky, this is definitely an improvement!

Being lipstick shaped it isn't too thick or bulky for my grip, in fact i found the sizing just right and in terms of texture it's up to my liking, not too creamy and not too dry so it's easy to blend in with fingers but i prefer to use my beauty blender sponge instead.

Available in 2 different kinds of shades suitable for those with darker skin tone too! I picked light (01) as it suited fair skin people like me more unless you are the type that likes those dramatic contours then by all means take a shade darker as the contrast would be much more obvious.

Light is more for a natural finishing.

Blending is easier with a beauty blender 

For those of you who have followed the Korean trend of contour sticks would noticed that their designs are somewhat "fatter" to grip and definitely more expensive due to the exchange rate, however if you would like to try out these cream sticks for experimenting purposes without feeling the pinch, i would recommend this drug store brand :)
Works just the same except it's waaaayyy more affordable and easy to get off the shelves at your nearest Pharmacy.

Rating: 8/10
Price: RM35.90 each

Peach shade

Now here's another travel friendly buddy to have in your make up bag! Sadly it doesn't come with a highlighter like the ones i have seen with Japanese brands like K-palatte and Kiss Me (finished using those 2 before i even managed to review them lol) which at that time wasn't available in Malaysia yet till earlier this year, i got mine directly from Japan itself and loved it to bits! Designed in a way to shade, highlight and blush in just one compact that comes with a slanted head brush.

For Maybelline's V-Face blush contour the colors are super pigmented so you don't need to apply that much, just 1 -2 applications would do and you can spend your time blending it in.
The only downside for me was the brush as it was quite hard and rough, so the blending process feels like you are scratching your face with those metal cleaning toilet brush lol.

Rating: 6/10 (because of the brush)
Price: RM32.90 each

Moving on to my favorite part of the review which is the much hyped 3 toned lipstick from Maybelline that smells like watermelon!


I am a real sucker for ombre (gradient) lips despite it being an old trend but hey, it might end up being one of the classic styles that might just make its breakthrough again near future.

2 years ago when this trend first appeared we needed nude lipsticks or lip concealers to create such effect and all the hassle we have to go through using our fingers to make sure we get an even finishing was sure tough but finally last year when Laniege first introduced their two tone lip bar, make up junkies totally lost their tits raving about it. I too was one of them who was tempted to get one to try out but the price was just too expensive for me (wanted milk blurring and Juicy Popso i decided to forgo this and keep to the traditional methods till i discovered Miss Hana had their own ombre lipsticks too! You can check out my previous review on Miss Hana's 3 tone lipstick HERE.

Got my wish to try out Maybelline's Lip Flush series after my previous lipstick review on their lip sheer series lol, thank you for stalking me Maybelline Malaysia!
Love the texture of this lipstick as it moisturizing making it easy to glide across the lips and the color is pretty strong too, i prefer to get a soft finishing so i only apply them on once but if you like them darker you can easily build it on with 2-3 applications.

Rating: 9/10
Price: RM29.90

Effect from 1 application

Last but not least their newest baby in the eyeshadow family called Color Sensational Diamond Eyeshadow in Tourmaline Purple! Thought i have never been much of an eyeshadow fan because of the glitter dropping off my lids causing me to look like i have shiny eyebags lol but think maybe i should have applied eyelid primer before applying eye shadow on but overall even if i DID use eyeshadows it's usually more towards earth tones rather than dark smokey ones. So you'll rarely see me in purple, blue, black kind of eye shadows unless it's purposely to fit an event theme or make up tutorial lol. Real life i prefer my nudes, boring but versatile at least!

For this palette, though it's name indicates there's gonna be tons of glitter (diamond eyeshadow duh!) but surprising enough that the glitter is pretty subtle, so are the colors. Not as pigmented as i expected, can pretty much say that it's somewhat "sheer?" so you have to build on the colors if you really want them to stand out on your eyelids. Took me quite a few applications to actually get the color to show in the photo for my arm swatches.
Black will always be the most pigmented one of the lot la but the other lighter shades are barely visible. Some might like it but some might find it pointless, but the texture is at least blend-able without shedding too much glitter flakes.

Available in 3 colors : 
Rose Quartz Pink (love this shade more), Sapphire Blue and Tourmaline Purple

Color Sensational Diamond Eyeshadow in Tourmaline Purple

That's like 3-4 times application for the color to "pop" out

Rating: 5/10 
Price: RM29.90 each

Hope you guys found this review helpful! :)



  1. That lipstick!!! Love <3 <3 Been looking at their contouring kit too babe. Thanks for the review

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  9. Gradient lipstick is my favorite too! That contour stick just came in time, it was really convenient and love how it easily to build and create the contour we want!

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  12. I forgot to mention this in the previous comment, me liking your new layout very much.

    And that 3-tone lipstick is the bomb! Should get my bum to Maybeline like a.s.a.p coz I am really looking for a contouring product.

  13. good to read here about contouring. prior to reading about it here I wouldn't know about this term at all!

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  15. omg!!! i love this collection! fav is the lipstick for sure! i'm kinda interested in the contouring as well... really want to learn how to do it.. but never pushed myself to do so coz i wasn't sure how many sticks/colors need to get.. so ur post really made me want to try! Thanks for sharing!

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