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REVIEW | Cat & The Fiddle Cheesecakes

All mine *evil laughter!*

I love cheesecakes, no denying it and i don't understand how some people can say they hate cheesecakes lol but loving this dairy cake comes with a cost as well for someone like me who has to control her dairy intake or else it would be a trip to the bathroom lol. To me that kind of sacrifice is worth it anyway but i came to a point where i am pretty particular about my cheesecakes thanks to my grandmother who set the standard bar pretty high with her homemade ones and so far i haven't found anything that came close to her awesome non baked cheesecake except for the recent Cat & The Fiddle ones!

Think the creator of Cat and The Fiddle, Gary should meet my grandmother as both of them might come out with killer cheesecakes that could potentially dominate the cheesecake market man lol (who knows). Every cheesecake has their own unique characteristics given by their creators, so to compare them to other similar cakes out there can be quite tricky too.
This is also my first time agreeing to eat OTHER cheesecakes as well since i was quite curious to know about Cat and The Fiddle as how they are quickly becoming such a sensation in the internet food sphere that you can't miss seeing any post about it either on blogs, instagram updates or even food websites recommending them.

Cats & Cheesecakes, my kind of combination lol

Cat & The Fiddle Cheesecakes are currently available at HOPPS cafe in Sunway, (it's nearby Sunway University College) offering up to 6 mouth watering cheesecake flavors to choose from from their classic New York cheesecake to one with a definite Malaysian twist in it like the King Cat of The Mountain (Durian cheesecake) that's apparently quite well received among fellow Malaysians, (except me lol) as the combination of cream cheese and durian makes a perfect combination as the texture richness from the King of Fruits is enhanced in the cake making it delightful with every bite according to some friends who had a slice of this cake while i just cringed at the thought of it haha!

Sorry ain't such a big fan of durian because of the smell, so can't claim to be 100% Malaysian also pfft. But i can vouch for other flavors la since the other 5 didn't scare me away like the durian one lol, according to Cat & The Fiddle Team, among all the 6 interesting flavors offered; their best sellers are still the traditional ones like New York and Oreo Cheesecake. I am guessing Malaysians are pretty much people of comfort zones, reminded me of the time when my friend's cafe came out with wasabi soft serve and only a handful dared to try it lol.
Not saying that the flavors are unconventional, it's just somewhat different from what you usually get from the cake market. You don't really see mango and berry cheesecakes, probably in small fruit tarts but never in big slices like in Cat & The Fiddle.
That's what makes them unique!

Cat & The Fiddle cheesecakes are really smooth and soft which gives a melting sensation in your mouth that's similar to ice creams. So best eaten directly out of the fridge rather than waiting for it to thaw, so put down you cameras and start stuff your face with them lol.
I know we live in an era where the cameras gets the "first bite" but for these awesome cheesecake sake, please take my advice to enjoy them at their best!

My favorite flavor among all of it is the chocolate one! Considered a recent addition to the current ever expanding cheesecake family alongside with durian flavor. New flavors are introduced seasonally, so if you are the adventurous type then this would be your cup of tea!
It's not completely filled with cream cheese alone, more like something that won't make you feel "jelat" after a couple of slices (not bites lol) because of it's perfect balance of fluffy chocolate cake and chocolate cream cheese in between. But for full cream cheese ones, i would pick the usual oreo cheesecake and yes i am also a pretty typical Malaysian who's reluctant to come out of her comfort zone haha. But that's honestly just my preference as i find dairy and chocolate a combination made in heaven, there's no denying to that.

How did Cat & The Fiddle came about and why named after a child's nursery rhyme?

Those questions boggled the curiosity in me as well, but got all those answered with a simple explanation, more like "cheesy tales".
Cat & The Fiddle Cheesecakes originated from Singapore, known as the very first online specialist cheesecake store and was created by one of Singapore's well-known luxury dessertier - Chef Daniel Tay who has numerous awards under his belt such as being Pastry Chef of The Year 2001 and World Pastry Cup Gold Medal 1996.  He is also well trained in the art of classical french pastry and dessert making.
Came to know that there's actually 15 original flavors available in Singapore while Malaysia only carries 6 of it so far. Cat & The Fiddle Malaysia was adopted locally earlier this year- last July and is given a halal certificate status by JAKIM (no hotdog case here lol) to cater to the Malaysian market. Aside from being available on their online store www.catandthefiddle.com.my, the cheesecakes are also available in physical cafes like HOPPS and selected Paparich outlets sold per slice.

HOPP Café Address: No. 10A, Nadayu 28 Dagang, Jalan PJS 11/7, Bandar Sunway 48250, Selangor Darul Ehsan
Contact No: 03-5613 3366
Operation Hrs: 11.00 am – 10.00 pm 
PappaRichFind your nearest outlet!

What made Cat & The Fiddle so unique that it has bagged the title of being World's best cheesecakes as it was voted best cheesecake by Time Out Singapore, made from the freshest imported quality ingredients with no added artificial flavoring nor preservatives hence their shelf life is rather limited and customers are advice on how to properly store these cheesecakes with extra care and consume it ASAP.

Did you know that some cheesecake recipes contains alcohol?  Because i didn't lol, but if you are keen in trying the alcoholic version, you can do so for Cat & The Fiddle Singapore, as all the Malaysian cheesecakes, the recipe is slightly tweaked to meet our locals requirements

Now to spam you guys with more food porn pictures, not everyday you will get to see a strict diet person like me talk about desserts lol. But for this i made it and exception because it's just too darn good not to share about it! Also at the end of this post there's an exclusive online promotion waiting for you guys to try out these delectable cheesecakes, make sure to scroll all the way to the bottom k?
Don't say "bojioo" because i already shared ya :-P


Naughty and Nice (Chocolate Cheesecake)

Non-Baked Chocolate cheesecake: A devilishly sinful chocolate cheesecake layered with rich premium couverture chocolate mousse, topped off with pillows of fluffy sponge.
Main ingredients: Couverture Chocolate and Chocolate Mousse
Size and Weight: Approximately 7 inch and 900g
Price: RM119.00

King Cat of the Mountain (Durian Cheesecake)
Non-Baked Musang King Durian cheesecake: Creamy Musang King cheesecake arresting facade crowned with cubes of soft sponge with its dreamy innards of durian sponge cake and durian-studded cream cheese and soft sponges dusted with Cocoa powder.
Main ingredients: Real Musang King Durian
Size and Weight: Approximately 7 inch and 900g
Price: RM139.00


Over the Moon (New York Cheesecake)

Fully-Baked New York cheesecake: Rich with smooth cream cheese with delicious golden crust underneath and at the side wall, and top design is made from chocolate powder
Main ingredients: Cream cheese, chocolate, eggs and cream
Size and Weight: Approximately 7 inch and 1.1kg
Price: RM99.00

The Russian Whiskers (Mango Cheesecake)

Non-Baked Mango cheesecake: Rich cream cheese with fresh mango cube and finger biscuit with underneath biscuit crust with white curl chocolate chip at the side wall, and top is a thick layer of nature mango puree that burst with moist sweetness
Main ingredients: Fresh mango pieces and mango puree
Size and Weight: Approximately 7 inch and 1.1kg
Price: RM99.00

The Modern Duke’s Pudding (Oreo Cheesecake)

Fully-Baked Oreo cheesecake: The smoothness of rich cheese with the combination of Oreo cookies, and the crunchiness of Oreo cookie crumble underneath and top is a thick layer of Oreo cookies crumble
Main ingredients: Oreo cookies and cream
Size and Weight: Approximately 7 inch and 1.1kg
Price: RM99.00

Queen of Hearts (Strawberry Cheesecake)

Fully-Baked Strawberry cheesecake: Rich cheese with delicious golden crust underneath and at the side wall, and top is a thick layer of nature strawberry and raspberry puree that burst with moist sweetness and sourness.
Main ingredients: Strawberry puree
Size and Weight: Approximately 7 inch and 1.1kg
Price: RM99.00

Special discount for online orders!

Terms & Conditions apply:

1. Valid for online purchase at www.catandthefiddle.com.my
2. 16% off on cheesecakes only
3. Free Delivery within Klang Valley areas only
4. Self-Collection at Bandar Sunway, Cat & The Fiddle Office Level 1 – 10B (Landmark: HOPP Café)
5. Key-in discount code “Promo16” to enjoy 16% off
6. Place order at least 1 day in advance, order must be placed before 4.00 pm in order to enjoy next day delivery or self-collection
7. Promotion period end on 30th November 2016
8. Promotion only valid for online purchase & not valid with any other ongoing promotions
9.  The management reserves the right to modify the terms and conditions without prior notice
10. Customer able to schedule delivery date within one-month period from the purchase date.

Accessories: Birthday Tag, Birthday Candle and Plastic Cake Knife is not included, please purchase from Add-Ons

For more of Cat & The Fiddle tales, do follow them on social media for the latest updates!
Facebook: Cat & the Fiddle MY
Instagram: @catandthefiddlemy [#catandthefiddlemy]

Disclaimer: All photos are taken with Canon EOSM10 using Food and creative assist settings.

A really hungry,


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