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Koyara.com | Largest Natural Healthstore

It's really a huge change from the usual parcels i receive from the postman lol, from my usual shopping hauls of clothes and beauty products to a whole lot of baby stuff. It's true when they say that a baby changes EVERYTHING, from your choices in life having to consider that you have a lil one to think about to your perspective on things.

Counting down the weeks till #mylilparasite arrives, so i am preparing as much as i can so i am starting with the essentials like baby bathing products, clothes and other baby stuff. Things can be so convenient these days with the help of internet, how it connects people, provides useful information and even gets your much needed shopping done without any hassle.
I won't deny that i love shopping online because it helps me save alot of time especially since i barely have time to go out on weekends due to work and fatigue, most of all i would rather avoid the mall crowd as parking would be a real b*tch on weekends.

This is my first time hearing of Koyara.com website, didn't know that they have been around for quite some time and their website's specialty is carrying in organic/ natural baby products imported from all parts of the world. I have never been the kind that was cautious about going all organic and stuff as that kind of lifestyle is honestly too costly to follow, have you seen the price of an organic apple? That's like RM5 a piece! 
But i wouldn't say the same for baby products as it's logical for any parent to find brands that uses the least amount of chemicals since babies are still building their immunity and it wouldn't be wise to expose them to the same amount of chemicals as us adults do on a daily basis.

Here's a list of top brands trending on Koyara's website!
Little Twig
Original Sprout

Gonna be sharing about my little haul and here are some of the few items i've selected that would come in handy when lil parasite arrives, prior before selecting research of a brand is always needed.
Little Twig is a US brand that does not test on animals, environmental friendly and uses only natural ingredients to make their products. It's even gluten free for those with extra sensitive gluten allergy.
Got mine in a set of Lavender scented as it reminds me of home (my mom especially), also lavender scent is proven to be a calming scent which would be useful for both the baby and i whenever we feel like crying over sleepless nights and sore nipples lol.

Small bottles to test them out first!

As for breast milk bags, i found these really useful since i have no idea which i should get in the first place so what better option than Koyara to provide a Starter kit set for Honeysuckle BreastMilk Storage bags!
As you go through the website screening for items you need (but actually no idea at all like me), it can be quite confusing when you don't exactly know the functions of certain products, whether its a necessity or how is the quality feedback is like.
And i wouldn't want to instantly commit buying a bulk packaging just because it's cheaper without knowing whether the product works for me or not, so thank goodness for these Honeysuckle starter kit!

Pretty good gift for an expecting friend too, but make sure that she has a breast pump ready to use these storage bags lol there are universal adapters available on the website. I don't have a breast pump right now since i am not too certain about my breast milk flow until the baby arrives as those stuff don't come cheap too! So keeping my fingers crossed for now on whether i will use these storage bags or not lol.
It's also on sale right now, so it's best to grab them for testing purposes if you are still looking for a reliable non toxic storage plastic bags to store your breast milk for rainy days. 

Product review can't be really be done now, so i will save that for another post but for now feel free to explore Koyara.com.Also do let me know in the comment box below on what other baby/ beauty brands would you like me to feature and test out near future so i can get my hands on them and share with you guys!

There's many other brands under Koyara which you can explore, but if you are not an expecting mother you can shop for your beauty products on the website instead, since it's considered like an online drug store but do take note that you won't find your usual brands here as they only cater to natural/ organic brands something like iherb except this website is 100% more reliable as they have the stocks ready in Malaysia making delivery time short as possible (3 working days). No more waiting for months to get your hands on important brands!

Also buyers can enjoy free shipping for purchase above RM100, it would immediately apply upon checking out and as for October specials they are giving customers an extra RM10 off with purchases above RM200.


I am lazy, really lol at least shopping gets done without me wasting too much time and energy.



  1. Hello Arisa,

    Congratulations for having your little one, and I'm excited to follow your new journey of motherhood here on your blog. Thanks for your recommendation at Koyara, I will check some of their products, too!

  2. This is great. As a mother, i rather buy my baby stuff online than going to mall. Its easier

  3. Thanks for sharing about Koyara.com. Been on the look out for organic products. Will check out what they have.

  4. it is good to have organic for your kiddos

  5. Great! So excited to see your little one soon. It's convenient to shop online for baby stuff especially after having a little one around.

  6. First time heard of this website too. The baby products packaging look nice and colorful. Will share this to my mummy friends.

  7. Baby products are good as they're mostly all organics, I won't deny that I used baby products sometimes :) I Shall check out about Koyara!

  8. Can't wait to see what you think of the products when your little bundle of happiness arrives. Will check out Koyara to see what they can offer :)

  9. First time of hearing of such a website! Thanks :) They've got a pretty good range of brands too! Sukin is not bad :)

  10. I usually go for the trusted brands so buying them online is more convenient.

  11. ooo a new site to suggest to my friends. I managed to check them out, and i have to say that i love their variety. Ahh, i'll keep this site in mind when im a mom :D

  12. Lucky lil parasite... she already got some of the best brands all awaiting her when she arrives.... see, you are a fabulous mama, don't let anyone tell you otherwise...

  13. I am into organic products. first time hearing Koyara.com website
    will give it a try

  14. I love their starter kit idea! That we can try and test before really buying it!

  15. Buying baby stuff can be overwhelming! It's great to have a network of mum bloggers out there to help you if you need help

  16. I see my favorite brands on Koyara's website, happy, thanks for sharing :)

  17. little parasite is really going to well loved by this beautiful mummy. those looks like great products, so good that everything can be bought online nowadays.


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