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My name is Arisa and was a cosplayer for 12 years in Malaysia before settling down in Kyoto, Japan. Exploring Japan full time has been a long time dream of mine, so let's explore it together!
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Pablo Malaysia @ 1 Utama

Cheese..anything that has cheese in it is undeniably delicious and i'm lactose intolerant by the way but yet i would still torture myself to indulge in such cheesy goodness and suffer the consequences later lol! Anyway dairy based food is good for lactating mothers, and it does help me with my constipation problem (very well in fact lulz) so i have no complains about it since you can't have everything right?

This long awaited giant cheesetart brand from Osaka, Japan has finally landed in Malaysia after the couple of hints and work in progress banners hung outside their store earlier this year. In Japan this brand is no stranger in the pastry market and among hardcore cheese lovers, in fact you can even get ready made frozen ones in their local grocery store where you can skip the long queue and enjoy them at the comforts of your own home unless of course you are a visiting tourist who would like to experience the long queue for freshly made ones just like every other "gaijin" (foreigner) but don't feel bad because even their locals would still prefer to queue for a bite as well as nothing beats FRESHLY BAKED MOLTEN CHEESE TARTS.

Ever since they were first highlighted in travel and food blogs as one of the MUST TRY when you travel to Japan, this cheese tart brand has become a significant tourist/ foodie destination and they are rapidly expanding their branches outside of their country as well. Imagine mushroom spores after a rain and poof more mushrooms sprouting nearby or miles away.

I was in Osaka for only a brief moment (the airport to be exact) last year to catch my flight back to Malaysia so i did not have time to visit their flagship store but those of you who landed in Haneda airport you can always drop by their huge stand alone store in Shibuya but a word of caution that there WILL be a usual queue and please be patient as queuing up to 2 hours is a common thing in Japan. Wait till you go to Tokyo Disneyland or SEA then you would know how it tests your patience for a non local haha!

Event: Pablo One Utama Grand Launch
Time: 2pm
Location: Old Wing, One Utama- 2nd Floor

I can foresee the same amount of queue that's going to happen tomorrow at Pablo, One Utama's grand opening as they are also giving out FREE cheese tart to their first 100 customers in line and Malaysians are super "kiasu" like our neighbors in Singapore (just don't want to admit only lol) when there's free stuff DIE DIE will wait as early as 5-6am when the mall hasn't even open until 10am and the launch is only at 2pm haha.

I've seen this scenario during the gamers hideout sale a couple of months back so this isn't something new but i gotta stress this out to the typical unethical Malaysians who likes to HOARD free stuff. Please don't send you entire family to queue just so that you can hoard up to 10 pcs of tarts (if 10 family members are there) as there are other people who would like to try as well and one tart can easily feed up to 5 people!

Please be civilized and don't be selfish.
Last but not least don't ask your grandparents to wait in line on your behalf while you go shopping, i kasi slap you guys baru you tau! I've seen people doing that during SASA opening sale at Mid Valley and seriously whoever did that deserved to be disowned. Let you poor old folks rest at home!
And bring a fold-able stool from Daiso if you are too tired to stand for long hours, sitting on the floor is rather unflattering really unless you are doing the cleaners a favor that day to wipe the mall floors with your butts lol :)

Selection of ice blended drinks

Pablo Mini

*right click open in new tab to enlarge*

Pablo One Utama's is made a TAKE OUT concept so you can just grab and go instead of dining in a crowded mall and with the current anticipated hype i doubt you would even want to be stuck there longer than you should. They have coffee which you can enjoy together with your tarts or even milky ice blended drinks that would tantalize your taste-buds as their innovative combination does leave you wanting for more! Pablo is seriously addictive and just as i posted my recent Facebook status swearing off carbs as i need to be on a strict diet to get back my pre-pregnancy body and this happened *screams internally*. So goodbye diet and hello delicious pastries, have no idea why carbs just tastes so good but yet it's so not helping with my weight loss TT__TT

There's 2 kinds of tarts, their signature LARGE tart which the diameter is roughly about 15cm so you'll need 5 mouths to finish the entire thing and it only lasts maximum of 3 days upon purchase, best store in fridge and bake before eating or if you are like me who is lazy, eating them cold is not an issue as well lol. Just one looks like those food porn with cream cheese oozing out while the other looks like your average frozen cheesecake XD
And the mini ones which is your average tart size (bite size la) that you can consume on the go which i honestly prefer more compared to the large one. Maybe it's because i am impatient as i have waited for Pablo Malaysia long enough that i couldn't wait to sink my teeth into their tarts haha!

Taste wise i would say it's not too overwhelming to the point where you feel sick from consuming too much cheese in one sitting, it's in fact more milky than cheesy. On my taste-bud scale it seems perfect for me but for those of you who are expecting pizza kind of cheesiness then sorry to disappoint you guys. However the pastry base for both tart sizes are different, the signature large tart comes with a flaky croissant like base that's best eaten fresh out of the oven when it's super crispy (taste meh when it's cold) while the mini tart has a biscuit like base that somewhat reminds me of those digestive biscuit base used for cheesecakes except this is more solid a.k.a crunchier.

Cooled down tart taste "okay" but best eaten fresh out of the oven

Don't get me started on their imported cookies like their crunchy cheese sabrel (heavenly) and cheese tart (more like cheese coated oat balls) which i can finish the entire box in one sitting. It's seriously that good and it comes in nice packaging that would make great omiyage for friends and family in case you forgot to get them some while in Japan lol.
Price might be considered steep to some but you can't buy experience without a price :)
To me it's decent for imported goods and also it's convenient for me to satisfy my Japanese food cravings without having to hop on the next flight to Japan lol, that reminds me, gotta check out Family mart in Mid Valley some day.

In case you are wondering if it's halal, yes it is because we are in Malaysia so there's no pork or lard rest assured but for the one in Japan itself you gotta check again with them as i did not notice the ingredients used.

See you guys tomorrow at One Utama (i'll be there working *sobs*) and do send me some tarts at the new wing lol!😛


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