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My name is Arisa and was a cosplayer for 12 years in Malaysia before settling down in Kyoto, Japan. Exploring Japan full time has been a long time dream of mine, so let's explore it together!
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JAPAN | Welcome To Yokohama

I love wearing a hakama actually! Managed to hide my big belly as well pfft~
It's much easier and faster to put on compared a yukata and kimono haha.

Back with more Japan travel destinations on my list! And can't believe that i never actually thought of dropping by Yokohama (not even once *slaps self*) despite it being ONLY 30 minutes away from Tokyo by train to visit that famous clock Ferris wheel that's been featured in various anime/ mangas over the years. I understand how sidetracked we tourists can be when we made up our minds to visit certain areas but tend to leave out some side attractions along the way so don't be like me guys, leave out an hour or 2 to visit Yokohama if you are already in Tokyo!

 Nozomi-san, baby Kanae & i !

From the information i have gathered of the place during the recent Japan Travel Fair 2016 last weekend (for those of you who have missed, read on!) i am going to pen it all down here for easier information access instead of opening so many google links unless you are looking for specific reviews la which i can't help in that area as i have yet to visit Yokohama myself lol.
For now, just standard information but hopefully some day i will be able to drop by that area to give proper in-depth reviews and recommendations that would be even more helpful for your future travel planning :)
*prays to Gods of Japan* please send me back to your beautiful country!

Yokohama in geographical terms is basically a port city, similar to my hometown Melaka!
Surrounding the whole city are shipping ports overlooking the vast sea and probably other prefectures if the weather is clear enough. This city used to be a connecting place for traders back in those days to do business such as importing and exporting goods hence some of the architecture found around the area are influenced by other cultures. 

There's actually MANY things to do in this city but i am just gonna list out some of the children friendly places that they can enjoy with interaction and educational activities so you won't end up pulling your hair out when your kid starts whining of boredom.
I am no child or Japan expert, buts just some personal picks ya!


  • Cup Noodle Museum
Yokohama has many main attractions like their ever famous Cup Noodle Museum where there are thousands of cup noodles found on display and you can even custom make your very own instant cup noodle as the last activity of the day before exiting the museum. Think あなた has been there with his friends before and also saw quite a number of my friends posting pictures of the museum showing its history, how its made and even enjoying a cup of fresh hot noodles!
Though i am not an instant noodle fan (yep me no likey maggi) but for Japanese instant noodles i go occasionally have them whenever i am really lazy to look for food to it since they have more taste variety compared to the local instant maggi we have in Malaysia lol.

  • Ramen Museum 
Yes, another unexpected food museum to visit while in Yokohama lol and apparently you can find every single regional ramen style under one roof in case you guys didn't know that each area serves their dishes differently from the broth used to the type of noodles then this would be a great educational place to pick up foodie ramen info 101. This museum is about 50 minutes from Shinjuku station and 45 minutes from Haneda Airport and they are open EVERYDAY from 11am to 11pm.
Entrance fee for adults are 310 yen while children & senior citizen are 100yen.
Kids below 6 years old are entitled for free entry.

  • Yokohama Hakkeijima Sea Paradise
This is an amusement park and an aquarium with more than 100,000 creatures in the aquamuseum where you can also touch the marine animals (kids would love this!) and also enjoy roller coaster rides overlooking the sea

  • Yokohama Marine Tower
An iconic lighthouse first established in 1961 (refurbished in 2009) and it's now opened as an observation deck to enjoy the beautiful view around this port town and if you are lucky enough you'll be able to catch a clear glimpse of Mt.Fuji! 

  • Orbi Yokohama 
Experience real life animal habitats with Oribi Yokohama exhibition that mixes technology and real life animals to give visitors a once in a life time fun educational experience. Call it something like an indoor zoo, so children get to learn about animals without sweating too much.

  • Seasonal Plant viewing at Sankeien Garden
A tranquil park to visit especially all year round as they have various plants blooming in each season including winter! This park has a long history dating back to 1887 and it's currently housing important historical architectures like 3 story pagoda of old Tomyoji, Rindoan, Yokobuean and many more as this garden spreads out to a total of 175, 000 square meter and it took 20 years to complete.

  • Wearing a Yokohama Style Haikara Hakama 
What could be more fun than to don a traditional outfit while enjoying the activities around town?
Yokohama style Hakama(s) are available for rental and it's easily available in rental shops.
I am sure you have worn Kimono and yukata while in Kyoto but here in Yokohama, their fashion style begin with Hakama which was first introduced during the modernization period (Meiji era) and it can be still seen around these days being worn by young girls during special occasions.

More details about Yokohama, please visit:  http://www.yokohamajapan.com/
If you are in Yokohama right now, share with us your photos on social media by hashtaging #Haikara_yokohama

Missing Japan Dearly,

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