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My name is Arisa and was a cosplayer for 12 years in Malaysia before settling down in Kyoto, Japan. Exploring Japan full time has been a long time dream of mine, so let's explore it together!
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Top 5 Reasons to use SGshop.com!

Everything in Malaysia has recently increased, including my weight (ugh) but what if i told you that you can still save on your monthly shopping splurges by ordering stuff on taobao/ alibaba instead of buying them locally. I understand the concept of "support local" market but sometimes we gotta be smart as well to stretch our pitiful ringgits. 

It's finally here after waiting so long!
Note to self, always use express shipping because i am an impatient person lol.

Bet you guys have heard the recent news about our prime minister appointing Alibaba's founder, Jack Ma to be Malaysia's digital consultant lol with that arrangement i do hope we can get better currency deals on alibaba site to help with our "economy growth"- means spending more la.
But if that doesn't happen, don't worry there's always proxy sites like Sgshop.com to help you gain access to shopping on China based websites while offering competitive service prices that you won't be able to resist!

Shopping online has definitely been one of my favorite past times since i dread crowded malls especially when it comes to looking for parking. That's definitely one of the main cons of owning a car, having to crawl through jam, pay for hefty petrol (increased again recently) and looking for parking all adds up to unnecessary stress lol compared to taking public transport (PT) but the cons of PT is waste of time since Malaysia don't know how to create a systematic schedule that could make everyone's lives easier, instead they'll let you wait until you rot or play the "agak-agak" game.

Might as well ditch all shopping malls. and shop online la, simple. I would honestly pay for postage to save my energy and stress levels at this point, heck most of my baby stuff are even bought online!
Life is all about making smart choices to maximized your productivity, since we already complain that 24 hours in a day is never enough to get things done.
That's why i tell people my blog is for lazy mothers (or people) in general, how to make your life simpler and now with the magic of internet there are many things you can gain access to no matter which part of the world except government secret info la, that one you need hacker to help you out lol.

Also heard SINGLES sale (11.11) is coming up very soon, so time to get your shopping list ready before immediately checking out so that you won't have to compete with everyone else using the overly crowded bandwidth that would leave you frustrated because it's gonna be slow and laggy lol.

You can start pre-ordering for your 11.11 purchases already!

I heard that Sgshop will be participating in this sale, they are offering up to 11% off their shipping fees which is a definite steal deal and there will also be 50% off their service charges only for that one day. And the best part of their services is they ship worldwide, so readers or fellow cosplay friends whichever part of the world you are, do consider trying out Sgshop services to ship in your taobao hauls :)
There will be many attractive promotions, lucky draw prizes (up to RM11,000 to be won) , coupons up for redemption in conjunction of the single's sales, so take this opportunity to maximized your savings! More details on the 11.11 sale can be found here: SGshop Grand Lucky Draw

For those of you who are new to Sgshop, allow me to give you guys a brief introduction on the website, they are basically on online proxy service that doesn't require a physical middle man interaction to get the whole procedure done, i know there are Facebook group buys that offer middleman services but it does get rather tiring to deal with alot of people inquiring at the same time and even asking really dumb questions though it's been stated in the long T&Cs.

So why not jump the queue, cut off middle man costs and start being an independent smart shopper? Time to take control and responsibility of your own things!

Sgshop may not be the first proxy website available in Malaysia but so far it's the only one that doesn't charge me "AGENT FEES" on top of service charge (aka handling fees), so i already save abit there by removing that. Being charged twice isn't fun at all, from something so affordable end up being expensive with all those fees on top of the shipping, it does kill our mood to even shop anymore after looking at the total lol.

These fees includes delivery to your door step, so no additional charges for local postage!

Though Sgshop offers a few types of shipping methods based on your urgency preference, there are budget ones like sea freight which is economical for bulk purchases as the cost of it is low but it takes up to 30 days for it to arrive in Malaysia, out of curiosity i actually selected this option lol and also it's because my parcel was surprisingly heavy no thanks to the winter coat i bought. Yes, i bought a winter coat online lol, not sure when i will be able to use it but hopefully soon if not next winter then :-P
However if you are the super duper impatient type or overly excited to receive your parcel ASAP, i would highly recommend their economical air freight option (takes about 1 week+) which is more affordable than the priority air freight as that one is considered almost like international poslaju so the charges would also be costly but it arrives within 1-2 days (suitable for urgent orders) but do take into consideration on Malaysian courier incompetence lol.

Watch this GIF to learn how to use Sgshop.com!

Why choose SGshop?

Top 5 Reasons!

  1. Reliable and efficient
  2. Direct purchase & payment to the China seller, no middle man hanky panky
  3. Quick customer service response whenever there's a problem
  4. No additional charges like "agent fees" and "local courier fees"
  5. Easy to navigate around the website (user friendly), even bananas like myself can order without needing any translation help. Feel so pro all of a sudden lol.


So the big question is what else did i buy till my package weigh close to 3kg (heavier than my lil parasite swimming in my amniotic fluid lol) so let's take a look shall we?
I know that Christmas and CNY is around the corner now since it's almost year end, it's about time i got myself some decent new clothes too, hopefully i would be able to fit them after the baby is out haha kinda gambling with my size here at the moment.

Most of my friends would be taking this opportunity to do their last minute Comicfiesta supplies shopping meanwhile i am here busy wondering is the clothes i bought would fit me or not and whether it's breastfeeding friendly lol, how much my priorities have shifted in just a couple of months.

All these under RM200 including a thick winter coat i tell ya!
1 winter coat, 3 breastfeeding friendly dresses and 1 skirt.

Where on earth can you find a winter coat at RM50? Good quality, thick and sturdy too, guess i hit a jackpot with this purchase :D For those of you interested to get this you can visit this link. The seller on this site is a reputable one based on their ratings, and though they initially sent the wrong size to Sgshop's warehouse (consolidation area), SGshop managed to settle the problem with the seller without getting me involved too, except to update there will be a delay on my orders.

Though my order took a month + to arrive as i was in no hurry, i am glad everything came in tip top condition, from the QC (quality control) at the China Sgshop warehouse to consolidation packing and delivered directly to my doorstep. The only thing that got me a wee bit impatient was waiting for the items to arrive at the warehouse, that we can't control as it's within china postal system within the sellers and Sgshop's warehouse. The items i purchased are given free local china shipping, so i shouldn't be complaining about the speed la because it's like our pos register vs poslaju, you want faster you will definitely need to pay more for the postage.
But for the warehouse dispatching to Malaysia, it took exactly the amount of estimated time given, no longer and no less, at least i don't have to wait around like a headless chicken wondering when will my parcel arrive lol.

That's my side of the review using Sgshop services, most definitely i would be using it again since they have proven themselves to be reliable compared to the "other" proxy site *ahem* which i have been seeing tons of Facebook complaints lately lol. I'm pretty sure you guys know who, so i'll leave it to you to assume la.
Do follow Sgshop on their social sites below, for the latest updates and promotions:

SGshop Official Website : http://www.sgshop.com.my (careful with the sg & my setting)Facebook : www.facebook.com/SGshopMalaysia/
Instagram : @sgshop_malaysia


Attention to all my readers, enjoy 25% off for service charge when you key in this special code upon checking out -


Discount code will be valid until 30th November 2016.
Thank you Sgshop for treating my readers this month!



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