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My name is Arisa and was a cosplayer for 12 years in Malaysia before settling down in Kyoto, Japan. Exploring Japan full time has been a long time dream of mine, so let's explore it together!
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Alpacasso (アルパカッソ) Themed Cafe @ AEON Mid Valley

Hey guys, sorry for the lack of updates! Forgot to announce that i will be taking this month really slow instead of rushing things since there are other stuff that need my immediate attention like cleaning up the damn house (procrastinating non stop), making a new sofa cover, generally getting the place ready for lil parasite but doubt the house would be "baby ready" when that time comes lol. Well..my fridge died couple of month back, as a result i ate out everyday which was horrible because i prefer to do my own cooking and at least i know what i put into my food :(
But there are days i don't mind eating out especially if it's something i can't make myself for example desserts, cakes and Chinese food because i'm not exactly "chinese" (banana mah) don't even know how to make a single Chinese dish man. Talk about failing tremendously lol.


Or in some exceptional cases, special themed foods all the way from Japan!
I know how annoying it is for me to always bring up "I miss Japan" in most of my postings, hoping to magically be able to transport there someday but i really, honestly do miss that country very much! If i could i would at least visit the place twice a year or something, is there a job that allows me to travel there more often? Maybe as a travel writer la..Pfft lol. Those of you who have been there would have felt the same upon coming back to Malaysia, because from the food to the lifestyle convenience, everything there seems perfect where-else we are struggling to get from A to Z on a daily basis which is a norm here in Malaysia.

Gotta thank Haruna-san for the lovely lunch date we had at Alpaccaso Cafe in Aeon Mid Valley! Opened by Anista Tokyo group, this company holds various character licensing used to open up themed cafes like this.
It feels totally like the one in Japan, and for those of you who are not so familiar with Japanese trends- character themed cafes are top one of the highest in demand aside from service cafes like maid & butlers. All over the world started adopting this culture because who doesn't love seeing the favorite character come to life?

At our neighbors in Singapore, there's a Pompurin Cafe under Sanrio and you have no idea how much i clawed my PC screen seeing my friends there posting photos of the beautifully designed themed cafe from the details of the setting to the food. Hopefully one day i will be able to drop by for a visit myself, but what i am looking forward to the most is KL having its own GUDETAMA cafe like the ones in Japan and Hong Kong, pretty sure most of you would have seen picture of those cafes viraling all over Facebook earlier this year, including the gudetama bun that comes out chocolate through it's "anus" :-P
Honestly this isn't the first themed cafe in Malaysia, there's a Hello Kitty one in Sunway Pyramid but after the hype that place seems rather quiet but prior to the opening fans all around klnag valley flocked the place to catch a glimpse of it. The interior is nice, but guess maybe the food quality isn't justifiable hence the lack of customers. 

Can i have my hair like this pastel rainbow alpacasso? lol.

However i know that i am like a month + late in writing about this cafe because i did not have time to drop by till recently but i have seen tons of postings and reviews on social media and its to my surprise too because i never knew that アルパカッソ (Alpacasso) had such a huge fan base here or maybe it's just typical Malaysia riding on the wave trend haha!
Alpacasso character came up a couple of year back, when it was first introduced i was still a high school kid who couldn't afford original character merchandises with my lunch money so all i could do was admire it in photos released on their official website lol. But now i am a dedicated Gudetama fan instead, so i'm sorry alpacasso lol.
I know there's a species difference (but relatives) between an Alpaca and an Llama but i can't help thinking they are the same no thanks to the cartoon The Emperor's New Groove haha! It's the time we use the term "same, same but no same" and make sure to say it in a typical cina-pek slang ok?

Those of you who have visited the cafe before me, congratulations in tempting me lol and for those of you who have not this is your last month to do so before they close down for another surprise makeover. The next theme would be something you guys love, everyone was playing that damn game when it was finally made available in Malaysia mid of this year lol. You guys could pretty much get the hint already la :-P

 Touch & Go Card holder pouch!

That fat hamster :3

Based on my observation dining at Alpacasso Cafe, it's a pleasant small dining area within the kids department of AEON and if you guys have observed, AEON has done some major revamping lately making it look almost like a carbon copy of the original one in Japan. AEON's main HQ is in Chiba prefecture by the way, it holds one of the biggest AEON malls throughout Japan!
This section you wouldn't miss at it's located near the entrance of AEON where the other character merchandises are sold- you can find Rilakkuma, Coroham Coron no Daikobutsu Hamster Plush collection, San-X Sumikko Gurashi and many others aside from Alpacasso.

To normal Malaysian mindset, looking at the prices of these imported goods makes one put them back without thinking twice about factoring the currency conversion and import costs but really it's actually priced quite normal in my opinion la :)

As dining in these sort of places isn't something we do on a daily basis as well, once in a while a well deserve treat is also good with your hard earn money. We pay money to explore, and to experience things, and compared to paying for flight ticket to Japan and staying there just to experience these type of character cafes, i find them opening in Malaysia a real blessing itself lol.
For now there are western meals served at the cafe, the closest Japanese food you'll find there is their "Curry Rice" which is a non spicy version of our local curry.
Though the food variety in the cafe are not much, but at least it's fun getting to take pictures of these instagram worthy food before devouring them.

The highest price range you'll find in the menu would be their burger set (beef) that's served with a side salad, soup and some wedges and i couldn't even finish the bun without feeling like i am about to explode lol so in terms of serving size it's enough to keep you full unless you have a blackhole for a stomach. I know i am not much of a food blogger so you won't find my review useful in terms of describing food and such lol but i'm here to take cute photos just to make you guys jelly haha! *kidding!*

Alpacasso Latte art, made with a special digital cut stencil brought in from Japan.
If you order their cheesecake, you are able to bring home your own alpacasso cup that it's served in!

Everything is edible by the way, including the ears on the bun.

And for the month of November, Alpacasso Cafe is having a special lunch set promotion! Order any of these 3 from the menu, just top up RM3 for a beverage of your choice either coffee (hot/ cold) or tea (hot/cold) and every lunch set receipt is entitled for a lucky draw!
Prizes are original Alpaccsso merchandises, so take this opportunity to dine here while having a chance to bring home your own Alpacasso 😃
Remember this is you last chance to visit this cafe before their next theme change end of this month!
Follow them on their official Facebook page for the latest cafe updates: ANISTA.TOKYO.MY

Anyone wants to be my next lunch date soon?



  1. Super comel la all their food and stuff toys.... <3

    All the best babe in preping up the house...be careful.ya...

  2. Thanks Yana! :)
    hope you are coping well with work!

  3. Cutee! Cutee! Heard a lot about it but have not got the time to drop by~


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