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If you are in for an adventure paired with lengthy, quirky, brutal honest thoughts then you are in the right place.

My name is Arisa and was a cosplayer for 12 years in Malaysia before settling down in Kyoto, Japan. Exploring Japan full time has been a long time dream of mine, so let's explore it together!
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Japan Travel Fair [9th-13th Nov 2016]

All things Japan, seriously this tempted urge to just drop everything and book the next flight ticket back to Japan but at this stage of my pregnancy that's not even possible anymore, plus the exchange rate is almost equivalent to USD man! @_@
Please start dropping again! Kinda regretted not exchanging more Yen currency when it was yo-yo-ing between 3.7 to 3.8 last year before the sudden spike a couple months back *sobs* there goes my plans of visiting Hakone for new year ;_;
Thought for once i would finally be able to experience a real ryokan, bring lil parasite to visit 九頭竜大明神 temple in Hakone at the same time but guess that's not gonna happen anytime soon unless a miracle happens and the currency drops.

Not trying to dampen everyone's moods with the currency surge as there are many other things to look forward to as well like taking this opportunity to make proper plans and budgeting to travel next year since Japan Travel Fair is back for the 2nd time this year due to the overwhelming response they got for the last fair earlier this year. Organized by Japan National Tourism Organization (JNTO), their aim is to provide Malaysians with more information on Japan tourism at the same time to promote cultural activities throughout this 5 days fair that's being held in One Utama Shopping Center (G floor highstreet).

Officiation ceremony by lead representatives of participating Japanese exhibitors and Dr Soo Wincci

If you have not been to Japan before but planning to do so, make sure to know what you want to do over there (plan ahead) instead of just "YOLO" because you might end up wasting money and time unnecessarily with that kind of rash behavior lol.
You can check out my Japan travel related posts under the Japan tabs, so far i've covered Tokyo, Saitama, Kyoto and Chiba prefecture, eyeing more prefectures in Kansai region next!

Salmon tissue holder!

Japan Travel Fair is here to make your Japan travel planning trip much more simpler as there are few participating prefectures there to advertise the wonders and their specialties so it's supposed to make your travel destination decision making much easier but from the looks of it in my point of view, i want to visit all of them if its possible lol! Each prefecture is so unique despite it being in the same country and couple of hours away from each other another good example to use this word "same-same but not same" 

During year end everyone looks forward to holidays, with all those leave accumulated over the year you can finally treat yourself to a well deserve trip to Japan!
Don't worry about language barriers, you will be surprised that quite a number of Japanese can even speak our native tongue which is Bahasa Malaysia. We are considered quite close to Japan in terms of tourism and business relationship, as you can see the rapid amount of growth Japan has on our soil in such a short period of time, so part of KL now feels totally like Tokyo especially our central KL area. So if you have some time to spare over the weekend do drop by to enjoy good travel deals by our local travel agencies or watch the performances they have lined up for the public like mochi pounding, bon odori dances, calligraphy performance and handmade wagashi (sweets) tasting!

There's also a yukata wearing photobooth by canon where you can try on a traditional summer kimono and get your photos taken as souvenirs.

Upcoming Japanese related events happening throughout November can be found listed below.

MANGA festival in Malaysia
Date: 18th- 23rd Nov 2016
Venue: ISETAN KLCC (2nd floor) & Kinokuniya (for autograph sessions)
website: www.mangafestival2016.com

J POP Signature in KL
Date: 18th- 19th Nov 2016
Venue: Zouk KL
Facebook: www.facebook.com/JPOPsignature


Just recently I've gotten this travel magazine from a friend called Omotenashi Travel Guide that publishes detailed articles and attractions of individual prefectures throughout Japan and so far i have just gotten the Kyoto edition!
After leisurely browsing through this magazine i found it super duper informative, especially since i am one of those handful of people who prefer to have a physical reading material rather than to rely on my smart phone 100% due to battery life trust issues lol.

This magazine was a collaboration with JTB and our local magazine publishing house- Gempak Starz making this fine piece of production suitable for Malaysian and foreign travelers who can't read Japanese.

Though i've briefly visited Kyoto during my trip last year, i only managed to cover like 5% of it which is rather embarrassing lol, as google only gives you specific search information and they always have the tendency to give you repeated boring suggestions on places to visit or eat. However in Omotenashi Travel Guide, they not only give you a tons of suggestion on places to visit (including hidden gems!) there are also list of restaurants to try for the areas you are planning to visit, souvenir shops with price ranges and the whole magazine is entirely in ENGLISH. It's practically an A to Z handybook about Kyoto with even map and bus lines included!

Pretty useful investment, definitely would rather have this rather than opening my phone every minute to google where to go, where to eat and what to shop in each area lol.

Only costs RM49.50 per magazine found in major bookstores around Klang Valley and do consider this a one time purchase investment that you, friends and family can use for future travels.
You can at least prepare yourself and plan out your entire travel itinerary with this guidebook in hand that everyone can read and understand without scratching their heads over the usual full Japanese magazines that consists of so many foreign characters to those who aren't too familiar with it lol.

Part of me is saying "DANG! i wished they had come out with this sooner so at least i wouldn't had to depend on あなた on what to do/ eat while we were in Kyoto (we ended up arguing here by the way)". LOL.

Detailed map with pictures of attraction places to visit, also with brief information about it like opening/ closing time and entrance fees.

All sorts of eateries can be found here, whether it's a roadside stall or a 5 star restaurant

Activities to do, sightseeing attractions while in Kyoto.


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