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My name is Arisa and was a cosplayer for 12 years in Malaysia before settling down in Kyoto, Japan. Exploring Japan full time has been a long time dream of mine, so let's explore it together!
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Discovering Japan | The Bonsai [盆栽] Master -Masashi Hirao

I know i am in Japan now if you guys are reading this, no i did not purposely fly to Japan to meet him as much as i want to because i am in Kansai region now lol.

You have no idea how much time i spend on YouTube these days watching whatever i can find, from MVs to documentaries while looking for interesting YouTube channels to subscribe to because i need to keep myself entertained while breastfeeding and i don't have a TV (not planning to get one because waste of space lel).

So far the hunt has been quite fruitful because i found some that actually got me hook with their video contents and one of them is this belongs to this Japanese Bonsai Master named Masashi Hirao.
Don't let his youthful looks fool all of you because this guy is a skilled artist when it comes to bonsai plants, an art that's been dated back a thousand years. Not everyday you'll get to see people doing this practice in front of the camera but now with the digital age i am glad we are able to catch a glimpse of it from any part of the world.
All this wouldn't be possible if it weren't for this Indonesian YouTuber named Raditya Dika whom recently shared a new video featuring Masashi-san and bonsai plants.

Thank you Dika!

One video led to another, so here i am now watching all his videos one by one on his YouTube channel and it does gives me the chills watching him do it. Every piece made by him is unique, the way he touches and feels the plant before visualizing it and finally executing it in the most graceful manner. Really a master in action!
Little did i know there are actually tons of bonsai enthusiasts out there that follows his channel seeking advice and guidance on the art.

 I always had a soft spot for gardening when i was young because my old man use to have a garden of his own part of his "leisure activity" (he cares for plants/ cats but not his kids -_-) so from there i picked up the hobby as well having a small corner to plant my cili padi plants/ Yams/ curry leaves and grape plant which did not bear any fruit at all lol. It was an interesting activity as it taught me responsibility in caring for a living thing (aside from my cat).

Lol, when i first started out, the struggle of getting a plant to sprout was real man..thank god for our kemahiran hidup (life skill subject) books from school that has the basic information on how to plant a plant and care for it. So seeing how Masashi-san being able to do it as his career and also holding such a prestigious title at such a young age is quite intriguing!

You guys know i love everything about Japan especially their culture, that's also one of the reasons why i started watching Masashi-san's YouTube channel lol. If you have traveled to Japan before, you'll notice in traditional homes/ restaurants/ temples are usually decorated with bonsai plants, it's a plant they take pride in, nurturing them till they are mature and ready for artistic trimming like what Masashi-san does. 

The form of this bonsai tree is just amazing!

For one to earn the title "master" is actually quite difficult as Japanese standards is like x1000000 more than average, but even so it doesn't just stop there, a master continues their lifelong journey of learning and polishing their skills despite their earned title. Gosh..so hardworking man T_T i need this motivation as a fashion designer as well, need to meet Masashi-san one day to learn the motivation skills.

But really, if you guys are into documentaries then head over to Masashi Hirao's channel to view his videos. The screenshots below is just a glimpse of what to expect from his channel, trust me that you will not regret watching all his videos because a hot headed and impatient person like me somehow feel the tranquility over the screen (not even real life yet!), imagine if i get coped up in a room full on bonsais, think my "zen" level would increase as well lol. 

And i did not know he came down to Malaysia like 2 months ago! *sobs* if not could catch him in action :(
Well at least they will be airing a TV program of Masashi-san in our local TV channel RTM1, throughout the month of February. There are 4 episodes altogether that will be airing one episode per day from the dates above, so set your reminders to not miss it.
Sadly i have no access to TV so do update my guys on what's happening lol.

11th 2pm
18th 2pm
24th (TBC)
25th  2pm

I'll see you guys back in Malaysia soon k?

Am i the only one who finds it peaceful looking at this majestic plant arrangement? lol.

Disclaimer: All photos above are property of respective YouTube channels and permission is granted for the usage of this post. 


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